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  1. Went with a Celtic supporting mate to a charity event that Tommy was heavily involved in a few years ago. Had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with him and he was a great guy. For what he had achieved in the game he was down to earth and spoke a lot about his time at Dundee and general football. It was never all about Lisbon and Celtic. Funny as well. Genuinely nice man. Will be sadly missed.
  2. Still sitting at 69% with 4.5 hours to go. Sitting with three devices here voting as soon as able on all of them. He'll win no problem!
  3. http://www.stmirren.info/id19.html Looking forward to the second leg after both clubs win their respective upcoming cup finals!
  4. Basic facts. We are now 8 + 9 points away from the team's above. We have two games in hand over both of them. We won both games it becomes 2+3 points behind. Now this is an Ayr Team that could only win 1-0 against a team without a recognised keeper and a Raith team that could not take anything from a very poor Ayr team t gay we have owned this season despite being shite ourselves! We are better than both of them and if we continue our revival can overcome both of them. A win tomorrow night will be great. A point is not a disaster. A loss makes it harder but not impossible.
  5. Naw! 3 goals in 25 games. You maybe thinking of Ally McLeod who played in the early 70s? 62 goals in 99 games. Most notable the day he won 4-1 at Ibrox.
  6. Thanks guys. I thought it was David Laird but wasn't sure. I had also worked out via team listings that the other two are either Henry and Brown or Moore and Straiton. Not knowing what any of these guys look like I would be guessing. But that's the two options.
  7. Any older buds able to identify the three guys in the middle of the front row of this pic? Other players are:- Lapsley, Mallan, Lornie, Neilson, Telfer, Johnstone McGill, ??, ??, ??, MacLeod. Mallan = Jimmy, great grandfather of our current star Stevie. MacLeod = Ally of Argentina '78 fame
  8. Just as well there is no such thing as the SPL anymore! That was the rule when the SPL and SFL were seperate things, we are now all part of the SPFL so any ground in the country is available. That is why the 1993 final against Falkirk was at Fir Park, they were all just SFL clubs back then.
  9. Ochilview, with the McCowans toffee factory in the background. Lived along the end of the road from there for a few years a while back. Visited Ochilview several times when I couldn't make the Saints games.
  10. They won the last two cup games we played. The game you mention was 2007 League Cup. They also won 1-0 in the LC at old Bayview in 1997.
  11. Was just going to say that. I know he has not been keeping good health of late, so good to see him out and about again.
  12. Anything less than a comprehensive win and we're doomed.
  13. The entire squad for every round was Scottish. Definitely not going to be repeated unless post brexit causes a complete ban on foreigners including from the rest of the UK.
  14. According to that site it's Simon Lampin!
  15. Is Haining not in management somewhere down in the lower leagues?
  16. The way I read it is that the south stand is not being given up more that north and south stands would be closed! All fans in west and main. Assume TNS fans will be at the end of the west.
  17. Used to be common over the new year period to play back to back games. In the early part of the 20th century it happened several times when games would be played on the 1st and 2nd. Most recent time that Saints have done it, is 1971 when they played Killie on Ne'erday and then Morton on the 2nd.
  18. First floodlit match at Love Street was not until February 1959.
  19. According to http://www.stmirren.com/news/matchday/away-matchday-information/504-matchday-info-dunfermline-away-14th-jan. Yes.
  20. Had that thought as well. Although it was apparently just an emergency 28 day loan, so not sure what his situation is. Got a friend who is a Stranraer fan and he had mentioned him when I said we were signing Storie. Seemed to think that Nuttal was decent and has scored a few for the Dons 20's side this season. Need to as him for more info.
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