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  1. can't wait till next week where everyone will be saying he's no good enough..... ya fickle bunch!
  2. Remember when everyone was complaining that Danny Lennon only got us to 8th in the league...... good times!
  3. Just because they are both big and bald doesn't mean they have the same play style
  4. Gus signed Marc Corcoran therefore I trust him to make good signings. It was only the fans who didn't appreciate how good he was. The St Mirren boo boys don't like players who take a man on. The only like wee defensive minded midfielders who run about alot.
  5. Has this been done recently? Anyway this is mine: Bullock (against Hearts) Van Zantan Broadfoot McGregor Tesselar Mallan Mcginn Mclean Morgan Thompson Corcoran Wanted to fit in: Teale, Hasselbank, Sutton Mcgowan and Isma. I think that team will be top 6 if they played this season.
  6. Ah, good times. Back when we had a proper stadium, manager and strip. Mark Corcoran was my favourite player in that team. Nobody else liked him though. Not a bad line up
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35979886 Man I hate this. Everybody singing their praises like it's the second coming. Soon we'll be challenging The Premier league with a bumper new tv deal! We should of got rid of them when we had the chance. What to do when they go bust again? Plus they beat Dumbarton not Dunfermline. And why are the BBC giving them any attention? Aren't the BBC banned from Ibrox? They get the licence fees regardless if they cover R*****s or not. Rant over.
  8. Remember when we were playing great football and finished 8th in the Premiership twice and won the cup. Danny Lennon was not enough to extend his contract though because of reasons unknown.
  9. Football is played on grass not on budgets.
  10. Only a top 4 finish?? In a league with most likely Dundee Utd, Kilmarnock and Falkirk/Hibs as our rivals? What a loser mentality you have. We should be winning the league next season. Obviously we won't due to penny pinching from a board who are as unambitious as the fans.
  11. What's the point in playing the game at all? It shows the clubs complete lack of competitiveness, they have been doing it for years. Should get tore into them. Give there hateful fans less stadium space, put a big pillar in front of them and play a proper game of football.
  12. Why wait for one more defeat? Get rid of him now and save everyone some bother.
  13. How many times are you going to say his next game is his last chance?
  14. Celebrating that we only lost 1-0 to R******s at home is typical of the loser mentality we have in Scotland. It's why we never qualified for the Euros, why we were never in the world cup semi final and why we haven't won a home game in our wee lego stadium. The downsize from a 10,000 seater stadium with decent views to a 8,000 seater with no decent views shows our complete lack of ambition.
  15. Stuart McCall is such a patronising R*****s fan. Why he is on the commentary i will never know
  16. meh, He wasn't a footballer but got paid £10,000 a week to play football. Still, he is better than what we have now. He will give us a friendly wave as Dunfermline are promoted and we are relegated.
  17. I have been out the country recently so haven't made it to many games this season (lucky me by the sounds of things) but i was back and looking forward to the big New years game. However part of the experience was walking up Murray street avoiding what can only be described as (most likely human) faeces. Although this is not directly owned by St Mirren this is still the main road for parking and walking to the ground and it as an absolute disaster. There should be a clean up of this road organised by the board. Let's up the standards here folks. After avoiding the aforementioned faecal matter we then got to the ticket office. £40 for me and my dad to sit in the family stand, ridiculous pricing!!! When we got to our seats we then discovered that the back of the seats in front were covered in mud....well worth the £40. Then the 'team' puts on such a terrible performance as they did. Not just St Mirren but Kilmarnock also, not one decent professional footballer among them. The club have shown no ambition whatsoever and a small team from Inverness with half the attendance we get is lording above us. The team is dreadful with no fight or desire and even less ability, the stadium is awful with not a decent view in the place and there is not atmosphere at all. I hope we get relegated, its no more than we deserve. Thanks for 05/06 St Mirren but its been no very good since and I shan't be back.
  18. Tommy Craig must of done the lines for the pitch...he can't do anything right!
  19. I have it on very good authority that Davie Kirkwood will be our next manager.
  20. ye 1 goal so far this season... brilliant
  21. 1. Motherwell 2. Celtic 3.Aberdeen 4.Inverness 5.St Johnstone 6.Ross C 7. Dundee Utd 8. Kilmarnock 9. Partick Th 10.Hibernian 11.Hearts 12.St Mirren
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