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    jda reacted to gstretchuk in Magic has gone..   
    I've supported saints for 40 years going to my first game at 5 years old and drawing 3-3 with Partick Thistle that day. I have no ever wanted or felt like supporting any other club. I have a Saints tattoo and had followed them everywhere my whole life. Been great moments and difficult moments but the whole journey has been big part of my life. This season i bought my season ticket but have really struggled to motivate myself to go missing loads of games home and away not even looking for the score till after full-time. I'm totally disillusioned with the club, how its run and Scottish football in general. Anybody else feel like this? honestly cannot see me renewing my ticket next season or going back anytime soon. For a club bought by fans its sure is run in a strange manner...
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    jda got a reaction from whydowebother in Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads   
    Your right! sadly many fans believe in miracles, we have lost 19 games and won only 3, time some fans woke up to reality Oran is hopeless and hasn't a clue .
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    jda reacted to proudtobeabuddy in Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads   
    I know that we're bottom of the league and struggling for form but i think the new players will find form in time to get off the bottom of the league. Bear in mind that we had to overhaul a huge amount of players, you wouldn't even do that pre season in normal circumstances.  Think back to when Jack Ross was in a similar position in the championship, most had us relegated and in that season it took time for the new players to gel, but they did just in time.  I'm not buying into the argument that he's tactically inept we have a huge amount of experience in our coaching staff. I think that it's a mixture of too many player not match fit at the same time and as I've already pointed out, still trying to gel as a team. 
    I know that there will be many who disagree but i think we're not far away from being a decent team. 
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    jda reacted to Ethan in Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads   
    Who would be a football manager. Calling for a managers head now is crazy. We have a new set of players. Injuries to key players and moral is low. We may need to take a step back to go forward. Yes its painful but it should get better.  Look at Chelsea 4 down in 25 minutes. We have no devine right to be in the top league but we need to get behind what we have. 
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    jda reacted to whydowebother in Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads   
    He’s turning us ‘round’ OK sadly it back around to the championship

    Template interviews & excuses

    Devoid of any ideas

    Zero glimmers of hope

    And to class our team publicly as underdogs before the cup game was to get his excuses in early and unacceptable

    wOk away
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    jda reacted to FTOF in Stubbs can go now   
    The lucky ones.
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    jda got a reaction from BaldyOzBud in The Tommy Craig Must Go Thread   
    Tommy Craig the movie coming soon 2015
    He is a football wizard.

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    jda reacted to Callum Gilhooley in Happy Birthday Tommy Craig   
    Happy birthday Tommy, Time for these.

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    jda got a reaction from kilwinningbuddie in Happy Birthday Tommy Craig   
    Sir Tommy Craig MBE was 64 yesterday Happy Birthday old man time to retire.

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    jda got a reaction from shull in My Gig Of The Year   
    Ken Dodd Sunday at Glasgow Pavillion, superb gig and great support act, Diddy Mint
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    jda got a reaction from faraway saint in So Farewell Then Slim Whitman   
    I have happy memories of listening to Slim at a hotel in Blackpool while eating my evening meal, happy days!
    I remember youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu as Slim sings
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