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  1. Any more info from club about badges falling off? Brothers top has been washed for the first time and the badge is hanging off.
  2. To be fair, I've moved to a new season ticket seat this year and it has a plaque on it which obviously is a bit strange as the people have moved , I think in situations like that it should probably be taken off, this could be done on a seat by seat basis and if people want theirs left on it should be.
  3. I didn't vote, same as the original post I felt that the three of them were pretty much the same. Maybe that's because all I have to judge them on is a short video and statement but I felt the statements were very generic just the same stuff about improving town/club/fans relations without anyone actually going into much detail about what they'd do in this regard. Again maybe because they're not on the board yet they don't know what powers they would have etc so have kept statements vague but it didn't help me deciding who to vote for.
  4. Fans council should really be giving us some information or if they can't then at least be chasing up the club if not already doing so
  5. There's got to be someone who actually knows when we can expect news on the strip?
  6. Think it's unfair a lot of the stick Agnew gets, came on yesterday at 2-0 down and had a decent game, definitely improved with the substitution. Think it's a common thing that players who've came through our youth seem to get away with a lot more than players who didn't, mallan obviously has talent but yesterday and last few games for me was poor, Agnew had the better game once he came on picking out passes, yet level of stick aimed at him was more than anyone else.
  7. Why are people surprised/angry that at 2-0 down we put on an attacking midfielder for a defensive one? What would have been the point in subbing Quinn for Goodwin
  8. Have we even waited to see who applies for the job first or what?
  9. Starting to think I just shouldn't come on this forum until we're 30 points ahead at the top of the table, probably still won't be good enough for some. This is just another Murray bashing thread poorly hidden by attacking one of his signings which then puts the blame on him. This football club has went through a lot since Danny left but it's time to get some stability back and that won't happen sacking Murray a month into the season ffs. Give the man the season and as long as we're not relegated I'm happy. Very hard task to go up this year but let's give it a go through the play offs and if not build on it for next season with the same manager. On aggy btw I feel he's decent enough, clearly got a good shot on him and should be playing further up the pitch, give the guy a chance same as Murray. Positivity and actually backing the team may be a bit too much to ask of some on here but come on let's at least give it a go
  10. If this has happened and been confirmed by several sources got to wonder why the club never seems to be out in front of these kind of things in being the first to announce a new signing, same kind of thing with everyone having seen the away kit but no mention on official site etc Edit to add if true happy with this signing!!
  11. Wait what? So before the seasons started kids can't buy a junior home top?
  12. Berwick are really gash, that's why they struggle in the third division and we're several leagues above them, we clearly have a team for Saturday as we have over 11 players... First time communicating with you as I've held off so far, please please just stop. Give Murray a chance, we've not even played a competitive game yet, try being positive, honest it's fun.
  13. I Can't seem to get onto official site, anyone copy and paste?
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