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  1. Doubt it, not played a game since 2018!
  2. I’ve actually bought a season ticket for the first time. Attended the occasional game for years but used to work weekends a fair bit. Now I’m in a Mon-Friday gig it was top priority!
  3. Fakes linked with him. Wouldn’t say it was a desperate area of need in terms of position but I definitely want a defender who can play full back and centre half, would fit the bill.
  4. I genuinely think the players just prefer playing in black shorts Same thing happened last season - full kit was meant to be white shirts but more often than not we wore black
  5. Deals done I think. Scott not back till next week. Hold up is probably due to Goody still being in his other job at the moment!
  6. I’ve managed to buy two general sale tickets online. Heading along to the stadium to see if I can pick them up as I’ll have no chance tomorrow or Thurs during the day.
  7. First match since the Livi game for me (haven’t made any due to work). 3 points please [emoji1320]
  8. An actual winger [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7] Is there some kind of requirement for you to constantly belittle any sense of optimism whatsoever?
  9. What about it? We had 4 chances before that even happened. [emoji849]
  10. Based on his interviews, it’s something OK feels he needs at the club - someone who knows the lay of the land and can help provide advice and help with recruitment in Scotland. OK will still be picking the team, the tactics, and have the final say on signings by the looks of it.
  11. More here: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3195404/gus-macpherson-st-mirren-queens-park-technical-director/
  12. Suppose we’ll never really know that. Maybe it will be just a part time role. Or maybe he’ll have other duties on the go as well. Could be overseeing the football operations side of things. Kearney seems keen on it. Let’s him get on with the job of sorting out the mess Stubbs has made. All for it.
  13. Depends I guess, different clubs have them for different reasons. Imagine he’ll be dealing primarily with recruitment and perhaps overseeing scouting.
  14. "Didn't get much of a say or much coaching time" Why bring in an assistant if you don't let him coach? Stubbs didn't do himself any favours did he? Aye I'd be fine with Nicholl being part of the staff.
  15. Looked through some of interviews of Stubbs from the beginning of his time at the club. Guy never looked excited to be here. Don’t think he was up for it.
  16. PDE/Record now saying McIntyre isn’t in contention for the job. [emoji848] Who knows.
  17. Not signing a single player that can play on the left side of midfield is a sackable offence in itself really.
  18. Aye. Said that after the Livi game. You just sit there and watch and you just think “Something isn’t right here.” And then you know that it’s only a matter of time. Seen it with Craig, Murray, Rae. Just a sense of impending doom.
  19. I don’t think it’s that Shull. Obviously some players aren’t giving their all which is obvious. The senior players still are, I feel. But there’s only so much you can do when you’re pissed off at work. It’s the same for anybody.
  20. Indeed. An ex player basically said as much to one of my colleagues. No reason to doubt it.
  21. I think when you have senior players that are unhappy, it’s only a matter of time before the manager goes. Don’t claim to be ITK or anything, but there’s been a few murmurings of the discontent amongst the players. No reason to doubt it.
  22. Not overjoyed at McIntyre but he’s a bit more stable than Stubbs and at least knows the league. All we need to do is shit fest it til January. Keep it simple and keep the players on side.
  23. Could be wrong here but Paul Caddis has played the vast majority of his career at right back.
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