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  1. Arran from Campbeltown ferry.. A bit Jurassic park..
  2. This could be a great day out for you shull..two birds with the one stone..
  3. Since the DUP are going to be part of my life thanks to the tories I thought I would read up on them ..heard alot about them like everyone else, but I don't pay any intrest.. After reading for 10 mins you don't have to be clever to see this is wrong .if anyone thinks these guys are fit to govern then we're all f**ked.
  4. Free condoms a the vd clinic ..that must get your juices spurting.
  5. Brilliant 18179590_250738552000386_1865233476937056256_n.mp4
  6. 19..couple of guesses..good wee quiz..parkhead got me at end..
  7. Morrissey could make a morbidly depressing song out of this post..
  8. I like to read posts like this with a big shouty Ian Paisley voice. Lets me know how their house is decorated. .
  9. R toois D toois ..was a message sent round the world from Rome this morning..
  10. While reading this I'm sure I can here the sash..
  11. Personally I'd like to see the telly debates ..the government's getting far to easy a ride with Labour a shambles and May starting to feel confident enough to say what she wants with virtually no come back.. the Tories line on the poor ..rape clause..pensions..brexit..defence..Syria..NHS..so on so on ..the tv debate might be the only place we might get an answer. .
  12. I'd let them in no problem ..but I wouldn't be surprised if someone put a halt to them using their own ground..
  13. Would morton be allowed into the premier league if they won promotion with their ground in the state it's in.. just asking
  14. McKenzie s defending was first class..every player distribution was poor..
  15. Mackenzie my man of the match by a mile.. point about the ref ..if this was the norm I would never go to the football..guy was a pure cock..not helped by pish poor linesman..
  16. So you only live by the Geneva con when you're the invader. you come over as a bitter little man..
  17. It happened a few times to the allied soldiers that died there but no one cared ..no recording to judge over ..but a knife rammed down your throat doesn't play well as soldier kills killer..
  18. Followed saints from 75 .and this is the worst... BY A FUKIN MILE !!!!
  19. Top 3 aircraft. . SE5..killing machine FW 252..ahead of its time . Hienkel Salamander..
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