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  1. Whatever happened to freedom of the Interweb ! Who sold us this shit, Then sold us JR, after his disaster with 10,000 whores ? Fandans need not Reply !
  2. 1st class rebuttal, I salute your indefatigably fellow Bud, I remember when i bought into this .....
  3. If you want Entertainment, T2 is a good shout, Save you at least 50p when you book online, £19.50 for 2 cracking Deal !
  4. Deflection is a terminology that is used all to often on this Forum, Lets deal with Fact not Fiction - We are at present " a Shit Football Team " hope this helps !
  5. Since the first Game of the season, You are trying the assumption that We are anything But a shit Football Team ?
  6. Optimistic, pessimistic, Realistic, looking at the patronising pretentious pish that some post on here !
  7. Day dream believing and a shit football team !
  8. Kyle McAllister off to Stoke City according to the Grapevine !
  9. I have had M&S, Littlewoods, And Very Adverts freezing since Saturday, I also have the same happen on P&B. Defo Fcking annoying !
  10. I wonder why SMISA and GLS did not know about these issues prior to purchasing this shambolic Football club, Have the Fans been sold a pig in a poke ?
  11. We got oor Paisley City of Culture 2021 back yet ?
  12. Paisley City of Culture 2021 on 25/06/16...
  13. That auld chestnut yet again Smokie !
  14. It's True Kipper Breath You are mentioned in despatches in the Depress ! Whit wan is cockles from this motley crew ?
  15. Seasons Greetings to you to ya smelly Cnut, Aw Ra Best when it come's Dodger, Willy Wonker is @ plonker, Geenock is illegitmate, It husnae got ah Safety Certificate, Crappielow is No Legitimate, It's @ Fcuking Deathtrap ! All the Best Ya Manky Midden. Yours
  16. Get back oan the swallay, Your indefatigably is spot on you Jakey Barsteward !
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