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  1. codfish

    W7 Fans & Banners

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the club use the coin-throwing as an excuse to end the W7 project/experiment. That’s why I don’t doubt that the culprit would’ve been turned in if known to the ‘regulars’. What it’ll also do is gloss over the fact that the club wilfully handed over 1,800 extra seats to fans who glorify the killing of innocent people based on religion, purely for financial reasons. I noticed there was no Panda Club on Saturday, or any of our ‘award-winning’ pre-match family entertainment in place as a result. Given our stay in the top flight looks like it could well be short lived, I hope the board feel the sell-out was worth it.
  2. codfish

    Anton Ferdinand

    Strolled it. And Baird looked really good alongside him. Early days, and easy to be motivated for a game like that, but could be a fantastic addition.
  3. codfish

    St Mirren v Livingston 25th August 18

    Yeah, that’s probably right - maybe I’m clutching at straws for positives. He doesn’t look mobile enough to play up on his own, but 4-4-2 just doesn’t suit the players we have. At least with Mullen you get a worker.
  4. codfish

    St Mirren v Livingston 25th August 18

    Been a long time since I left a game as deflated as today. Far too many individual errors, but it’s tough to legislate for Kwepawa having the kind of nightmare he had today - he had to get hooked at half time, keeping him on for 3 minutes only served to humiliate the guy. Brock-Madsen was frustrating up front - I’d have been as well playing there in the first half, but he started to impose himself on their centre halves in the second half - shame it was too late by then. Don’t know where we go from here - we’re clearly miles off where we need to be, but I’m not sure I trust us to bring the required quality in.
  5. Or we’re playing great football, having a successful season and have to turn away our own support to accommodate the Old Firm. Spending more doesn’t guarantee quality - I still remember Mo Camara!
  6. For full disclosure, this is the first season I’ve sat in the South Stand, along with my son (previously, I’d have been in the West, and non-plussed by this). Especially the last two home games, it was great seeing so many younger fans enjoy the experience - clubs like ours need to keep them on board to prosper, not accept that short term profit is the way forward. I get it’s a business decision, but to talk about six figure sums (profit to invest in the squad) alongside a safe standing area (presumably funded from club funds) can’t stack up either.
  7. No guarantees that would’ve still been the same, as that data would be three years old now. The feeling around the place is totally different now. I’ll never be willing to accept that we HAVE to roll over and accept the Old Firm dollar just to compete. That’s why nothing ever changes for the benefit of Scottish football as a whole. GLS talks about a six-figure sum - how much of that disappears to increased police and stewarding costs now away fans book-end the stadium?
  8. codfish

    Morton v Saints 12 August

    At least the weather was nice! The goal before half-time put an undeserved gloss on the performance. Would like to see both penalties again (although with Collum in charge it's hard to be surprised), but we'd been second to almost everything. Understood the Sutton change at the time, but to keep punting it long was lunacy. The odd time we passed the ball we looked okay. Definite reality check - not sure any outfield players could get pass marks. Sutton at a push, maybe. Concerning that the ball in behind Irvine causes so many problems, but I'd imagine Eckersley comes in on the left when fully fit.
  9. Cracking debate. I'll take that as an acknowledgement that you can't argue against any of the facts in my post then?
  10. Some amount of uneducated bollocks in this thread (and that's ignoring Lord Pityme's rambling). Ian Murray's record at Dumbarton sees him as being their most successful manager in the last 25 years, probably since we last met them on League duty. He's worked on the lowest budget in the Championship by a distance, one which couldn't be bolstered by away crowds due to stadium size (unlike the other part-time sides), and has tried to implement a number of 'full-time' aspects to a part time club. I know a few Sons fans, and while they admit he has limitations, and can be naive tactically, his side from 2013/14 played some of the best football they've seen. Remember they finished 5th, 4 points off the playoffs, and out-scored all but Hamilton (who were boosted by playing Mor10n on the last day). To me, this is the appointment we should've made a year ago.
  11. codfish

    Next St Mirren Manager

    Last season we beat Celtic, who beat Barcelona. Alternatively, St Johnstone took 4 off Ross County, who beat us by 3, but got beaten by 4 by Dundee United. You can use other teams to prove any point you want to make, and I find it sad that some Saints fans will actually be happy to lose our next two games, just to see Danny Lennon sacked.
  12. Must be tough when things are 'bubbling away'
  13. Anything less than a win against that lot would be unacceptable! *gulp*
  14. The whole day has felt like such a blur - was only 9 months old in 87, and THAT game still sends shivers down my spine. Thought we looked scared for the first half-hour, and we should've been out of sight. But if your auntie had baws..... Wee John McGinn was wonderful, Conor Newton had his best game for us, Gowser was back to the Gowser of last season, but no-one let us down. So proud to be a Buddie, and can't wait to rub it in folk's faces tomorrow at work!
  15. codfish

    Play Mehmet

    Yes, because Mehmet is a different style of player to Kean. Kean's movement had teh Hearts players scared shitless, but Billy's never going to be that type of player. What he does well is hold the ball up, but what good is that when you have a midfield who are playing about 10 yards deeper than they should be, and (on yesterday's evidence) filled because of injuries by guys who usually play a more defensive role, like Lappin. Sutts would've struggled to do much more than Billy yesterday in that sense, although he'd most likely have been getting into better positions to support Coco when he went on a run - Mehmet could do with being more direct off the ball.