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  1. So while I know that’s the case, as my tickets were renewals from the last couple of seasons, it’s interesting to note that the Season Tickets page and accompanying T&Cs don’t appear to reference visits of the Old Firm… https://www.stmirren.com/tickets
  2. He’s right though - St Johnstone have cash in the bank and their function facilities are (outside of COVID) booked solid. They make more money from off-field stuff than on-field, and don’t rely on the Brown family bank-rolling them - indeed, Steve is well-known to be a tight bastard amongst their fans. They’re also far more likely to spend any spare cash they have on infrastructure than on the playing side.
  3. No they don’t. They have Middleton, who’d provide some pace, but they have the exact same issues up front as we do - in Callum Hendry, they have possibly the worst striker in the league, and Stevie May is a 3-a-season striker if that. What they do have, though, is a functioning midfield, even with Davidson getting rested.
  4. If I needed lessons on looking silly, your posts would be where I’d start.
  5. Very interesting undertone in that post. Particularly capitalising the ‘SCOTLAND’ part. I’m sure you’d like to set the record straight that there’s no element of racism in your post, and the background of the young people under their supervision is irrelevant.
  6. I’d be surprised if there’s no on-the-day demand for tickets, but it’ll be Dundee’s call on whether they’ll offer it. Assume the club will do a late opening on Thursday as well.
  7. Because he was injured. Went down at the same time as Mullen’s penalty claim and body language suggested he was done.
  8. Only if you plan to pass something off as fact ;) Anyway, mon eh Saints!
  9. Nope. I quoted your assertion that MacKenzie was only playing because OK wanted to give him a chance of earning a deal. I've then been pretty clear that that's bollocks, and the selection will be because OK believes it's the best way of winning the game. Last I checked, I wasn't Oran Kearney. For what it's worth, I agree that Baird and MacKenzie offer different things, but are broadly similar in terms of overall ability. Not that you were making that argument in the first place.
  10. So OK's picking what he believes is the best team for the situation then? Not that he's allowing MacKenzie a chance to earn a deal? Neither Kemp nor myself were making any comments on whether GMacK is better than Baird - simply that OK's not going to be gambling with team selection at this stage just because he has an out of contract centre half just back from a long term injury that he'd like to assess before the end of the season. Contract status will have sod all to do with who starts between now and a week on Monday at the very earliest.
  11. Far more logical possibility than seeing if someone's worth a deal in a game that could see us go tenth...
  12. Collum‘s an odd one - thought he had a fine game in general, yet still leaves you with the feeling that he has to be seen. Over-ruling the West Stand linesman twice on the positioning of Dundee free kicks was a personal favourite. Performance-wise, I didn’t think we were wonderful but everyone showed the desire that’s been missing from other games. Thought Dreyer was a nuisance, probably his best game for us, and Muzek looked more comfortable out wide. Mackenzie strolled it, and to get 90 mins under his belt was an added bonus! While Wednesday isn’t a write-off, Saturday is another massive game - could be within a point of Accies after it, then there’s a real chance of salvaging this clusterf**k of a season.
  13. It wouldn’t surprise me if the club use the coin-throwing as an excuse to end the W7 project/experiment. That’s why I don’t doubt that the culprit would’ve been turned in if known to the ‘regulars’. What it’ll also do is gloss over the fact that the club wilfully handed over 1,800 extra seats to fans who glorify the killing of innocent people based on religion, purely for financial reasons. I noticed there was no Panda Club on Saturday, or any of our ‘award-winning’ pre-match family entertainment in place as a result. Given our stay in the top flight looks like it could well be short lived, I hope the board feel the sell-out was worth it.
  14. Strolled it. And Baird looked really good alongside him. Early days, and easy to be motivated for a game like that, but could be a fantastic addition.
  15. Yeah, that’s probably right - maybe I’m clutching at straws for positives. He doesn’t look mobile enough to play up on his own, but 4-4-2 just doesn’t suit the players we have. At least with Mullen you get a worker.
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