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VARS a farse


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Are people genuinely surprised by all of the controversy surrounding VAR?!

Before it was implemented I said to family members and my Best-mate that if people honestly think that VAR will help out the so called "smaller teams" against the so called "bigger clubs" they were deluded.  Even when the so called smaller teams play each other, the individuals in charge of VAR are still going to make mistakes.

It's actually putting the Referees under even more scrutiny and unnecessary added pressure.  People who thought all the Referees in Scotland would suddenly become better because they were in communication with someone watching on a video screen so therefore they'd have to be "more on it" should have known better.

Not every match in the Scottish Cup is using it so I personally don't think it should be getting used in any Scottish Cup matches.

1 hour ago, shull said:

Seen it a million times over the decades.

The sectarian clubs getting a helping hand from officialdom 

Correct sir!

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