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Sin Bin Weather Thread

faraway saint

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Well, some amount of rain yesterday, lashing down all day and night.

The wind eased a bit but the rain was steady well into the early hours as we bailed out about 2am. :rolleyes:

Still on at the minute, it'll be a quick walk with the dogs later this morning if it doesn't halt.

Quiet day/night today, TV this evening with Gladiators and Michael McIntyre before we choose a movie to watch. 

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23 hours ago, faraway saint said:

Just looked out and the windscreen on Mrs Faraways car is frosted over yet my phone app saying 4 deg?

Forecast is to be dry today so that's some good news.


Yesterday the "look out the window" was more accurate than my weather app as it was freezing and the windscreen required considerable effort to bloody clear it.

It was only 1 deg when I left, although starting an hour early, and again today, it is a tad colder than a later start.

Hope today is a better day than yesterday, had an aching ankle and sore back for most of yesterday, seems to have eased a bit today although a tramadol last night might be why.

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Just looked out and it's looking like a hat trick of days that the car windscreen needs scraped.

On the bright side it's pretty much half way through February, got to hope March brings better weather. 

Another early start, better watch out, the tax man will be watching my OT pile up. :rolleyes:

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