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  2. I heard chit chat that we were getting 2000 tickets, which would be enough
  3. I think they have more thread than just the cheat. Sanfranko, Clark and Sow are all capable of goals. I am not saying any of them are top Premiership class, but we need to be tighter at marking than we were against Dee yesterday. Yes, this ^^^ players like him don't like a kicking early on... but we also need to keep 11 on the park too. Last time we were well beaten in the middle of the park too. This is why we need to get right in about them and give them no time to think. Hodson, McGinn, Flynn and Magennis for me in their. Muzek and Popescu need to bring their A game for this one too after poorer games against Dee.
  4. Take your common sense and rationale elsewhere. You should know it is not welcome around these parts.
  5. Sensational display to lift his world title, a credit to Scotland and a great night at the Hydro. Next up is Prograis-I hope we can get that fight in Scotland.
  6. McMullen has a weak spot we have all seen. He hates being ruffled. We need to put in a couple of crunching tackles.
  7. I think there were issues with a few people expecting to take the seats detailed on their tickets only to find members of the singing section already there. I saw a young lad being ejected early doors from the area above the main steps. I had the pleasure of being berated by a so called saints fan at half time for having the temerity to look at my phone as I walked to the toilets, making his point wasn't enough and he had to keep yapping at me to the extent that I had to get the cops to intervene.
  8. Liverpool spend half a billion, united spend half a billion, city spend half a billion. Spurs and arsenal could've spent similar but built new stadiums instead. Yet only city are the bad guys [emoji848]
  9. It does beggar belief that anyone would actively sit there picking apart our recent great form looking for negative things to say. I suppose that's the character of some people.
  10. You can call me names all you like but it was you who jumped on both slarti here and myself on another thread and told us we were ridiculous to call humans animals, and then pissed off after being challenged on what YOUR alternative view was. All we are asking is what is your alternative view and what makes your view so powerful that it justifies ridiculing those of us who use over 150 years of science to back our position that humans are animals. It's crystal clear that you are too afraid of answering that in case you sound like a crazy f**ker but that's your choice. Your childish stroppy response to being challenged is your problem not mine.
  11. Again no lies, I had a different opinion from you on the validity of the figures and which were most appropriate to back up points. Like I say though it’s a moot point, GLS has already confirmed I was right regarding the money being significant, no amount of crowd analysis will change that now.
  12. It is his level of intellect - but he will have to look up the meaning of that word for sure . . .
  13. But think on how good it is to hypocritical after being sent to the sin bin, telling others to behave!
  14. Yes you did. You spent 30 pages rubbishing the foundation for them and dismissing them. I'm not in the habit of wasting my time with bare-faced liars so I'll leave you to it. If anyone has any interest in trawling through those pages they can make their own minds up.
  15. I’m happy with just the one account but thanks very much for the advice
  16. If Jackson is fit I'd have him in before Mullen. Would like two up front - Jackson and Cooke. And Muzek has been great for us - would have him starting as usual.
  17. Today
  18. I've said this to my 3 year old grandson and he heeded but I'm doubtful someone with a lesser IQ might listen, but, here goes: You do know that constantly repeating something doesn't make it funny?
  19. The wife going to the ticket office tomorrow hope my seat has not been taken.
  20. You are actually making a fool of yourself if you believe that. Try working things out for yourself instead of depending on Forum imbeciles for your information. Stretch is not me.
  21. W4 has the seats numbered up to and including 112 buddie.
  22. Misdirection on your Spin! There’s none of either though is there?
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