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    Paisley 107.5 FM

    Radio Host, Mike McLean talking to Jamie Wilson of Stanley Athletic about the reforming of the Club. Was interesting.
  3. shull

    Paisley 107.5 FM

    Dude on now give big coverage to St Mirren, St Mirren Reserves and all our Junior Clubs. In a couple of minutes he will talking about a local amateur football Club. Great stuff.
  4. Tell any Climate Warrior ye know that I am having another Steak Pie. They want us all to be Veggies as they have been programmed that meat eaters will kill the Planet within ten years.
  5. I just can't see it working for them. They have a very small hardcore number of supporters with the rest drifters and most likely interest in either side of the old firm. It would take a miracle to find the numbers to raise the proposed figure in that space of time. I can understand Rae's son not investing any more. They have been bankrolled for years with failure to move on to the next level. From what i remember hearing the Easdales wanted the debt written off before any potential investment/takeover at the time of their interest. Debt that was owed to the Rae family for Douglas' personal investment out his own pocket.
  6. Being a bit upset, he gave me a drink of something...I don't remember much after that.
  7. Has anyone else noticed that the official website appears to have removed all the info on our up and coming youth academy prospects. It used to be interesting to see who was coming through at youth level, what positions they played, who was being capped at youth international level and it also meant that when players were breaking into first team squads you knew who they were even if you hadn't been along to see the U19's in action. After the well documented success of the youth academy in recent years in bringing through Kenny McLean, John McGinn, Lewis Morgan, Stevie Mallan, Kyle McAllister, Jason Naismith, Sean Kelly and either doing that from scratch or developing young players not wanted by the ugly sisters youth academies and lots of discussion about how well we did or didn't do with transfer fees, surely it is a backward step in a club moving towards fan ownership to have less info on who is playing regularly at the older academy levels, who has been representing us at youth international level, who has been offered professional contracts by the club etc.
  8. Not today. Just had 2 pies and will have a fresh cream meringue to finish. So feck off spangle.
  9. Between one and two mate, average wage of a St Mirren player this season is £46,169
  10. Today
  11. The two pound spend does not really bother me to be honest, I think I’ve only actually voted once. I’m not sure we could get 2 players for 80k that would be of the standard we will require if we survive, there are championship clubs paying more than 40k a year
  12. Is Duckens Nazon back this week? Would be good to see wee Maggenis back in the staring 11, we have missed him a lot. I must admit, though I have voted as young Ethan as young player of the year, I would rather see Muzek or even Hodson back in defense for this run in of games.....
  13. Shull is correct. You're guilty of very creepy behaviour and on a Football Forum. You're one for the watching.
  14. On my wedding day as a wee joke, my wife and I (she was a season ticket holder at the time too) got a few bricks from the stadium as a gift, still have them
  15. Now, does anybody have news about the Turnstiles or anything else sold on from our old Stadium ?
  16. Really strange but over the years I have regular dreams (literally) that I am back at Love street watching saints. It must just a place built into my subconscious. In truth, although it was old and looking a bit grubby, it was a place of lots of great memories for me, just me and my dad every saturday. Walking up that hill into the northbank, the pitch appearing as you ascend, pitch was always top class and it just felt like a proper football arena. Bloody miss it in truth. Had a cracking seat right in the middle of the stand and a cracking view too. I said on twitter recently that love streets like a first love or an ex, that may not have been the best looking but you had great times, amazing memories and you miss and long for that over the current better looking burd with whom you have less emotional ties I like our wee stadium as is, however, I grew up going to love street and still love and miss that place. On the plus side I now take my own daughter to the games and though only 4, she is getting into it and I hope she has the same feelings towards saints and ties I did when a kid. When we fill the corners of the current stadium I will be much happier Sentimental stuff out the way, lets hammer the fakes tomorrow COYS
  17. Shull is correct. You are a obsessed stalker and worryingly creepy. Can you not get through the day without salivating about him ? You come across as a thick weirdo.
  18. Just looking at this and it reminds me, I actually have Tony Fitz's red Umbro Aaway top, No4 on the back from 78/79 (i think, way before I was even born) and a few years back, my father in law met him and got him to sign it. Absolute cracking top, massive collar on in too. I will try post a pic at some point, but a nice bit of saints history.
  19. Could we get a voting button on that one ?
  20. I heard he is small enough to go underneath them
  21. Just to confirm thats true.... Campbell not prepared to throw in money anymore Added to that the Gangsters arent interested either due to the clear lack of direction. If, the club goes down PT very likely root ....................
  22. I do yeah, for moving fans for three/ four games I don't think the hassle is as big as people make out. Anyone that has a season ticket has the option to see St Mirren on these games if they so wish. £80k (not my figure yours before anyone jumps down my throat again) is between one and two players for a club like ours. Like I say the £2 a month being saved would be no small amount it would be a decent size (roughly £30,000 a year by my calculations). I can see why people would be interested in it and think there is merit in doing it. My personal opinion is that we are better placed investing that money now for a return. Hypothetical but say the £2 + two stand money was the difference between SP and Championship football next season. The drop in money we'd make in the Championship would dwarf anything we could save during the BTB lifetime.
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