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  2. Were they not taken over by EE anyway? Not sure what your network provider has to do with things!
  3. Given the roaring and greeting that would ensue if any player doesn't satisfy the requirements of the team and the high standards of the fans, then yes, it is that difficult.
  4. As an avid Old Firm apologist, I’ll leave that to you.
  5. You were part of a lynch mob that forced out a manager after 4 games. How many games will you give the current manager?
  6. https://www.soccerbase.com/teams/head_to_head.sd?team_id=90&team2_id=2475
  7. Was reading an article about the 100s of young talented footballers that get released every year. Eh Gus its not that hard. .
  8. Do we need to win to guarantee s top four finish .
  9. STFU ? Saints Fannies United ? [emoji2]
  10. Says the guy who believed Carl Beech! [emoji1]
  11. Today
  12. How has the board created the mess?.. also what mess?
  13. Well STFU you moaning Cunts. I'm going and hoping for a win.
  14. Goals 2019/20 look like they will be as hard to track down as Rocking Horse shit..!
  15. I posted highlights on the match thread which were uploaded by one of their fans.
  16. I'll let you into a little secret - every one of my posts about Kearney and Goodwin has supported giving them time to sort out the mess they both inherited - Goodwin's mess being created by the board rather than the previous manager.
  17. Deary me I’ll let you in a little secret. The “worse than Stubbs” remark is a sarcastic dig at actual imbeciles like you in the lynch mob. How long till you’re calling for the manager to go this season, eh, 5 games maybe?
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