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  1. Gary McKenzie

    Glad I didn't say Beverly Hills 90210- We would need more calculus
  2. Gary McKenzie

    Here's an original thought Shull- Start a thread- Think one of the extras in Hawaii Five 0 died this month
  3. They did it Their Way

    Was the Birdie song a rewriting of Stairway to Heaven ?
  4. Gary McKenzie

    Feck I copied that off Oakys Wiki page
  5. Gary McKenzie

  6. Gary McKenzie

    Bollocks East ur 0.03% out FFS
  7. Gary McKenzie

    Naw I stand well clear of the lampposts these days
  8. Gary McKenzie

    This man is an island- which means that I am a continuous mass of land surrounded by water apparently. Yup that kinda of sums up my rounds of golf
  9. Gary McKenzie

    Do you know how long it took me to work that out ....... I only have ten fingers mate!! No doubt someone will tell me its 66.4563% for Harry
  10. Rothesay On The Telly

    Great program.............. great people ....... well done BBC
  11. Gary McKenzie

    Gary was immense last year But here is the thing , we have a 86% Win Rate without him and a 68% win rate since Harry last played. Both great players but my god including Mallon shows just how well JR and the team have done so far ................ Our shots to goal ratio is superb..... And we have goals all over the team. To think under Rae it was basically one option and remember TC built the team round Thommo. I doubt very much Jack would ever build a team round one player, more like 11
  12. Aye Collum did well midweek. Now all of Catalonia hate him as well
  13. Not at all, every point is good..... We hit the really tough 21 point target, and I would imagine away with Caley, Bairns, Utd and QOS away in the next run of 9 that target will be more like 15, so yes a point will be great- we play well we can easily win this, but hey like you i said that against Pars
  14. Its a fair point, however remember last season we didn't beat either of them, this season its 2 wins 5-1..... fact is mate, we are a better side