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  1. TC he should be in the Scotland team, he is far better than the muppets Strachan picks, A CH that wins a ball in the air. ?? Original Concept
  2. However she could say she will shoot all cats and still get in with a 100 majority... Wish I was a Tory it must be great fun
  3. Brill time to be a Buddie............................. Never felt this excited about a new season....... Any idea how many STs have been sold to date?
  4. Loy got better and better, Sutton gives us options.... Remember JR will also bring in Anyone at Raith, Caley , Ayr, Alloa, Livi Falkirk , we could take? Bairns players must be scunnered, and maybe could do with a fresh club
  5. Was this a fax? U know who you arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre Over the bloody moon!!!!
  6. Question Why do u have that monsters pic on the forum? Can u please change ?
  7. Got my wish Shull take note on how to predict Brechin have done superb, Goodie will be stronger and I take Alloa to win League 1 next year I also think Brechin will be as detached as we were by Xmas, Leagues, if Utd go up, are starting to looking normal, a much fairer Championship ahead next season.... Saints are 2nd Favs at present in my eyes
  8. Oh good you are now a voice for 7.6 B Humans............. FFS on this one your the example of exactly what the problem is You really are in a self absorbed bubble aren't you, you talking so much small minded drivel, I will leave this with you.... all well , I am on the Bus , not my problem Make a good epitaph for u
  9. Probably to do with the way he left, he still holds us very dear.... We could beat Joses lot
  10. Ok as long as Alex Rae is not in your top 20
  11. Yeah cause he was much better than Sir Alex ????????
  12. Well Done Someone finally mentioned Lexie
  13. He is on £10k a week But.............................. his agent takes £9100 of that Welcome to England !!!!!
  14. Lets not be greedy £1.3m
  15. Exchange for Sinclair, Dembele and Armstrong and we might talk