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  1. Your point is totally flawed and self defeating What we call evil, some call purification What we call normal, others call evil So- Get WHO off the streets This is the issue here, we don't interact with our Muslim friends, we cant look at a short term solution here as that's making martyrs. Its has to be a change in culture and mindest, bring communities together , don't divide, we seem to forget its one planet. Is that fat boot that tortured and killed her child anything different from a " terrorist" Change in views starting now, "extremist" is our terminology, and those that cause harm believe they are right. So we have to break walls not build them ... That's the only way you can possibly stop this. This is not a new issue, its thousands of years that man has try be different.... Jesus there is more hostility towards the DUP than there is so called ISIS ( ON THE STREETS)
  2. He is taking it well!!
  3. Just wearing a Saints Shirt is not all its cracked up to be
  4. Dodo should have played for the old Rangers, as they are both extinct
  5. Great Interview- As always incredibly honest Jacks Legacy is the rebirth of the Saints, that's was going downhill fast after the League Cup success, playing survival every season was pushing fans away... Fact that he believes in himself, on all those initial interviews where he was explaining losses and his belief. Then doing the 10 in 10 out, clearing away the players he didn't feel had what he wanted. Bringing a CAPTAIN... we haven't had one as good since Fitzy, bringing in quality like Mackenzie- who sorted our immense problems with CH, developing Mallan and Morgan..... If Jack takes us to top 4, then the journey continues, and he has taken a massive gamble as he believes in his ability as do many other supporters...
  6. It was an attempt at sarcasm which obviously backfired
  7. Appalling ........... the Paisley Neds are now all out fox hunting and listening with intent to the Queens Speech Pass the Port !!!!
  8. Yes and the "half glass full brigade - its only my opinion man" lot seem to forgot Jack kept us up by signing players who were wanting to prove a point and had untapped talent............. Geez fill the glass!!!
  9. What a game- Billy Starks home coming - 200 Neds from EK ............ What a time to be alive!!! If Carlsberg did football competitions- I cant call a winner its just such a exciting prospect Think World Cup Final 1970-----
  10. Ok lets do the maths Crowd capacity 8023 minus about 500 woman minus about 200 under 5s minus about 400 under 12s = 6923 Fecking Managers !!!!
  11. Exactly Drew -
  12. Yes tragically A terminal condition called lack of votes
  13. Great read, my god what an adventure when we think about the rollercoaster that is us comparing it to the clusterfeck that is them..... Love the one of calling off lower league games cause players where on international duty
  14. 0-1
  15. Obviously some things have changed since the majority on here got all excited when a Dog was speaking into a gramophone ( the fact that 90% know what I mean proves my point) Ed has great marketing and when prompted on social media people have reacted , downloaded and boom............ I don't think he is the greatest songwriter/ singer ever born, most would argue John L was better, however going by Eds bank account he is doing ok.........