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  1. DougJamie

    Jack Ross - SMTID?

    Willing to give it a bash. Whats ur star sign
  2. DougJamie

    How Telling

    Sorry mate. Last time i looked we were a premiership club. Take exception to constant slagging of my/ our club by Mr D. If it gets me in sin bin so be it. I can catch up with FAS
  3. DougJamie

    Jack Ross - SMTID?

    Shouldnt you start an agony aunt thread
  4. DougJamie

    Jack Ross - SMTID?

    I think we have to remember this is more than last 18 months. Its only 4/5 years ago we were 8th and had just won LC.But relegation and 5 managers later (soon to be 6) here we are almost where we were 20 years ago. My eternal thanks and support is with our chairman and BOD who have demonstrated vision and incredible support. Jack is now prologue. The story continues .........
  5. DougJamie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    How about brendan . I mean he must be bored shiteless winning every week
  6. DougJamie

    How Telling

    Which proves that ur a troll
  7. DougJamie

    How Telling

    Do you honestly believe that you are that important you self absorbed w"nker 99% on here wish you would just F OFF Of course you agree with LPM, you're both full of sh!t ..................... If you actually watched St Mirren you fanny, you would see that we played 4 upfront. So we didn't do hoof............... You would give an aspirin a headache ...................... As for any fans of my clubs feelings they certainly are not influenced by a total troll so get over yourself
  8. DougJamie

    Another Saints Manager goes to Sunderland!

    Yes well done Wiki, they are really good at researching
  9. DougJamie

    A Message from Jack Ross

    I only have one thing to say N E X T
  10. DougJamie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    On that theme...... murray worry craig plague ross loss gus pus danny janny and finally davis mavis....... lets have a goodwin even in the sin bin
  11. DougJamie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    No i dont think i can make it any clearer JIM GOODWIN. Even his name suggests success
  12. DougJamie

    Goodwin Please, Not Neilson

    Well I am gorgeous, Just ask the dug
  13. DougJamie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Just in at 7/4
  14. DougJamie

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Depends which Kennedy though, was an annual event for 20 years !! Mind some on here saw Lincolns demise
  15. DougJamie

    Who would you like for next manager

    FFS IOBS , I think we have covered this I want Jim Goodwin, that's it, book closed, feck anyone else, and you know it makes sense