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  1. Great game, Bobby Torrance double, the day we arrived as Premier Outfit..... Next game v Well wasne bad either, until that bloody cheat Pettigrew played a hand...............
  2. Yes considering as the mass majority on here coped without it for most of our lives................... Its good to talk ( now its type)
  3. Just heard that Raith are fielding the near enough same team that hasn't won away since October- Fecking Conspiracy !!!!
  4. Good to hear..................... A supporter for life and only has 84 posts. You must be a happy supporter
  5. Drew ur a bit young to be on here
  6. Have you told the wife this?
  7. Free world mate, free to comment and free to agree or disagree, but some comments on here should be aimed at the Samaritans not the Forum
  8. Would be interesting to know some of the ages of our regular posters and when, why they started following the MIGHTY Saints, with all the GE stuff Polls are good, however inaccurate Ok I will start it off. 54 in June, supported Saints since I was 12, my Grandpa was Paisley man, Coats worker and Saints daft , He was at 1926 Cup Final, said Paisley was empty that day
  9. This does prove that Lennon is a total fanny......................... I mean if I was the Chairman of Hibs I would be very unhappy with his public statement to play FRINGE (Fecking Edinburgh) players Its going to impact gate money......... Anyway lets write to FIFA as they are always on the straight and narrow
  10. WAs a rugby ref for 15 years FAS, got fed up with the black boots ......................... If we do go down i intent to get very drunk, if we do stay up I intend to get very drunk Its great being a St Mirren Fan
  11. Honestly the amount of piss on here re "poor wee us" Cold light of day----- All along its Saints that have got Saints out of certain relegation and managed to not stretch away We have dropped points recently to Sons, Raith, Falkirk and Dundee Utd in Total 2 out of 12.... Lennon, although I am not happy, is perfectly entitled to play any player who is in his squad. Feck Raith played Stevenson in goal due to their incompetency. Hibs could not care who wins or loses bar them, and lets not forget their not in the Championship next season.... Some still blame Utd for folding against the Fakes in 2001, that apparently sent us down..... I thought it was OF that were paranoid......... The fact we played in the SPL that season with virtually no investment again for that BOD, and the fact we were pretty much bottom all season, IF Saints go down, its not down to a ref, a weakened team or anything else... Its due to getting Jack in to late, its due to years of under investment in our infrastructure, its due to a BOD who wanted out, its due to some terrible signings and appointments............... Saints till I die------- still think we will stay up-------------- end of----- win our last two games we are not 10th................ And hopefully with Scott/ Ross at helm we can push on up...................... If we don't then I shall look forward to winning loads of games in League 1 next year, club is 140 years old and its hardly been anything but a rollercoaster WELCOME TO THE DIP
  12. Yes and that tit Liberal Leader is not helping with his anything but Liberal views, I feel more Labour voters will swing Tory, and that will result in them winning up to 10 seats in Scotland................ The issue here is clear, we don't have any opposition to the Tories down south, and the SNP are actually what the Lab party should be up here.... Tories will have a 120 majority and then the fun will really begin, and we Scots will be right in the firing line
  13. They always do, the fecking cowards
  14. True, it doesn't, but then again shows the Lennon is only successful when everything is in his favour... Remember the wee shit turned down 1.2m for Cummings, Just hoping tonight Raith play an experimental team keen to impress
  15. Feck- Take it all back...............Another reason why Lennon is a prick.... Surely we can complain to SFA,