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  1. A massive kick in the baws for someone else for a change.
  2. Friends, family and possibly each other.
  3. Those clubs didn't have an academy set up or premier division facilities like ours. We probably will survive it with a bit of luck but in all likeliehood more like Morton with a lost generation of support. I don't accept that this is just a wee blip and everything will be rosy season after next. The division below us is dead men walking stuff.
  4. Bigger than both. Relegation from this division will be a barely survivable event.
  5. Ya fuuuuuuukkkkiiinnng beauty!
  6. We could clap and then shout f**k em?
  7. I hope the new guy continues with Phil's excellent habit of thanking the away support. That followed by applause is always a nice touch and kind of unites fellow diddy clubs. We stopped doing it after the Ayr fans poor reaction to Lewis Morgan's injury and didn't do it against Dumbarton. It's a nice touch. All the best Phil.
  8. Ach away and grow a pair man. He made an arse of himself. Get the humble pie eaten and enjoy the great escape orchestrated by the wonderful Jack Ross and Jim Fowler. Happy happy days.
  9. I love the boy's passion and total respect for him putting all this effort into his YouTube channel. All the best son and hope your team gets a shot at the play offs. But Oliver did dive never a pen!
  10. It's nothing like Sevco or Celtic. It's a nice healthy hatred and totally reciprocated.
  11. ASDA should be stocking up on humble pie. Likely a big spike in demand.
  12. I think you might be right TC. One of my frantic google searches mentioned something about a 4 day window before a 2 yellow sending off resulted in a suspension. If true, this would make Adam eligible to play tomorrow but miss Saturday.