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  1. magnus

    Stubbs Already Doomed

    I agree with you on Gavin Reilly. We should have kept him. My hope is that the 3 early signings are just that. The start of a new squad. The £75k spend is significant to me and shows that Alan Stubbs is confident in his ability to spot a player regardless of the level he is currently playing at.
  2. magnus

    Alan's first signings

    It's all a gamble. I popped on the Sunderland fans forum when some on here were speculating on today's signing being one of their young guys. Bloody hell Sunderland have shelled out over £5million on individual "prospects" that seem to be utterly hopeless. Hopefully this is where Alan Stubbs and Darren Jackson show their expertise.
  3. magnus

    Alan's first signings

    I agree. It's a ballsy move and the Club is backing the judgement of our management team. Top notch stuff.
  4. magnus

    Alan's first signings

    Not sure there is any billy about him.
  5. magnus

    Alan's first signings

    I don't think Livi will be relegated.
  6. magnus

    New Assistant Manager

    Seems mad to have got this far without asking "how much?"
  7. magnus

    Alan's first signings

    I agree. My concern would be that Jamie and Masimo prove that age catches up fast and their contribution on the park turned out to be limited. If cheap fine worth a punt. If it's a full wage then I would prefer we look elsewhere.
  8. magnus

    Alan's first signings

    Same here. I would prefer we take a chance with younger players.
  9. magnus

    Rory Loy

    Good luck Rory. Hope you have a fantastic season and get back to your best.
  10. magnus

    Gavin Reilly

    The boy clearly doesn't want to leave Saints - a big plus in my book. The player is reaching out. Mr Stubbs should pick the phone up and get a deal done. No need to part ways. Gavin and Saints have been good for each other.
  11. magnus

    Gavin Reilly

    He was a part of an exciting promotion winning team and more than did his bit. Total respect. All the best Gavin.
  12. magnus

    Gavin Reilly

    Another disappointing decision as far as I am concerned. The sooner we get some sign of rebuilding the better. I've had enough of the dismantling tbh.
  13. magnus

    Gavin Reilly

    Tough business to be in. I wish Gavin every success. Looks like a completely new start at Saints. With Darren Jackson and possibly Rice the place has got a strangely unfamiliar feel about it at the moment. Maybe I'm just crap with change.
  14. magnus

    Gavin Reilly

    I wish Gavin all the best. He did very well for us and its unfortunately another piece of that remarkable group that is no longer at the Club.