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  1. Absolutely this. John Sutton was superb against Ayr as he is in most huge games for us. Definitely still a top player for us. Glad to have him.
  2. Think that's right. Miller will be cut by Falkirk next year as he must be nearing 50 while Rory enjoys promotion and a 2 year deal at Super Saints.
  3. Great article. Two pieces of the jigsaw left. Rory and Harry. Bliss!
  4. Done and ditto Bud.
  5. To be honest I don't know what percentage of the academy players that have broken through to the first team were "home grown" or picked up from other teams but however we source these young players, our academy certainly does now produce a great pipeline of talent into the first team and thats got to be a good thing?
  6. Which in fairness produced some good results. More of an indictment of the Old Firm than Longwell.
  7. Agree with all of this. Also liked him when he came on as sub and terrified the life out of Farid el Alagui in the 2-0 away win at Ayr after Farid had gone in late on several of our players. Project Brave still a worry though as it seems to be pandering to the Old Firm's un-ending sense of entitlement. Project Brave seems blatently geared towards ensuring Celtic and Rangers get even more opportunity to dominate acadamy football by, amongst other things, getting a second team into the Scottish leagues - a backstop for their obsession with playing in England. Much though I love the Saints that would be the end of Scottish football for me and I hope the Club is speaking out against the Old Firm Colts concept and indeed any further attempt by Rangers and Celtic to use Project Brave to eke out more preferential treatment from the Scottish football authorities.
  8. In a world of money grabbing, faux club badge kissers, it's rare to get genuine from the heart messages from pro footballers these days. We were blessed with having several guys in the team that saved us, who developed a real love for the club and its fans Sad that Billy isn't going to be coming back next season. Hope he gets set up soon with a good club. Definitely one of the good guys.
  9. Totally agree. I think Sampson is a leader in the dressing room as well and again the more of that type of player the better.
  10. Thanks IOBS I am glad I watched this. Really good. Strange to see the magnificent old buildings again.Never really appreciated how huge Coats and Clarks were globally. Left feeling proud of Paisley and a sense of loss.
  11. I don't get this offering reduced terms and expecting the guy to feel #thislove. If we could afford to pay a decent wage in January why not now? No one would feel wanted at work if offered lower wages. At least pay the guy last season's wage and get him on a 2 year deal.
  12. Exactly how I feel Bud.
  13. Hope we go balls out and improve the offer. Stelios is a cracking player and in his own way genuine box office. The entertainment value ramps up when he is on the field. The guy obviously loves it at Saints and that's a biggie for the support. I hope Jack finds the cash somewhere. No harm to the Alloa left back but if we want to fill the stands then we need to get the team that saved the Club back together and Super Stelios is a key ingredient.
  14. Why is this clown Nick Robinson chairing Question Time. His anti SNP bias has been established beyond doubt.