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  1. Well now, avoided the walk of shame tomorrow morning after telling their number 8 this morning that they were in for a roasting Tonight never mind facing the weans in school on Thursday. To be fair to EK they defended valiantly and their keeper, despite me being told he is poor compared to their number one, had a blinder. Nevertheless we totally dominated but tried to walk it in the net all night or score the perfect goal. Our equaliser was bizarre inevitably after all that. Stewart was handed a pile of chances which made a mess of. It was no surprise when they scored as we are too casual and sloppy at times. But a win is a win. Liam smith impressed.
  2. Like a training match. Trying to walk it into back of the net. Some horror misses and making their keeper look good. One goal will open them up and they will tire from chasing the ball as they have had to most of night
  3. Heard today first choice keeper is injured so no excuses tonight.
  4. Super Stelios

    Can he not play at right back as well? Irvine has been a bit ropey at times this season and this would give us another option
  5. Live in barrhead and used to teach there as well
  6. Better Off With Delilah Or even Munoz

    Samson is not the best. Good shot stopper but he does make a lot of errors these days. However we cannot afford a better keeper where we are. Stewart may well get a run at some point but from what l have seen he is little better. Note Falkirk keeper was nothing to write home about. Reality check required as to how easy it is to get a fantastic keeper in the championship
  7. St Mirren v Falkirk SPFL Championship. 5/8/17

    Fantastic result today plus really well taken goals even if second was down to keeper mistake. Work rate of whole team and commitment was great to see also. Sutton appeared to have a sort of roving role and he contributed well. Smith immense. If we can tighten up at the back and Samson can inject some confidence in them with a more consistent performance we can definitely be in playoffs
  8. St Mirren v Falkirk SPFL Championship. 5/8/17

    Came back into it after very poor start. Baird has grown in confidence after some ropey headers. Mcginn having much more influence as game progresses. Disappointed at treatment of loy by two idiots and stewards ignoring what went on. Linesman had to caution loy about speaking back to fans. In this game now but would still take a draw. Samson looking iffy and Falkirk very dangerous on break. Sutton having goo game in midfield!
  9. Rory Loy

    Appalling abuse of loy by couple of fans. Clearly hurt himself when he went down. Stewards ignored what was going on. Well done stelios for Making it clear the injury was genuine.
  10. St Mirren v Falkirk SPFL Championship. 5/8/17

    Falkirk are a big team as always. We always seem to have a disproportionate number of smaller players than other teams. Not that it bothers me if we beat them but we are susceptible to being bullied off the ball especially when referees are poor or weak
  11. St Mirren v Falkirk SPFL Championship. 5/8/17

    Victory would be great but would settle for scoring draw and clear appetite from saints. Crucial we have good home record this season and avoiding defeat against one of our main rivals when we are clearly not quite up to speed would be important.
  12. Rory Loy

    Good luck to the boy as long as he doesn't dive, cheat or make any stupid gestures if he scores. He's no longer our player and l would agree nothing like the loss mallan is to the team
  13. Jack Ross will come good

    Judge jack on what happens in the next four or five league games. I am confident of a much better start to this championship season.
  14. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Extended contracts surely an excellent opportunity to wind this thread up. It has wandered off track too often and in any case he saved us last season and tomorrow we start afresh
  15. St Mirren V Airdrie - Third Place Decider

    We would probably think differently about format if we qualified for next round