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  1. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    New grounds record attendance is 7500 first game against Kilmarnock. Am pretty sure most of our largest attendances have been against killie as they regularly brought a decent support, it was the closest thing to a derby for us for many years, and many fans avoid old firm games. Can see a healthy crowd at this one but the repeat fixture towards end of season if both clubs still in the hunt could challenge this record
  2. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Mixed reaction to this. Performances have been up and down, good run, but late goal and Lithuania at Hampden destroyed us. Agree with comments on too much loyalty to some players but overall made a good fist of average players. Historically we are not good internationally. For all those World Cup finals in seventies and eighties we failed miserably to get out the groups or in between to qualify for Euro finals. Moving games to sky really killed it for me and I cannot see much hope no matter who takes over.
  3. Smfctickets

    I have not had problems so far using chrome but my brother in law constantly has. No obvious reason for the difference
  4. Clamping Down On Hooligans At Greenhill Road

    I will welcome this clampdown when l see it. Stewards continually ignore the vile delivered by this small minority. Easy to spot and hear without any help form fans around them. How difficult is it to alert a police officer to the continuous abuse everyone can hear if they are not prepared to tackle it themselves
  5. St Mirren V Brechin City 30th September

    Agree 100% about the level of abuse some of our own players get during game time is totally unacceptable and turns many fans away from attending games. I also dislike the vitriol aimed at the officials constantly and overreactions to every decision no matter how correct it is. However, the forum should be an avenue for opinions. Stewart may very well be raw and impressing in under 20s, he may very well be a project in the making, but l an unimpressed so far by his ball control and ability in the air. He did well to get the cross from the byline in for the winner but only after making a total mess initially of controlling the pass and was lucky to get the chance to swing it back in. Cannot recall another effective contribution while he was on the pitch. Felt Sutton would have been the better option at that point in the game. Jury is out for me at present. Only an opinion though.[emoji3]
  6. St Mirren V Brechin City 30th September

    Winning teams win even when they are poor. The sort of banana skin we would have slipped on in past few seasons. Very poor all round with one or two minor exceptions. Don't get Stewart at all, even his cross for the winner was fortunate. His control of a ball and inability to use his height are quite remarkable. Major improvements in consistency required if we want to continue at top. I cannot believe how downbeat l feel sitting top and after another win. Maybe a reflection of how much better we have been recently
  7. St Mirren V Brechin City 30th September

    Inept since we went ahead. Passing very poor and too many long high balls. Need to get ball on deck and better movement. Poor final ball letting us down
  8. St Mirren V Brechin City 30th September

    This is the type of game which will really test our credentials for this season. Like Livingston earlier in the cup they will sit in and defend hoping to catch us on occasional break. This traditionally is the type of game we struggle in. Here's hoping our confidence and intricate attacking play opens them up and we have more cause for celebration.
  9. Dunfermline v St Mirren SPFL Championship 16/9/17

    Wasn't at game but from comments made the three at the back is a dud. Mind you we lost two goals last week after reverting to back four. I am disappointed that we have not settled on a secure defence, especially given jack was a defender. We cannot expect to score more than opponents every week or deliver top performances. Still great to be up and contending. Biggest disappointment is the two red cards. Need to address discipline.
  10. Watering the pitch

    Would agree with that but our players seem to slip just as much as opposition. You would think that there would be some discussion with groundskeeper. Suspect it's the last minute watering that keeps catching players out.
  11. Watering the pitch

    Is it just me or is our pitch being overwatered? It always looks in pretty good condition but week in week out our own players lose their footing as much as opponents, particularly in early parts of games. Spraying before kick off might make the ball zip, but we were undermined a number of times in first half with slips at inopportune times. A number of players changed boots for longer studs today at halftime but surely this is happening too often to be of benefit to us as the home team
  12. St Mirren v Inverness CT. SPFL Championship 9/9/17

    Great atmosphere and enjoyable match. However refereeing all over the place and l do still worry about the defending especially for the two goals even though Ross had changed things they never looked comfortable. Top of the league tonight, thanks to Morton so a wee dram when l get home
  13. St Mirren v Inverness CT. SPFL Championship 9/9/17

    Great attacking play. Not convinced by three at the back today though. Exposed at times particularly when Irvine forward. Please stop watering the pitch, no one can stay on their feet
  14. Stephen Mallan

    Played well for under 20s tonight. I believe he scored a goal
  15. Fitness Levels

    Totally agree. Significant improvement in fitness compared to last few seasons