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  1. All we can do is beat raith and if possible hibs. If it isn't good enough to avoid ninth or we get poorer results and are relegated we can only reflect on the first half of the season doing it for us. Think we will finish ninth but confident about play offs
  2. Most important thing is to avoid automatic relegation spot. Anything more is a bonus given where we were four months ago
  3. Alex Rae now there would be an excellent punt to save them from relegation and then build a winning team next season
  4. Good result with Dumbarton loss helping
  5. Kyle magennis for me. Young lad who has been so consistent since being brought in whilst others' form has ebbed and flowed
  6. I presume he wouldn't be on those wages as a coach though
  7. Will take a point, anything more a bonus. Must not get carried away after last night. We were brilliant but ton were poor. However still feel we are a better team away from home and against teams who open up so here's hoping
  8. Stupendous performance and result. Roll on next season and surely we can be confident of avoiding play off? Keep it up boys Coys
  9. Periscope coverage is excellent. Enjoying match wind could be big factor in second half
  10. His passing is very poor and can cost us but why are other players not showing for him and giving him more or better options? The other side of his game is great. Number of excellent save tackles today, particularly in second half. I think he has scope to improve but doesn't deserve the amount of abuse some give him.
  11. Lacked the guile to break down very well organised team. Missed Morgan a lot and stelios gamble didn't really pay off. Thought Todd in hindsight might have been better option on left. Off bottom though and l fully expect us to pick up some points against top four but whether it will be enough depends very much on Ayr
  12. Ayr came to kick us off the park. Very worried Morgan injury could badly affect us. Tap in at end important for goal difference
  13. Men against boys loving it. Mallon and gang running riot
  14. Would be great to see many of these fans attending the next two games which arguably are the most important we have played in the last two seasons. Whilst l expect a decent crowd the glory hunters won't be there
  15. Game over didn't deserve it in second half offering very little in attack. Had chances first half but looked tired and out of ideas second. Our passing game collapsed. Now need real focus on crucial league games.