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  1. Game over didn't deserve it in second half offering very little in attack. Had chances first half but looked tired and out of ideas second. Our passing game collapsed. Now need real focus on crucial league games.
  2. We're not much of a threat this half. Disappointed after such a good first half. Seven minutes left. O keefe on for magennis
  3. United score....... been a really poor second half overall. Well taken goal unfortunately
  4. Second half neither team has really got going. Games there to be won
  5. Crucial result given what's happened elsewhere. Things getting really tight at bottom and Ayr and Dumbarton clearly willing to fight as hard as us. However we are up for this and can do it. Confidence is growing and we can survive.
  6. Massive result well done saints
  7. Comment of the day goes to the punter in line for cup final tickets who noted as the pars players walked on to their bus that McMullen managed it without diving once
  8. Today's draw once more ups the pressure on the players for Wednesday
  9. If we do go down it's not going to be a question of not deserving to. Much better attitude second half but not enough class up front. We still looked suspect at the back and pars had some really good chances they passed up. Too often we try to walk ball into net, especially second half
  10. Weather is fine. Light rain disappearing now, some bright spells coming through and very mild. All we need now is a huge reaction from team to Wednesday and we will still be in with a shout of surviving this debacle of a season
  11. This could be another of those defining games of this season one way or the other. How l long for a meaningless end of season mid table clash
  12. Looking like a poor night and result but unrealistic to think this team that has struggled most of the season was going to win every game for rest of the season. Let's see where we are after next four games
  13. Pars on good run. Should be a good match
  14. This revival now beginning to look very real. Coys
  15. Fantastic