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  1. I think if you remember from the last two seasons we tend to find all games in the championship Tough
  2. Ah the school holidays beckon. Two weeks in the sun, straight back to league cup action on return and two cracking league games now set up before the weans return. A new kit on offer for staff fives on a Friday. Life is good [emoji4] coys
  3. White or black shorts?
  4. Open day for elite season ticket holders like myself a total own goal. Large numbers will be on holiday anyway surely you want as many people as possible to attend and as others have stated try and encourage more season ticket sales
  5. Signed up again for next season in west stand. Cannot wait for season to start
  6. Stelio a is back in Cyprus musing a number of offers including from ourselves and spfl teams
  7. Raith down blew it on penalties. Am sure we would not have struggled like they have in the two games and appeared to confirm their slump in second half of season
  8. Jack Ross is a god [emoji185]
  9. There will be dancing on the streets of leith this evening. Great result. Please save next seasons excitement for a campaign challenging at the top. [emoji126]
  10. After the first goal we played very well against a poor raith team. Very impressed by work rate and commitment of every player. Mallan and mcginn were outstanding. We are more than capable of getting the point required next week but we should have no fears if we end up in the playoffs
  11. It's a funny old game[emoji85]
  12. Why was anyone worried about Lennon' lineup tonight then?[emoji23]
  13. Define full strength team? I do not know hibs squad that well but even with ten changes for a game if the bulk are first team squad players then don't see the problem. Is there a limit to the number of under 20 players you can play in a top match? Not that long ago sfa were telling raith they could have used an amateur keeper instead of Ryan Stevenson in goal. Anyway tonight's result might make debate academic
  14. If we go down or face playoffs it will be down to our own players over the season. We need to quit this moaning and greeting about other teams and what they do or don't do. Sure there are games and factors we cannot control which can make it harder and our form recently proves we are a far better team than many in the league now, but a league is played over a season and it is not often you can say a team didn't deserve to go down. Still think we'll survive through playoffs though
  15. All we can do is beat raith and if possible hibs. If it isn't good enough to avoid ninth or we get poorer results and are relegated we can only reflect on the first half of the season doing it for us. Think we will finish ninth but confident about play offs