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  1. You'll love it. Briliant, right from the start. Gripping and intense. three different time frames . The Tommy over a week, the wee boats a day, the spirited over an hour.. And the tension all comes together at the end. very little dialogue early on but you still easily know what's occurring.
  2. Just came back after HT (and watching Froome clinch the yella t-shirt in the time trials) to see several attacks from Saints, good shots and some more positive stuff. i know, I know... Against 10 men... But there's a slight ray of hope if Saints hold it to 1-0 this half.... I'm off early to the pub, just in case...
  3. The ref also played his part in the second goal, getting in the way of a defender who MIGHT have got to the return pass before Lawless....
  4. A typo? Bever... instead of Pais... ...or just coincidence?
  5. Surely NOT Zappa-rito...?
  6. I still think Ashcroft House is best. (Aye, the one off the High Street... ) I believe that Scotscraig (up by the Brodie park) is very sadly no longer a b+b. It had the perfect host... aye, Dougie.... f3k is really close...
  7. The Offshore game report came out, as you know, a while ago. May 5 I've been reading lots of online comment about it on various internet bampot forums. It IS a disgraceful indictment of the cheating, lying, corrupt management of our game. The Scottish Mainstream Sporting Media have chosen to ignore it. The SFA and SPFL are also trying to ignore it. Just as they are ignoring the facts legally established by the Supreme Court decision in which David Murray admitted they gave out EBTs in order to be able to buy players they would not have been otherwise been able to afford. St Mirren FC have ignored it. They are all hoping that fans will continue to be mugs and buy season tickets, even though all the fans (including those of sevco) know that various titles and cups SHOULD be stripped, if the authorities applied the normal Scottish Football rule of all such cheating being penalised by the result being reinstated as a 3-0 defeat. It's worse than that. A secretive deal was done for An asset stripper (Charles Green) to buy some of the assets of the dead club and start a new one (without being burdened by any of the debts racked up - even though the old club wasn't paying its taxes!) and the fitba authorities see no problem in the new club, sevco, claiming that though it's only a few years old, and though it so far has only won diddy leagues, that it has hunners of titles and cups in its less-than-a decade history. This a blatant lie. Why are journalists not questioning this? Why do the fitba authorities allow the pretence to continue? Why do all the other clubs, not even question this? Cos the fans ARE mugs. They fought back once and now seem to have rolled over. Only in Scottish fitba does cheating go unpunished and the cheats are permitted to 'retain' their titles and medals. All other sports at least try to right the wrongs committed against them, the athletes - and the fans. I'm hoping Chris Froome somehow claims all the titles that Lance Armstrong had stripped. Why not? There is a new group of Scottish Fans who seem to be as devastated as I am with the moral collapse of a sport I once loved. I wish them well, but I don't think enough Scottish fans gaf....
  8. Or like yon downhill ski lad, Primož Roglič?
  9. My Condolences.
  10. As LPM suggests, I am perhaps being unfair and it HAS been addressed. what I should have said is that it should have been FIXED/SORTED/NO LONGER A PROBLEM. it's all very well being 'able' to accept money, but in exchange for what? a promise? A kiss-me-quick hat? A seat on the next sevco board?
  11. Aye. i saw another headline, and thought, "that makes a pleasant change..." 'Crooks Gone From Ibrox'.
  12. No cause to say that. he's not being right, just consistent. He never has anything but bad to offer about Saints even when they're 2 up with 10 minutes left. consistency - that's all. And consistently NOT right in the latter part of last season.
  13. The most important thing for JR to get into his head about Cups and some success in them, is that a cup run generates the cash to pay for new players and his salary if he wants another shot at it. From what I've seen he MUST know this and be aghast at tonight's non-performance by HIS team. i find it almost incredible that Alex Rae seems to have the potential in last year's daft exit from this cup - to have been more succesful than this year is looking.... Not at all good.
  14. Any business that does not have alternative facilities to ACCEPT money is VERY Micky Mouse... especially if a problem arises and is not immediately addressed...
  15. As I say, diddy league - slightly diddier prices... I'm no that bothered... You've done well.