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  1. Fao div - moderation on here...

    There is no misdirection - and unlike your comments - no abuse from me. I don't really care. You can have the last word for now. I won't be about for a wee while.
  2. Fao div - moderation on here...

    I can see little value to me tinkering with anything I've written when shull has absolutely no desire to be reasonable. He certainly doesn't appear to be the least interested in any attempt I might have made to alleviate his misplaced feelings of anger. There's no sign of him feeling even the least bit repentant about all the nasty things he typed and aspersions he has cast on me (and many others) over the past couple of months. I actually thought that once he realised how raw and hurtful indefensible insults might be, he might think twice about being so nasty. It hurts, so I reacted. The stuff below doesn't ask for healing... So I have reacted, once again.... sigh... I never lose it. That would be silly. You certainly do. That's why I come across as reasonable and you come acrossTrumpish... could say with the emphasis on pish, bit would be sinking to your level YOU have been the proactive one throughout this. I don't need to spend the time on here that makes you seemingly happy. I react to what you type. This post is precisely that - a mere reaction to your shite. I suggested long ago, that abusing me wasn't a good thing for you to do. But you will persist. You have posted worse and show no signs of remorse or ever attempted to make the person you have abused feel at all at ease. You've always thought abuse was a great laugh - until now.
  3. Fao div - moderation on here...

    I can do.... but it would be to deny that he made a series of posts about little girls scweeming and scweeming etc... As your his pal and you flatter me - and he seems SO hurt - I'll see what I can do. If I can find the post, later. .. This is me, mid-cooking,,,,
  4. Trump V shull

    Well, you may have missed this - but I have had him on ignore only to find out from others that he (and skidmark) sneakily slagged me off, more than once. So I'm retaliating in my odd spare moment. Is that wrong?
  5. Trump V shull

    Honestly!! I know you're a pal, but do you genuinely think that shull and fs have NOT been bullying, twisting reality and telling lies? There has been several Buddies agreeing and pointing my same assertions out. They have been harassed on here, by those two.
  6. Fao div - moderation on here...

    I NEVER ever asserted that he is a paedophile - you are believing his twisted understanding of it. He posts so many words to hide and pervert all reality. You will see that before me, HE posted several times about little girls scweeming and scweeming and scweeming which - as my post above attests - I found rather troubling. I merely used HIS " little girl scweeming and scweeming and scweeming" and ran with it. If HE finds it a not nice way to talk, then he should have been careful about using such an image. I didn't like it. My response was limited - using his imagery. eg I didn't run scweeming and scweeming to a Moderator. The sole time/s I have done so is about illegal ageist comments I hope that helps? It should.
  7. Trump V shull

    Sorry, shull. That's just more Trumpish gibberish to which I can make no logical response. But, as I see you can't let sleeping dogs lie... you may have the last word, tonight. Go on, then. I have a life...
  8. Trump V shull

    it's not flounders that I've hooked . This is General Nonsense. If you and your acolytes REALLY MUST, you can do your inane posts for my benefit on here. That would be best for all, I think. Please ignore me on all other threads.
  9. Trump V shull

    Hell isnae likely to freeze over. Or is this more fake news like global warming, Donald, er... sorry shull.
  10. Fao div - moderation on here...

    btw, THIS is exactly what you should have done when I suggested it a fortnight ago. I was there to help.
  11. Trump V shull

    A madman who has a ‘thought’ and immediately sticks it onto social media, bite-size. There’s never a complete, coherent thought rationally presented in one post, but garbled and followed up almost immediately by another bite-size rabid ramble. And then another post/tweet And another post/tweet… In ever-decreasing circles… All suffused with a refusal to recognise the truth combined with a desire to twist the facts into the opposite shape from reality. Presenting himself and his Buddies as the suffering, ill-done by, bullied victims of nasty people. Anyone else who tries to point out that the opposite has been the case is accused of being less than honest. This is the doublethink that George Orwell warned against. Fake News being pushed out by Trump/shull troubles me, bigly. We just need to persist with truth and honesty and hope that, one day, reality will once again stalk the Earth.
  12. Fao div - moderation on here...

    No - my choice to not submit to your bollox could ever be regarded as a wrong choice. (It's boring for everyone else, but, again that's all down to you.) It's you who's out of control and have been for some time. I have right on my side. I gave you the chance to ignore me and not post any more insults, slags, aspersions, character abuse and I would ignore you but you and your wee gang chose to ignore that advice. You thought you were being sleekit and getting away with it. You haven't. I won't keep quiet, let you away with the shit and just vanish. I will and have responded. One post to your dozen, but mine are quality. (btw, I've noticed a whiny, pleading tone sneaking into your posts. Does "Getting dealt with elsewhere" mean you want YOUR Mod pal to do your dirty work and shut me up?)
  13. Fao div - moderation on here...

    What precisely was atrocious about noting your recent obsession of posting about young girls, scweeming and scweeming and scweeming? It certainly wasn't me who introduced the obsession. In truth, I found it more disturbing than your usual abuse. Responsibility for your abusive language all lies in your own clammy hands
  14. 1-0 Black & White Army‏ @bawarmy 15s15 seconds ago Gavin Reilly curls into the top left corner of the net from the edge of the box.
  15. Saints corner headed away by the colts... yawn....