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  1. Better gates for St Mirren is one happy way to look at that result...
  2. Er.... Am I too late? Do you think I'm sexy?
  3. That's exactly what he said, "a good number 2".
  4. Then you should try troilism if that one's unsatisfying.
  5. Phew - that's a relief. For a daft moment I just couldn't see the downside of big transfer fees coming in.
  6. Unbelievable, you say...
  7. Right out of order, poz! RR and its leadership has been the one club to denounce the sevco shenanigans as cheats. celtic haven't done so; Saints haven't... No other club has had the courage and honesty to do so... it's up to the clubs - RR's Turnbull Hutton told the truth.
  8. Stupid Mahrez, eh?
  9. Ah but... ...has C+H ever had a frame like the one I cite, above!? Mind-blowing
  10. How many times.... Sigh... "It's the f**king Sun!".
  11. In a past post, I tried to interest oaky in this cartoon series, thinking he may enjoy the sometimes abstruse mathematical, scientific and computer references as well as the daft and silly ones - including many about "relationships". Just stick figures, but there's a variety of characters you do get to know. Man in hat being the scariest, most unpredictable. I have just stumbled upon perhaps the most amazing single example ever - of pushing cartoon boundaries: After reading/looking at a cartoon, if you drift your cursor over the image - there is (mostly always) a further quip that is an added laugh or is informative. In the example above, there are three simple upper pix. The bigger pic below invites you to click and drag. I was doing so for quite some time. Brilliant and amazing - with a few wee gags chucked in. An ideal cartoon for the Close season, until you stumble across a white (or coconut) dug turd. Enjoy.
  12. Unfortunately known as such, cos it gies ye "The Trots"...
  13. FIFY, paul.
  14. Sunderland has TWO fans?!??!?