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  1. I agree. It's not as if there's no St Mirren fans, there... the noise encourages me to be AT more games.
  2. And also stewards have stopped periscope....
  3. Free Kick in the box from a passback..... goal.
  5. I made up that post knowing you would jump in with both hooves. You flatter yourself. You're a sevco apologist - you've never been a Buddie.
  6. I appreciate YOUR tolerance. I'm trying to train him to be human - and it seems to be working. See above . He's (almost) managed a post that's on topic AND not pointlessly slagging a Buddie.
  7. f**kin brilliant, TT!
  8. Is he from Paislie?
  9. Dear oh dear... A lack of mental strength and/or literacy skills, so... Still coming out with the meltdown pish! I DO have you on ignore. Just every so often I enjoy chugging your chain. your thickness is my delight... btw you do realise your post above is also not about tv? enjoy your trip to Dundee... Or are you saving yourself for your big one tomorrow? Your big team against Celtic? that might be on tv, too. but I wouldn't waste the electrickery on it..
  10. What kind of beer festival would it be with T?
  11. I felt I just had to point out yet another cretinous post by Skidmark. Despite St Lucifer starting his post with "I like...",... the the cretin's post (which, in terms of adding to the telly scintillation levels is even more impoverished) Skidmark claims St Lucifer doesn't like anything. what a plonker! So many posts simply attacking other posters. Which reminds me... ...I may actually watch tv after noon today. Scottish Cup semi, with the potential for real drama. BBC. think I may feel more supportive of the McGinn/McGregor team for no good reason...