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  1. Today's current championship scores are what are REALLY NEEDED, to justify the billing of The Great Escape, in due course... ETA: See?! As I typed this post, things were already rolling... The post above. Morton only now need a couple of goals to start Saints Great Escape...
  3. The official attendance at Fir Park has been announced as 10,089.
  4. Well.... The Buddies fans are not as knackered as the team seems to be. Singing away.... give them a goal! FFS!
  5. Another good run and pass from Irvine goes begging after a series of good passing from the Buddies - who've been too quiet for too long
  6. The forwards/midfield are winning NONE of the goalie's kick-outs. Ground passing and running at them is where Saints have more talent...
  7. free kick on edge of box. Malan territory. eta: Nothing happened. If I'd spelled his name right he might have been more accurate.
  8. great run by Irvine laying it on for Loy.
  9. Eh? the cartoons are of science, pure maths, computer coding, obscure ephemera.... I've never noticed a single poem... Or a story... i guess you're as good at 'finding' things as you are at using Google. no wonder you think the BBC doesn't do Science at all seriously. You've not looked. Eta. here's a random example. Not a made up story or poem, just a comment on the science behind things.... Sigh.... there's a glorious hoard of such things.
  10. That'll be the orange teat that you're always sucking on.
  11. Well, as you never come to Paisley or attend Saints matches, it would be unlikely that I would meet you. And NEVER scared. Why should I be? Was that a threat? It's a bit silly to threaten people online, even in an unmoderated forum such as this. I suppose you could summon up the courage to challenge a pensioner... from a safe distance. I've offered to race you, go up a hill, any sporting contest you fancy and you would lose. To a pensioner. What was it TT called you? Coward and blowhard. Paisley 10k in August?
  12. Yup. I did. But it was brought to my attention that Skidmark was following me and trolling with the safety net of me not opposing his pish, cause I hadn't seen it... so instead of getting peace I got slightly peaced off. I had noticed the pish when people quoted his guff, so eventually realised that if I ignored Skidmark his cowardly (Tedious Tom nailed it with that observation of the person! ) pish was not going to diminish. ) He always surfaces to support sevco. This time to suggest that everyone else but his real team/club/clumpany are bigots. So I offer my apologies to forum users but there will be even more irrelevant pish than usual in threads he pollutes. When I can be arsed, I'll be answering back pish with pish. Shame.
  13. His eyesight's no that good. He's actually chewing PK - a penny a packet!