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  1. Lord Tennyson's take

    There were no trains back from Aberdeen today and I had two hours on a connecting bus to Dundee with no wifi to fill......sorry!
  2. Chant Lyrics. Tune of sugar sugar

    Don't forget to repeat 500 times.........
  3. Lord Tennyson's take

    Just a guess but how about "Stop the Cavalry" and "two little boys" "Feck here come the Rolf Harris jokes and this thread will go to the dogs"
  4. Lord Tennyson's take

    To be fair the song you refer to is not actually new. I first learned the words at QOS last season when we were feck knows how many points adrift at the bottom of the league. I found it amusing to be signing about the Premier League and to be fair at that point no one knew or cared how it would happen but we had just won a game and we could only dream. Looks like the dream might just come true.
  5. Lord Tennyson's take

    All this talk and praise heaped on the 600 St Mirren fans, who distinguished themselves at Aberdeen in the face of an absolute massacre, got me wondering. The last person to get so excited about praising the 600 after a doing was back in 1854 when old Alfred gave his take on the battle of Balaclava and the charge of the light Brigade. If Tennyson had still been around he might have said something similar about the Battle of Pittodrie and the chant of the North Bank. Championship, Premier league Saints moving onward Into the valley of Dons Sang the six hundred They notched things up a decibel Immortalised their hero’s in a Candy girl yell All the way through Pittodrie hell Sang the six hundred Onward the North Bank Saints’ defence were really rank They couldn’t keep the score line blank But 1-2-3-4 Sang the six hundred Sheep Shaggers to the right of them “Reilly” Sheep Shaggers to the left of them “Cammy, Cammy” Sheep Shaggers in front of them “We've got Ryan Flynn” Sang the six hundred They had captain Steve McGinn Still 1-2-3-4 goals went in But on and on Sang the six hundred. They’re hearts never sank They are the North Bank Jack Ross was quite frank In his praise of the six hundred. Championship, Premier league Saints moving onward “We're on our way” Still sing the six hundred.
  6. On a bus somewhere North of Dundee reading the forum. Feck you folks are hard to please. Ok it wasn't the best performance against a team no one outside our fan base expected us to win but we can't win them all. We might not have a premier ready team but trust in Jack. We do however have a premier ready support. Not sure what you heard on TV but the atmosphere was great and the north bank had a great time. Non stop singing and fecking sore arms for Josh the drummer I think. I hear the Guinness book of records have just confirmed the longest rendition of the Cammy Cammy song. Cheer up folks. We're on our way Well done the 600 1234..........[emoji445] .....see you all Friday night
  7. Mind it's a half hour walk to the ground
  8. Was at table 30. Now in The Saultoun Arms near the ground
  9. Weather fine in Aberdeen. Had a very enjoyable night in the Granite city. No sign of anti - St Mirren/west coast. Nutters. Everyone very hospitable. Now in spoons Union St enjoying eggs Benedict and coffee. Can't wait. COYS
  10. The sun is shining. No rain, no snow. We're on our way [emoji591]
  11. Further north beyond Dundee. Nae snow but the bus windaes need a clean
  12. Heading through Fife. Everything is white. Snow everywhere.
  13. Hope the snacks are healthy. Obesity is the enemy. Remember beer has natural nutrients and vitamins. It's better for you than modern snacks.
  14. Our journey started too. On train to Edinburgh to get bus to Aberdeen. We're on our way......[emoji445] [emoji448] [emoji449]
  15. Pub talk and Joma Tops

    Meant to update this . Got top back with badge repaired. staff at shop A1. Problem solved. After sales service very good. Thanks!