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  1. Anyone who hasn't seen the goal can check it out on periscope https://www.pscp.tv/w/1vOGwvbzyVWKB The ref was behind the incident and possibly un-sighted. McKenzie may have impaired the linesman's view but thats still a pretty poor exuse for the officials. It happens about 10:50 mins into the broadcast.
  2. Cheers TC Four more games and no doubt two on wednesday nights over a very short time scale. Going to Brechin, Alloa or East Fife on a Wednesday Night won't be much fun for those who prefer not to take the car. Hampden and Airdrie aren't much better come to think of it. Feck the playoffs are worse than I thought. Saturday games should attract big crowds though.
  3. This might be a stupid question I just assumed the Relegation playoffs took the same format as the promotion ones. Do the league 1 teams fight it out to see who plays 9th in our league or is it a semi for everyone and a final for the winners.
  4. Just watched the goal on Div's periscope link. You can't really see the tackle on Baird and its not apparent he's injured until during the celebrations when he trots off to be treated. He returns with a bandaged head and the blood from the wound was visible on the bandage. The Tackle on McKenzie looks even worse than I thought. In real time I thought he had been elbowed but he gets fecking Mikkelsons studs in his chest. Absolutely outrageous. What the feck was Craig Charleston all about It looks like he runs into the corner to celebrate with the Dundee Utd players. Outrageous refereeing.
  5. Ha! Ha! Stopped for a coffee in Perth. Ditched the car and went for a pint In NB. Walked back from the pub. Does that count?
  6. Just back from the Utd game which unusually I took in completely sober. A few people have already posted the Steve McCroskey from Airplane! “I picked the wrong week to quit drinking” videos and that’s exactly how I feel. Anyway first comment on the crowd. Superb. Many of the recognised singing section ended up right down at the front behind the Goals and young Josh made excellent use of the Bill boards to replace his drum. The atmosphere was electric and his fist rendition of The introduction to DO ROO, DO ROO………..St MIRREN brought a big smile to my face as he battered his palms off the bill Boards and almost sounded as loud as he usually did. They took The Drum of the Boy but they couldn’t take the boy out of the Drum. I thought we played well in the first half and apart from their goal which was bizarre they didn’t have that many chances. The goal was played out right in front of me. The tackle on Baird was an undisputed foul. I think a few of the St Mirren Players including McKenzie and O’Brien were waiting on the whistle which maybe contributed to McKenzie getting Pole Axed before Mikkelson unleashed his wonder shot which soared into the top corner. It was a well taken Goal but he should never have been allowed to take the shot. The ref had a nightmare and at various points both sets of fans were singing “You don’t know what you’re doing” There were a few hard-fought battles and cynical tackles and Mikkelson was putting himself about. Just about every time he went into a tackle the result was bodies lying about the park. Mikkelson eventually had to go off to get stitched up. Yellow cards were flying I think about 4 of them got booked and at one point I thought Gary McKenzie would get sent off because of the abuse he continued to give the Ref after he was pole axed. Thankfully he didn’t and he bulleted in the header from Mallan’s Free Kick. Dundee Utd were certainly the more Streetwise team in the second half. Cynical fouls from both teams but they were more effective. I thought Baird had a good game and despite having been bandaged up with blood seeping through the dressing he wasn’t shy about heading the ball away. Dundee Utd came close a couple of times and hit the bar before Billy made his dreadful mistake. I don’t know what he was thinking and I don’t think he was under pressure and it was a long pass back but he picked it up. I couldn’t believe it and Andreu couldn’t miss from that short distance. What a fecking disaster of a goal that was. Heads were down and to be honest I wasn’t inspired by Todd coming on but I was happy to see Loy going off. Nothing was going for him and he always seemed out of position at the crucial time but Todd’s goal was immense. It seemed like the chance had passed when the ball broke out to the side of the goal and he turned and whipped it into the net. Feck we were back in it and it was a goal worthy of a point and the perfect conciliation for Billy’s f**k up but the joy didn’t last long before Shittal scored. To be fair it was a well taken shot but feck it losing a last-minute goal was cruel. The first two were bad but the third was a sore one. The team played well, the ref had a shocker and we had a couple of mad moments that lost us the game. It’s not easy being a Saints Fan.
  7. You got a like because I did giggle at your preposterous prediction. Hope we score at least 10.
  8. Looks Like Corbyn is modelling himself on Donald Trump. Could he turn Teresa into a Hilary? General election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn vows to 'overturn the rigged system' The Labour leader looks set to run an anti-establishment campaign, presenting himself as a champion of the powerless against political and business elites. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-39649119
  9. More about Bristol City being interested http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/bristol-city-face-competition-barnsleys-26608 I take it Tony still has connections at Bristol
  10. St Mirren handed relegation survival boost as Lewis Morgan says he will play through the pain barrier http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/spfl/15231433.St_Mirren_handed_relegation_survival_boost_as_Lewis_Morgan_says_he_will_play_through_the_pain_barrier/ Looks like Lewis is prepared to do his bit on Saturday. I take it Stelios will be fit too
  11. Seems like Dundee Utd also realise how being a St Mirren Supporter can do your head in http://dufc.co/news/mental-health-awareness-at-tannadice/ MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS AT TANNADICE April 19, 2017 Dundee United are proud to support the Dundee Mental Health Awareness Week Heart-Tay-Heart from 21 – 28 April by warming up in designated T shirts this Saturday and are pleased that St Mirren are joining in.
  12. Dundee Courier playing up the importance of 3 points for United on Saturday They’ve still got a strong chance of taking the short route, rather than the long one, to the Premiership by finishing second. And, whatever position they end up in, Spittal believes the Tangerines need to “build the foundations” in their last three Championship fixtures – starting with St Mirren at Tannadice on Saturday. He said: “For the play-offs, we’ve got to build the foundations now away from home, where we’re solid and can dig out results. “A point at Ayr is better than no points. “The boys at the back have dug us out of a hole and we need to go from there. “St Mirren are a bit of a form team in the league. They’ve gone on a good run under their new manager. “However, we know that at Tannadice we’re a good side. We’ve only been beaten there once all season so we’ve got to take that positivity and confidence into the game.” Spittal added: “We’ve got to try and get consistency into our game. A couple of wins on the bounce would be nice, especially going into the play-offs, where confidence is key. “We’ve got three more difficult games. They’re not going to be easy but we’ve got to try and get three points in each of them." The Boys will need to be on top Form on Saturday.
  13. Reminds me of an old eskimo joke "Smells like a Bear shite, feels like a bear shite, tastes like a bear shite....... Good job we didn't step in it" Many of the voters who put them there didn't want independence but if they win this one convincingly I'll accept they have a mandate. Anyway enough of this Pish. It's just been confirmed I've got cover for work on Saturday and I can go to the game. I'm off to the matchday, Dundee Utd thread instead of this one. Need to check train times etc. Bye.
  14. Not the best way to start by giving the impression they are running scared. This is their big chance to get an indisputable mandate and they abstain. Don't get it. Should they not have started on the front foot making a claim for every Scottish seat claiming it's in Scotland's best interest to get the Tories out?
  15. I see the SNP abstained in the GE vote. What was the thinking behind that? The SNP had said it supports fixed-term parliaments, but would not stand in the way of an early election. Someone who doesn't sit on the fence and calls it how he sees it. I respect that but I think the political landscape has changed to the extent the cost of divorce from the UK would be prohibitive and the proceedings would be so messy that the short term costs and acrimony would be so painful that any long term benefits we may have obtained will be hard to attain. I get your point on the Xenophobic, anti European English and Brexit will no doubt prove to be an expensive folly. Independence is also a massive risk. Also can we trust wee NIcky to see it through. All the Brexit twats like Boris Johnstone, Nigel Farage, and Michael Gove all fecked off when they achieved their goal leaving others to clear up the mess. Lots of uncertainty. No answers EFTA is a mini European Union that allows Free Movement of all EU and EFTA members. Some say we could join that. It might be plausible. Policing of the English Border would have to change to comply with EU law. Brexit has definitely thrown a spanner in the works and if we get independence too I'm not exactly sure how we can pay for it all or what the new world would look like. This GE vote will need some careful thought and its good to get all the different viewpoints because I don't have a clue