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  1. On way back. Not so good now. On route to Edinburgh. Feeling the affects of non temperance.
  2. On Edinburgh train. Black coffee and bottled water shull. We're on our way.
  3. Master Oaky, head teacher and big brain of the forum. I was preparing my Cup final garb. When I suddenly thought of Stephen Hawking who theorised about many things and his thoughts on whether or not there had been a big bang singularity led him to state That "Black holes ain't so Black". (A brief History of time (1988) Bantam press) Do you think this was a truly outstanding scientific thought or do you think he was just being politically correct? If black holes ain't just black They must be Black and White (army) COYS
  4. Some say Guff is a pseudo Science. with no value in it's appliance. But when Life gets Dull Like Oaksoft and Shull I just Guff away in Defiance. I fought the law
  5. Post Number That must be worth a laugh
  6. To be fair. I'm not really sure he was a real scientist. I suspect he may have been a Red Wine Salesman. Lies, damn Lies and statistics.
  7. Guy goes to the doctors with a steering wheel stuck on his manhood.Doctor says ''is that painful'' ?Guys says ...''aye, it's driving me nuts''
  8. How about Gus MacPherson as the next Scotland Manager? I would have thought TC might have started that thread by now. Oh Flower of Scotland
  9. Shull will; be on his soap box any minute. I want a ticket
  10. Fergie and Rudolph the red nose Reindeer
  11. I think he's saying he was an evil basket who was hard as nails and who was up for and well able to persuade those who were reluctant to go down the peace path to follow his lead.
  12. Dot

    I see you went for a slash, Twice, when typing this. You must have been desperate.
  13. If he worked for the cooncil the answer would be the broom cupboard but over worked and cooncil don't really compute. Nah Canne think where, so Stick yir question where the sun don't shine. Council Shop Steward.
  14. It's got two now is he a moron
  15. As you rightly say "Science cannot "prove" statements" So I'll skip Google scholar. I heard today from a scientist that drinking a glass of red wine every night before bed prevents heart disease. Now there's an experiment worth participating in. Get a big Glass Drink Red Wine ignore the headache.