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  1. I won't be coming through for this one. No point in missing a shift when the team hasn't bothered making it worthwhile will wait for the Falkirk game. I'll use the old diddy cup routine to ease my conscience
  2. On way back to NB. Not a good day on the park but a decent day out. Have been drinking with Thistle, Rangers and even Morton fans who all took great delight in our defeat. In JR I still trust but ffs that was shite today. Come on Jack get that team sorted for the Falkirk game. Midfield was pish. Forwards too wee and maybe I'm too drunk but ffs 5-0 not good
  3. As ever my vision may be a little blurred and my whistle wetted but my behaviour will be impeccable by Paisley standards
  4. Well that's the season officially started for me. On NB to Edinburgh train on route to Firhill. COYS
  5. Scarf and top getting dusted down after the summer hols and heading to Partick for a few beers and a pleasant day at the football. Any exciting new chants to learn for the new players. Do we have two Ross Stewart chants? What rhymes with Buchanan and what's the Gavin Reilly song. After lubricating the larynx with a few lagers a wee sing song will be just the ticket.
  6. At the moment the reality is We have one of the best teams in the championship and a management team we all believe in and trust to take us forward. The reality is we all have hope for next season. The reality is WE'RE ON OUR WAY HOW WE'LL GET THERE I DON'T KNOW/CARE Just trust in Jack
  7. Sunshine on Leith Only just recovered from yesterday. What a day. Started off with a tourist pint in Malones. Someone said in an earlier post he couldn’t understand why so many Buds were milling about Waverly station when there were pubs close by. Good Point. The Cask and Barrel was the second port of Call our Band of Buds joined the rest of the B+W army who had congregated at the HIBS end of the bar. Any Hibs fans had to sit in the Hearts section. Possibly too many cask ales here. No singing allowed or even aloud though. We got a row but more than a few singing Buds left for ER in good spirits. First half was OK. Didn’t think anything too scary happened around our goal. Our support was immense and our singing voices were better co-ordinated than our more numerous hosts. I think all that practise we’ve had at all our must win games must have paid off. Few horrible minutes of worry in the second half. Hibs must have made some Zillion passes to set Holt up for their goal but thankfully we had the Power and the Rory to lead us from relegation and the Saints came well and Truly marching in. The After-match celebrations were Brill but the Hibees couldn’t co-ordinate their singing and I wasn’t that impressed with Sunshine on Leith. Middleton’s pub was heaving after the match. It was like drinking in Paisley town centre. Buds packed in and in very good singing voice. Victory/survival/start of a new Era or just pure relief the Buds were bawling out the full Saints repertoire. We tried to get a Decent sunshine on Leith Going but the handful of Hibees in the bar didn’t know the words. Disappointing. So out we went into Edinburgh. Quite literally Sunshine on Leith was shining everywhere and the amount of Buds we found at Street tables enjoying a beer was quite overwhelming. I reacquainted myself with Buds I’d met at various locations across the country at, on route to or returning from away games. These likeminded buds who like me, scoot about the country in trains enjoying the odd beer with fellow football fans were all in good voice. A true band of Buddies united by black and white apparel were having a night to remember in the capital. Over the course of the evening we got talking to a few hibees who invited us to a wee restaurant on Leith Walk for a curry. It was a pokey wee place where you took your own drink but armed with suitable supplies we rocked the place. The food was Brill and after a serious conversation with two swedes about whether Larson or Ibrahimović was the greatest ever Swedish player we all got down to a serious rendition of Sunshine on Leith. Even the swedes joined in. “OH when the Saints” was the follow up and all too soon we said good bye to our new found Hibee and Swedish friends. Not sure if the restaurant is normally as noisy but no problems with singing in there. I left my Buds who were travelling back to Paisley and went in search of the North Berwick train. Whilst I was standing looking at the departures board two guys who were a bit unsteady on their feet bumped into me. I turned to find Black and white staggering figures who were holding each other up and noting my similar dress sense Shouted “Hey mate you’re a Bud.” The black and White army bond is truly a magnificent thing and Saturday was one of the reasons I love being a Football Fan. Being a Bud is special and I’m proud to be a Buddy. This love will last for ever. Come on ye saints.
  8. 1800 St Mirren fans have chosen Leith as the location for their VPN Viewing Personally Noisily Throw in a few Hibs fans selecting Leith for their VPN and the Leith option will at capacity. 20,421 on the Leith VPN this Saturday. It Going to be a noisy afternoon. Can't Wait
  9. The atmosphere at the away games with the Drum and the day out aspect of it coupled with the added publicity on periscope obviously boosts the numbers. You should charge the Home Clubs for all the advertising you provide with the Buddies on Tour productions that obviously boost their crowds.
  10. Middletons on the corner of Easter Road and Edina Street is the closest to the away end. Usually end up in there along with other saints fans with colours and never any problem. It's an old mans pub with football on TV and usual beers Tennents, Belhaven etc. It is probably what you would say is the closest thing to being the away end pub but it also has its fair share of Hibs fans because the prices are reasonable. I imagine like all the pubs around Leith on Saturday it will be mobbed. The bars further out might be a better shout for getting served but I usually always try and get a last pint in Middletons before the kickoff. Not sure how much room there will be this week.
  11. Cask and Barrel looks like not a bad Shout. Not one I'd normally pass on my way to ER. Meeting a Band of Buds at Waverley around midday.Cafe Royal and Guildford Normally first port of call. Hostelries closer to the ground will no doubt be busy. Should be a great day out. Wallet usually takes a hammering at Hibs games even though my travelling expenses are considerably less. Can't think why. COYS 3-0 Mallan, Mckenzie, Stelios. O'Brian Saves a penalty. Ayr win 6-0, Dumbarton Lose and Shull gets a hire to the game. I get bragging rights over ma Hibbie neighbours. Perfect day out (Skip Shull's hire if I'm asking too much)
  12. This one is almost like a home game for me. Normally end up in Middleton's on Easter Road for a couple of pints before the game. It's a Hib's pub on Easter Road with reasonably priced beers and close to the away end but it will no doubt be mobbed this saturday. What watering holes will thirsty Saints fans be frequenting?
  13. Should have had faith in my heart and stuck a tenner on the 5-0 too. Right heart says 3-1 saints. where's ma tenner
  14. What a nail biting end to the season. If we beat Raith then we retake the initiative. If we lose everything including relegation may be out our hands if we draw the playoffs are almost a certainty and relegation is still possible. Both teams go into this one after 3-2 defeats away to top clubs who snatched victory in the final minutes. A severe kick in the nuts to both teams who will feel aggrieved at coming away with nothing after a hard-fought performance. The 2021 is not exactly a great place for us with only 4 wins all season but Raith have only won two away games. With 11 draws between us at respective home/away fixtures a draw is probably going to be the bookies favourite. This will be a big test for both sets of players. Our defence and our keeper need to be up for it and we need to be much more streetwise than we have recently. Raith players will be putting themselves about and Ryan Hardie will be out to prove himself again. Rumour has it Yogi Hughes knocked us back for our manager’s job and Jack Ross might have been secondish choice. It will be personal between them too. This game is massive for both teams, Yogi proved himself smarter than the average bear in our last encounter. Whilst my heart says “Super Saints, get into them 5-0” That is just bravado. My head says this is going to be a tight, hard fought game with no guaranteed outcome. It’s time for Jack Ross and the boys to show their mettle, dig in and fight for absolutely everything because the Hibs game is going to be a bastard too. The boys better be up for it because I’m shitting myself.
  15. Oops Posted wrong thread If your really interested its in the Raith Rovers thread sorry