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  1. Is glengarnock, where ever the feck that is, the kind of place you don't want to go back to because a return is only £21.70.
  2. Here we go again after the international break. Early kick off. New ground and it's the cup. Bring it on. Edinburgh train is mobbed. Xmas shopping must have started. The city is looking very festive with the Market and all that. Let's hope santa ain't playing for them. Confident of a saints win. Anything else is unthinkable. Imagine Shull going on for all eternity about hutchy vale, Raith rovers and wanting JR replaced by Danny Lennon the ghost of Xmas past. Fecking bah Humbug. COYS. Give us some yuletide cheer. PS Santa. Give Shull a JR cardigan he really wants one.
  3. Inter-City InFirm heading to Saughton

    Congrats on making 60. considering A report by the Office for National Statistics puts life expectancy rates in Renfrewshire as some of the lowest in the UK. Nearest pub is Luckies on Gorgie Road. The walk will improve your health and if the office for National Statistics is anything to go by we all better get as many drinks in as we can because we're all doomed.
  4. Ha! Ha! Being self employed is not the piece of pish everyone non-self employed person thinks it us and don't forget after your hard days graft to keep the accounts up to date. The paperwork should keep you up all night too!!! it's 24/7 pal. enjoy. Looking forward to the match. we are playing a team who are undefeated this season and are used to winning, I hope it's a straight forward win. I think we will need a strong physical presence (Could be an ideal Sutton start) coupled with some speed to ensure we cuff this mob who will be right up for it and in our faces. They will no doubt put in a good few strong tackles and harry us none stop. It might not be pretty. Watched their video of their Southern league cup win over East Kilbride whom they easily dispatched 3-1 at EK. I Think we struggled with that mob in the league cup but they played some good football and played like a buch of self employed cafe owners putting in some real hard graft. The boys Victoria and woods play well up front together and look dangerous. Hopefully JR will have his paperwork and preparation done and our boys will have a serious 24/7 type attitude and all turn up on the day to make sure we are not a cup upset.
  5. Currently doing some research on behalf of the thousands of buds who will be flooding through Waverley on Saturday. Mmm hundreds then. Well the trickle. In tiles bistro which is the nearest pub to the Waverly tram stop. £4 for a pint of tenants but it's the city centre. It's football and rugby friendly. I'll just try the Merlin's ale. Not bad.......Shull calm down I'm researching.
  6. I liked your post but feck I don't like the prospect of going to Inverness as a tourist. That's a disaster scenario. I'll be mad on Saturday if we get beat but I'll be fecking hysterical if we draw. What a stupid rule. Imo
  7. You guys having a laugh. We have a league game in the far flung regions of the country on the 25th and all my travel and accommodation have been booked. I'll get awful lonely in Inverness if all you lot dump me for cup game in Paisley [emoji43]
  8. TRAM SCAM A Saturday without football or work. Feck doing that again. Wife had me doing DIY, cooking, shopping, housework and all that other shit you spend your life trying to avoid. This weekend I don’t even have to travel far to see the game. Match ticket sorted, train ticket booked and just a matter of picking up a tram ticket in Edinburgh. If anyone is planning on using the tram, remember to get your ticket at one of the machines before you board. It’s only £3.20 return from Waverley (St Andrews Square) to Ballgreen (0.7 miles from ground) or Saughton (0.8 mile from ground) but if you board without a ticket it’s £10 each way. Fecking Scam the ticket collector can give you a £10 single but can’t give you a £3.20 return. The nearest pub to the ground is probably Luckie’s in Gorgie Road which is a hike from the tram stop but there might be a shortcut from the pub via the park to the ground. Probably best to do any drinking in town. The city should be heaving with the Rugby being on. Meeting my BUDS at a pub near Waverly at 11am and then it’s COYS. Thank feck it’s a proper Saturday this week and don’t fall foul of the TRAM SCAM. Fecking £10 if you board without a ticket. Outrageous!!!!!
  9. The Jack Ross and James Fowler Appreciation Thread

    Not paying attention. Thought you were a Paisley Cabbie. Has Glasgow got it's purple flag then? Well who really cares. Keep waving your flags and trust in JR. Not everyone can be right all the time apart from you. ([emoji310] [emoji818] ) aye right!!!!
  10. The Jack Ross and James Fowler Appreciation Thread

    Instead of posting pish on the website you should be out there moving us all about so Paisley can keep its purple flag. Get off your arse and get back to work. Paisley needs you. McGinn may rest but you can't. Maybe he drives taxis on his days off because you're too busy posting pish to do your bit for the purple flag. Come on Shull keep that flag flying high.
  11. New subscription service

    To be fair E.A.B. does have a point and so does Shull. Does that mean we now have to pay to see highlights and JR interviews or will they still appear on YouTube. I will admit that only a fraction of what I spend on a Saturday goes to St Mirren. I.e the ticket but i also buy tops, merchandise and support the 1877 club as well as feck knows how many licensed premises across Scotland not to mention a fecking fortune in Scot rail tickets. Paying to see the you tube videos is a bit much or will they still be available to everyone whilst the subscribers can get super excited about inside info like Lewis Morgan's favourite TV program and training ground stuff that doesn't normally appear on the St Mirren you tube channel. I might have to agree with shull. If we lose access to what we already have it punishes the supporter who actually supports the club by going to games which is quite amusing because shull says every supporter is equal whether they go to games or not but even he is pissed at this. Go for it Shull. I support you're cause.
  12. Three " D "s

    It's not your friend that buys you drink but if drink has become the most important thing in your life then get me one whilst you up there
  13. The Jack Ross and James Fowler Appreciation Thread

    Hi Shull how's the purple flag bid going. You know the problem Paisley councillors have to address because the Paisley public can't get taxis when they want them. Did Uber get their 500 licences and are you going to apologise and offer compensation to every bud who couldn't get a taxi when you guys couldn't cope because you weren't all out on the road at once. If Steven McGinn can't rest on a Saturday. Neither should you. Just a thought.
  14. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Didn't think we were that bad but the first goal was not well defended. Didn't think McCart had a good game and despite a slight improvement after Sutton came on, the second looked like it was always coming. Don't think Lewis had a good game but maybe some of my observations should have been kept to myself. Fecking after expressing an opinion or two I discovered I was sitting next to his mum and dad. Oops sorry Mr & Mrs Morgan. I do think your son is awesome but....well they were doubling up on him in my defense. Next week I imagine we will be knocked of the top when we ain't playing and then it's the cup. Inverness away will be a tough one but we're due a win and my hotel is booked so come on Lewis and COYS.
  15. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Right. We're on our way. On train to Dundee. Is Buchanan suspended today? What's the word on our central defence? It's a cracking day to do this mob. Please excuse my rally cry but ffs COYS. Get intae them.