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  1. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    That all
  2. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Waited long enough, just stuck the champagne in the ice bucket the title is ours by a country mile
  3. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Check the stats at bet365 Dundee united game faraway
  4. Capacity of Love Street

    I certainly have
  5. Capacity of Love Street

    PS what ever the crowd was in 1968 it was 10,000 to many
  6. Capacity of Love Street

    Was at the all three games you mention, and the 1968 game (which was pay at the gate) 77 Clydebank/Rangers games I would say attendances were bang on, The cup game against Dundee United the queues at the turnstiles were massive, the old ground was in disrepair, about 10 of us that left from the old pub The Dusty Millers all jumped a fence in Albion St to get in, and we were not alone, there were at least 20k in the ground that day, am pretty sure in 1968 plenty of the Rangers hoards must have skipped in too, The ground that day was a disaster waiting to happen, fans crammed like sardines, frightening stuff, Rangers fans left in there droves before full time, and had to leave by the running track spitting and cursing at the saints fans in the stand and enclosure as they left,
  7. Putin

    Aye you would say that Vladimir
  8. Putin

    Were talking MI6 here, The general public are never likely to hear all the evidence they have, wise up man, would probably put other people at risk if they did splash it all over the media, The Yanks, French, and Germans have saw the evidence and they backing the UK Government
  9. Putin

    Maybe you should spend more of your time reading some history books, and less time posting on here everyday,
  10. Putin

    Loads of reasons, Putin has made it very clear one thing he wont forgive or forget is betrayal to the motherland, high treason in Skripals case.
  11. Putin

    Yes there is.... They have already said " IT WISNA US " That's all the proof you need, they never admit anything
  12. Latest Scores

    Now 3
  13. Latest Scores

    Oops better phone specsavers
  14. Latest Scores

    Good to see Celtic were taking this game serious,, Martin Compston at right back
  15. Vote Now For Street Names

    Could maybe wait till we colonize the Moon or Mars then everyone can get there name on the list Nah forget that we will just leave it as it is, let the powers that be name any new developments after people that deserve it, like they did in 2008 for1959 cup winning captain DAVY LAPSLEY, And my 8yr old grandchild was asking { dap hand on the internet by the way} how come Lewis Morgan and Myles Hippolyte are not on the list.