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  1. Had a bad feeling this might happen, a combination of a few things actually including virtually the same team playing 5 big games in 18days, the hype over Brendans statement, a big anticipated game at Parkhead, can picture John Hughes geeing Raith up all week, was massive for them too, problem we have now is Dunfermline are playing really well too and they are up next, the games are coming thick and fast, am thinking now in hindsight !!! maybe we should have played the u20s against Celtic, a game we were never really gonna win, Jacks job just got a very lot harder
  2. 810 mw
  3. The reason at the time if my memory is right was Coventry couldn't find a suitable date for the return match (they couldn't be arsed) so they forfeited the tie and the trophy, shitebags
  4. Lets just make that 6pts now am greedy
  5. Probably not the best result for us, Raith no keeper you couldn't make it up what else can go wrong. it seems nothing is going our way this season, but one thing that has changed is, we now have a team at last, confidence is growing and now its more about what we can do, and that's the way it should be, its in our hands. We are better than Ayr and they know it too, 4pts in the next 2 games will be massive for us, and would bring Raith into this mix too, ! BELIEVE !
  6. Hope they get the venue sorted today (fir park or east end park) We need to stick this final on the back burner, was a great 2nd half performance, but I thought TNS were a very poor team who scored a great goal, can barely remember them getting in our box once I think in 90mins, This Saturday our new look defence will tested a lot more (hopefully am wrong) confidence has improved no doubt about that, winning this game will be massive, and could save our season and Ayr will know that too, and they will fancy their chances, This game is much bigger than the cup final, so get that big flag ready for this game
  7. Virus barbers
  8. Agree totally,,, Thought Toms sinners messages were a cert for original thread Oscar, and the best poster in a supporting role for yourself Faraway,, really loved those posts like,,,,, here`s one for you pishy pants GIRUY
  9. Must be tough watching your kid play for us just now nothing we do seems to be working, actually its been the young players that have been carrying the team all season, its the seasoned pro`s that letting the team down, I don't know you Stevie, but ive spoke to a few guys that do and played with you, they say your the kinda player we could be doing with right now, YOU STILL GOT YER BOOTS
  10. Not a good performance in poor conditions and on a poor pitch, but better teams than us have took nothing there this season, Dundee United twice, and Falkirk, so a draw it is, we take it and move on, we have a few weeks now to gel before our biggest game in years against Ayr, our priority now, SURELY must be to find our best defensive formation and players and to stick with it for the rest of the season, weve been chopping and changing the defence week in week out all season, no wonder were leaking goals every game, a good defensive team play the same players every week in the same positions, so did moving Irvine to right back improve his performance not for me it didn't, the 2nd goal he should have won the ball [a defenders ball all day long] headed it clear, but he didn't he then fell on his arse played the lad onside, then defended like a big lassie, that's not good enough, he just disna do it for me am afraid, but your in charge Jack its your call, so find your best defence and leave them to it, or were kissing this league bye bye
  11. Team looks solid, here`s hoping for our first clean sheet and 3pts
  12. Yes we can Sandy,,,, win today and then against Ayr and the miracle can happen, we can bring other teams into this, We hopefully have strengthened all parts of the team, goalkeeper, defence, midfield, strikers, IT CAN BE DONE, remember Hibs the year they were relegated they were vying for a top 6 place, then the wheels fell off the wagon, no one saw that coming, win today and our rivals WILL see us coming, our first target is AYR,
  13. Bring it on lets go to war
  14. I really don't care how many new players the manager has brought in, Whoever pulls on that shirt today, new signing or not nothing less than a win is good enough, but you think otherwise, I just hope your not our sports psychologist in charge of attitude, do I believe we can win today ? we are St Mirren playing Dumbarton should I believe anything else,, 3-1 saints. do our players believe, new or not, and do they have the guts for the battles that lie ahead, we will all know very soon, 2 wins in 22 games maybe acceptable to you my friend but its not for me, BRING HOME THE 3 PTS
  15. MESSAGE TO THE PLAYERS, Its now time for 11 hero`s not one, so don`t be looking for your teammate to get the job done, its time for you to stand up and be counted, if you don't have the stomach for the fight just do everyone a favour and stay in the dressing room, new players new team or not, defeat is not a option in this game or next week either for that matter, its time to kick this shit into the history books, IT STOPS NOW, don't be leaving anything out there on the park, the manager and club have stood by you`s and my god SO HAVE THE FANS , its now payback time, SO GET YOUR ARSE`S OUT THERE and bring those 3pts back to paisley, anything less is unacceptable