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  1. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Its not based on tonight faraway, its over the last 2 campaigns, the results and performances overall have been poor, we have the players to do much better, he`s playing players that haven`t played for there clubs this season, and leaving players like McGinn and McGregor warming the bench, he`s a stubborn wee man and would never have been my choice in the first place, now he`s blaming it on genetics,
  2. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    loads of managers out there, can the SFA get the right one in ? ? 6yr ago we had 7 scots managing in the English top league, how about Tommy Wright from St Johnstone Davy Moyes, Alex Neil, Paul Lambert, we were awful tonight its time for a change
  3. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Am totally gobsmacked that Phillips stayed on the park for 90mins is there something am missing here, the strange thing is.. he was even worse against Slovakia, Gordon get yer coat wee man
  4. That Goalkeeping blunder just cost him my MOM vote
  5. Speculation Thread

    That would be Duffy then....
  6. St Mirren v Falkirk SPFL Championship. 5/8/17

    Grant a centre half...yer having a laugh Peter.... and where did you get your left back the pound shop... LOL
  7. St Mirren v Falkirk SPFL Championship. 5/8/17

    2-1 saints,, 17/2 fill your boots
  8. SMISA Wall

    If we get a wall.. when does GLS get his statue
  9. SMISA Wall

  10. SMISA Wall

    Never mind.. your names always up top on this board
  11. Open Day

    Great day, well done to those involved, 3 grand kids had a ball,
  12. Nicki Chapman

    Who do you want to win Saturday Madmitch ?? come on you all blacks
  13. Feelgood Factor for 2017/18

    Am always a glass half full kind of guy so its a 5+ for me
  14. Saint Mirren top 11 legends. .

    I can remember a game at love st, not long after he left us, we scored a late goal to equalise 2-2 I think, I was at the back of the stand, where a large group of St Mirren fans were jeering Fergie as he left the ground alone in tears, most were thinking the late goal must have really hurt him, and found it quite amusing, I found it very sad that they could jeer the great man, a short while later Toshie told us Fergie had just been informed his dad had died, am not so sure we endeared ourselves as fans that night, does anyone one else remember that night
  15. Stephen Mallan

    Your probably right on that, and just as well we had a new board in place or he`d have been on the first train south in January, and we would now be waiting on the league 1 fixtures coming out