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  1. Am always a glass half full kind of guy so its a 5+ for me
  2. I can remember a game at love st, not long after he left us, we scored a late goal to equalise 2-2 I think, I was at the back of the stand, where a large group of St Mirren fans were jeering Fergie as he left the ground alone in tears, most were thinking the late goal must have really hurt him, and found it quite amusing, I found it very sad that they could jeer the great man, a short while later Toshie told us Fergie had just been informed his dad had died, am not so sure we endeared ourselves as fans that night, does anyone one else remember that night
  3. Your probably right on that, and just as well we had a new board in place or he`d have been on the first train south in January, and we would now be waiting on the league 1 fixtures coming out
  4. Campbell Money, Cammy Murray, Bobby Reid, Jackie Copland, Ian Monroe, Billy Stark, Bobby Mckean, Lex Richardson, Peter Weir, Gerry Baker, Doug Somner, never saw Gerry play live but his stats make him saints best ever striker, but ive seen the 59 highlights so he`s in
  5. resorting to the old grammar correction routine now, never mind shouldn't be a problem in future as you seem to be rewriting my posts now,
  6. And another thing ma auld maw told me was, don't talk to strange men, so take a hike
  7. Was referring too the post I wrote, not the silly reply I got, and am hoping you knew that and your not as thick as your making out, maybe I don't explain myself as well as some on here ?? so I will make it simple so that even the less educated can understand, breaking even while spiralling towards the ABYSS isn't good management of the club, breaking even while climbing the table IS, that's something I believe GS and SMISA can achieve,, and that's why am in,, no one will ever have more passion for this club than the people who pay to watch the team, and that's us the fans,
  8. I pardon you
  9. Your as bad as oaktree when did I say that lol, my last word on the subject is, as my auld maw used to say if jobs worth doing its worth doing right, even if yer tired, ps good luck wee stevie boy
  10. A thinking ive just wasted 10mins of my life after reading your post,
  11. I never said they we should go into debt, as oaktree is making out, I was asked why selling players cheaply would benefit the old board, I said by balancing the books, to protect there interest, as other cheapskate decisions they were making all over the place like parting with Danny Lennon replacing with Tommy Craig then the unbelievable one while up to our eyeballs in relegation fight appoint a player Gary Teale, was costing the club bigtime and fans, including myself, sure they were tired they wanted out, but if the smisa bid had fallen through, where would we be now, would we be looking forward to next season like we are now, Gordon has recently said the club was in a mess when he took over, OH BUT NEVER MIND WEVE NO DEBT, reminds of old pauper story I was told he went to his unmarked grave in the comfort he owed no one,
  12. Who mentioned gambling and debt,, theres a big difference between being ambitious and reckless, and being negative can be just as bad, I will leave running the club to people that are much more experienced and clever than me, you seem like a smart guy or so you make out, did you put yer name forward for smisa ???
  13. Do I really have to explain, ok then, by balancing the books, and protecting there interest, keeping the club in the black, while we all watch the club slipping down a slippery slope towards the third tier of Scottish football for the first time in our history, what was the original price 2million or there abouts, or replace the playing squad with duffers from all over that's how, theres more than one way to skin a cat, but never mind we were debt free,, hope you find this funny, I didnt
  14. Are you being serious lets no go there again, the old board are gone nowor just about anyway as its costing me £12 a month, its a new dawn now no more budgeting for 11th place in the top league, now we budget for being the best we can be, while playing attractive football, and bringing back the feel good factor in Gord we trust, so good luck wee stevie mallan at just 21 you are already a St Mirren legend, Kyle Magennis the baton is yours my son,
  15. charlton