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  1. This is the boy I thought that we had signed when we signed Mullen. Looks a real prospect. Would be great to get him IMO.
  2. Nathan Austin

    I'd take Hippolyte. I'd have Tom Walsh back as cover for Cammy Smith too.
  3. Merry Christmas EveryBuddie

    When I'm out in the car with my colleague. I love when she tells me to turn "lift".
  4. Merry Christmas EveryBuddie

    Belated season's greetings to you all.
  5. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    I am biased as I know him, but Tom Walsh is surely better than any of the fringe attacking players that we have the moment. Still young , two footed and can play wing, attacking midfield and striker. Re-sign him I say. As for the poster that said that the performance was worse than any under Murray and Rae, you must have missed the early season home game against Dumbarton under Murray. Not once in the whole game did we close anyone down...
  6. When I think back to some of the imposters that we have had in recent years as keepers, I'm delighted that we have Craig Samson.
  7. Liverpool

    I love Liverpool. Cavern definitely worth a visit. Do the Magical Mystery Tour. I'm not a Beatles fan but I enjoyed both. Cavern had a Beatles tribute act on who were very, very good. Also check this out http://www.theyellowduckmarine.co.uk/
  8. st mirren tv com

    I enjoy the fella's enthusiam. Adds to the fun sitting here, watching it at 3:30 am on my lonesome, waking up the wife when we score. When the clocks change here it will be 4:30am. Dedication or whit?
  9. I really liked him as a player, hard working and skilful.
  10. Brucie passes away (89)

    His wee cousin Wullie played for the Rangurs... NOT!
  11. Super Stelios

    Cult hero, it has been a long time since we had one of those.
  12. Kyle Hutton

    Kyle Hutton was a poor man's Stewart Carswell.
  13. No longer the most crabbit fans

    Send Lukaku on loan to us. I'll buy him his easy chair to sit on the eighteen yard line to facilitate him sticking it in the pokey every time it comes to him.
  14. View From Cairters Corner

    Wonderful reading. I seriously hope that there is more to come. Shull as Gollum
  15. League Prediction

    Wish I could be more optimistic 5th at best is my guess.