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  1. Kyle Hutton was a poor man's Stewart Carswell.
  2. Send Lukaku on loan to us. I'll buy him his easy chair to sit on the eighteen yard line to facilitate him sticking it in the pokey every time it comes to him.
  3. Wonderful reading. I seriously hope that there is more to come. Shull as Gollum
  4. Wish I could be more optimistic 5th at best is my guess.
  5. That's the ones that go to Oz. The ones the come to NZ tend to stay. Much more racial tolerance, more beautiful and it isn't 500 miles between significant places.
  6. Fitzy, legend that likes a bit of hyperbole. He was even wrong about Paul Lambert when he said he was worth 750k. FFS get it right Tony, 2 million eventually was it not? Tells the odd lie here and there. Close the thread. BTW I'm more intelligent than Faraway too. I'm probably a lot farther away too.
  7. I am assuming thar this was in their pre utter hatred of Rangers/The Rangers period.
  8. Jeez that Fakes strip is a minger. Aberdeen playing in Rangers tops. You couldnae make it up!
  9. Abba were alright if you like that kind of thing. That Agnetha couldnae tackle a fish supper. But ah wid.
  10. Canny ague with the first eleven. The only player I wouldn't have there is McDougall would have Basher instead of him.
  11. Bye Bye wee Stevie Mallan. Thanks for playing the beautiful game, so beautifully for us.
  12. That's so bad that it's good.
  13. What did the message say please Drew?
  14. Love the Proclaimers, love Sunshine on Leith, will love Hibs if they don their sombreros early and treat this as a training match.