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  1. Abba were alright if you like that kind of thing. That Agnetha couldnae tackle a fish supper. But ah wid.
  2. Canny ague with the first eleven. The only player I wouldn't have there is McDougall would have Basher instead of him.
  3. Bye Bye wee Stevie Mallan. Thanks for playing the beautiful game, so beautifully for us.
  4. That's so bad that it's good.
  5. What did the message say please Drew?
  6. Love the Proclaimers, love Sunshine on Leith, will love Hibs if they don their sombreros early and treat this as a training match.
  7. Marching in Mews has a certain ring to it....
  8. I take it this is the ghetto part with no hope?
  9. I still can't work out how he did it . When it left Stevie's foot I thought it was going a mile over. A thing of total beauty.
  10. Thanks HSS I should have been more specific. When I said lost only one game ,I meant lost only one league game.
  11. That's only NZ's South Islanders allegedly.
  12. Not sold on the strip idea, but whit a f*cken team that was. The team that seduced me into becoming a lifetime supporter. Lost only one game that season IIRC.
  13. Freeze Frame was a great album not a bad track on it. RIP.
  14. Morton need a maximum of 4 points from 4 games to secure a play off spot. Don't see them busting a gut on our behalf tbh.