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  1. Wow what a contrast to the Stubb's interviews which were punctuated at an annoying rate with but. Marquee signing... but... chairman won't be happy...but, but ,but. Jimbo I hope that you stay for a long time and become even more legendary than you already are.
  2. Just bought a new Crash helmet. I think Bell Helmets could create a better strip design than Joma!
  3. Not really a fan of either strip but still a gazillion times better than those fooking yella efforts! Bring back Pozbaird as strip designer you know it makes sense.
  4. I am hoping that lightning strikes twice. Around about this time during Jack Ross's reign after QOS had beaten us 3-0 at home I said, that's it we are relegated. Other results today have definitely not helped our cause. So I am saying again - that's it we are relegated. Here's hoping otherwise. I do believe that OK will turn us around and if that is in the Championship so be it. He inherited a poisoned chalice that not many would have taken on I believe. Well maybe Yogi Hughes would have...
  5. Totally this. A couple of my signings didn't work out. A COUPLE!! Oh my aching sides.
  6. Just watched the Kiddieminster vs Darlington highlights. Check out Darlington's third goal 4:20 in . Forward just dances past Josh Heaton like he isn't there. Sound familiar?
  7. Would only be good if allowed pre-match as at Everton. Bars close during the game. To return to the days of people pissing down the back of your leg as they miss the can they are trying to pee in. No thanks.
  8. One for the older fans. Frank McGarvey's goal against Slavia Prague was utter genius.
  9. Chris Brookmyre and Dougie Vipond are from Barrhead and Inchinnan respectively, not Paisley. I suspect that's why they aren't there.
  10. Cardigans are cool. Take off your anorak and try one Faraway.
  11. Whoever takes on the job will have an uphill task for sure. Hopefully, the odds of them making as much of a James Hunt of it as Stubbs did are lower. I'm liking the sounds of good management skills and a liking for terminator type centre halfs. Even one that attacked the ball would be good...
  12. What next for St. Mirren? Relegation probably, unless we find another miracle worker like Jack Ross. I've managed loads of staff and sometimes you can be conned at interview, it is a fallible process. One of the worst workers that I ever recruited had one of the best interviews that I've ever witnessed. Turned out she was very intelligent but a lazy See you next Tuesday. Shit happens. Stubbs was the wrong appointment. Getting rid of him early for me is much better than the pain of the season where we watched Tommy Craig for what seemed like an interminable period making a dog's breakfast of it before finally being sacked when it was way too late to rescue.
  13. Something tells me Drew wasn't really looking for a discussion. More of how can we dig an escape tunnel and will we call it Tom, Dick or Harry type of post.
  14. I do remember that. I was at that game and felt we were going to be relegated that day. However, the key difference is, with Jack Ross I could sense a plan emerging. I wasn't on here calling for his head. All I see at the moment is a total clusterf**k. Defenders that can't defend (Jack Baird and Paul McGinn expected). Disenchanted players from last year and a bizarre recruitment policy.
  15. I see what you did there. The younger generation might not compute...
  16. Meanwhile in Sunderland.... It seems by various vids ive seen (that i cannot share on here), that the craic' and banter within our squad this season is top notch. Max Power shares various vids on facebook etc and some of them are funny.Hes got abit of a thing going with Donald Love where he's pretending hes stalking him and his latest vid is of him videoing him in the passenger seat tonight with Catts driving calling him the goal machine with Catts pishing himself laughing.Power seems to have made a massive impact on and off the pitch and we're so lucky to have a lad like him in our squad.Rewind 12 months ago and how many miserable kunts did we have? Gibson, Williams, Kone, Grabban etc etc. All miserable looking feckers.We have so much to thank Ross for. We are now a proper team thats becoming close to matching the quality of us fans.\ It's called effective man management. Jack Ross knows how to develop a positive culture and team spirit. Looking at our scenario I believe Alan Stubbs had "done a Butcher" by telling players they can go before replacing them effectively. In terms of bad performances so far this season I would say only the Ian Murray era eclipses them and not by much. He has signed no mark non league players or players that haven't seen a first team game in yonks. He has alienated the players left from last season. Anyone who thinks this is going to end well is seriously deluded. Even if we punt Stubbs tomorrow it's going to be a long way back. Look forward to championship football next year. Barring two teams getting booted out of league a la Sevco ,we are fecked.
  17. Stubbs won't be punted until Christmas IMO. Then bring in someone to build a squad to challenge for the Championship because that's where we are heading. That performance was right up there with Ian Murray's first home game against Dumbarton. If Stubbs had any class he'd resign before then.
  18. Me too I've had enough. Night, night from Auckland.
  19. This could be a doing. Only Mullen gets a pass mark.
  20. Baird is better than any of these defenders.
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