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  1. Billy O’Brien

    Absolutely tragic. Saw on Twitter earlier though that Billy has requested that this doesn't hit social media (happened 5 month ago) and he's clearly upset and surprised that it all went a bit mad on Twitter and FB a few hours ago. Not your fault but might be best to delete this Bud.
  2. W7 Fans & Banners

    Very good spot. Send it in to the powers that be... Don't know why I continued to watch 90 seconds of The Rangers putting the ball out for a bye kick though...[emoji90]
  3. Music Gigs

    Just back from the Charlatans at the Academy. Sound was a bit ropey but an absolutely fantastic set. Tim Burgess is probably the one front man I've seen who genuinely seems to love his crowd more than any other. Great stuff but please stop f**king around with the mic in Sproston Green! Next stop, same band, Brixton Academy on Saturday....
  4. Wow. Straight into personal insults which are readily available to see, despite me having you on ignore. You're clearly either too thick to quote a topic properly or are (more likely) doing it deliberately in a "look at me" type of fashion. True colours shining through... I'm trying hard to ignore your tedious drivel but to be fair, you're making it difficult. If you could just f**k off, that would be nice. Ta.
  5. Music Gigs

    I'm sure he would be but I'd rather run a rusty Stanley blade around my helmet. Thanks for the suggestion though. [emoji6]
  6. Forum Traffic

    [emoji15] [emoji15] [emoji15] [emoji15]
  7. Forum Traffic

  8. Music Gigs

    Starting to sound like a bit of a ticket tout now, but I have a spare ticket for The Charlatans in Glasgow on Monday night. Face value. Message me if you fancy it.
  9. Eckersley definite MOM btw, but couldn't really find fault with anyone tonight. Magic.
  10. Actually disagree with your last paragraph there Drew. I thought Livi were very effective in the first half and briefly for the second. Very, very ugly to watch but they did what they had to do. Thankfully football prevailed in the end, despite an utter bell end of a referee failing to control a game. Again.
  11. Music Gigs

    Off to see RIDE in Edinburgh tomorrow night. Got a spare ticket going if anyone fancies it. Face Value.
  12. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Time to get back the mentality of old. Quitongo is their point of difference. Put him up in the f**king air within 5 minutes with an Aber-esque word in his ear that if he tries to play football, he won't have a solid ankle joint by 3.15pm. The rest of that mob are shit and should be treated as so. Just run over them. Pass them off the park and they will cave in. This mob are the third most hated filth of Scottish football in my eyes and they struck it lucky at that cesspit they call a home. Let's destroy them. Payback time.
  13. Kenny McLean

    If he signs for Deadco I will personally laugh myself into an early grave at his lack of ambition and his disdain for the club that made him. He'll be Fergie to me. ..... I wait with baited breath as his career goes arse over tit and he plays a season at Oxford Utd on loan before becoming Hamilton Accie's midfield general...
  14. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct