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  1. The Boss - BBC1 Monday 2.15

    Confirmed as a week today mate (21st). [emoji1]
  2. most popular signings

    Ball is nowhere near in our worst three signings in the last 10 years....
  3. Watering the pitch

    Naw, that was Paula Yates' dad. I'll get my jaicket. ....
  4. The Boss - BBC1 Monday 2.15

    I think so mate. They said they would confirm but haven't, however said Saint's recording was the first of the series and Monday is the airing of the first programme so fingers crossed!
  5. The Boss - BBC1 Monday 2.15

    You really are an utter ring piece. Take a look at yersel for fuxake. Tedious tit.
  6. The Boss - BBC1 Monday 2.15

    Sorry for untidying your forum...fuxake.
  7. Second series of the fantastic quiz show "The Boss", hosted by Susan Calman, hits our screens at 2.15 on Monday on BBC1. Might be worth a watch to see a certain Saints fan make a tit of himself on national TV. Unfortunately the only fitba question was a Sellic one, but it might be worth watching..... Just saying.....
  8. First chance I've had to comment due to work commitments. .... f**kING OUTSTANDING! !!!!
  9. Nearly Fringe time. Anyone got any recommendations for this year? Already bagged tickets to see an adaptation of Mr. Brookmyre's "A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil", but looking for something else to see before it starts.
  10. The North Bank Aggro

    Aren't you just a bundle of joy.....?
  11. Horrible, horrible news. Rest in Peace Young Buddie.
  12. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    I'm dreading this game. I can only imagine the utter chaos on the trains as 3 million 14 year olds, full of heroine and absinthe, descend upon society's finest in Glasgow's West End. Heaven help us all. I'll be watching on the telly box with a scone and a large cocoa.
  13. Paisley Pubs

  14. Paisley Pubs

    New bar called Gantry opening up in New Street tomorrow (site of the old Sangre / Raeburns opposite the Bull). It's my nephew Jason who is the new owner and its his first venture, so please pop in and have a drink or three. Many of you will know Jason from his days at the Bankhouse so expect Gantry to be VERY Saints friendly!
  15. Bernie's Cafe/deli

    No problem at all Buddie. Happy to have a chat anytime.