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  1. Horrible, horrible news. Rest in Peace Young Buddie.
  2. I'm dreading this game. I can only imagine the utter chaos on the trains as 3 million 14 year olds, full of heroine and absinthe, descend upon society's finest in Glasgow's West End. Heaven help us all. I'll be watching on the telly box with a scone and a large cocoa.
  3. Naw.
  4. New bar called Gantry opening up in New Street tomorrow (site of the old Sangre / Raeburns opposite the Bull). It's my nephew Jason who is the new owner and its his first venture, so please pop in and have a drink or three. Many of you will know Jason from his days at the Bankhouse so expect Gantry to be VERY Saints friendly!
  5. No problem at all Buddie. Happy to have a chat anytime.
  6. Been a while since I shamelessly plugged Bridge of Weir's finest cake and coffee merchant, but as we are now the proud sponsor of Gavin Reilly's home jersey for this season, now is as good a time as any. Douglas Rae will be spitting teeth when he next comes in for an ice cream. Ach well.....[emoji3]
  7. Just had a recap of my upcoming gigs so I can book days off. So far.... Pixies Ride Mogwai Slowdive Charlatans (Glasgow) Charlatans ( London) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Gigtastic!
  8. To be fair, we were very kind to their fans too. I saw a few of them offered a free drink by Saints fans in the 80's, courtesy of a wee dook in the river that flowed through Clydebank shopping centre....
  9. I reckon Loy's a cert. Smith? Not so sure, but would love to see him stay.
  10. Sore one for me this year as the wee man's ticket jumps to £130. Still, needs must, and if I hadn't spunked £300 on Lewis Morgan's shirt when I was pissed in the Bankhouse then I might have thought differently. You live and learn.....
  11. Campbell K to pay for buses? I'm in...
  12. Lewis Morgan POTY and Kyle McGennis Young POTY. Brilliant! Well done to both. Thoroughly deserved. Now....Where's the new kit?
  13. Two things I loved about that goal today. The way you just knew it was going in the minute it left his boot and the sheer feckin arrogance of it. That was a goal scored by a team with a swagger and an exceptionally talented midfielder. Absolutely brilliant.
  14. Every one of the team should take a bow tonight but special mentions to Stelios, Baird, McKenzie, McGinn and young Kyle. Thought they were all outstanding tonight.
  15. True story. Ran out of cider by 6.30 and Tennents was done a half hour after we got back...Well played for a Tuesday!