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  1. B & B in Paisley

    Interesting range of opinions. I've stayed in the Ardgowan several times this year, and it has been excellent. In the Watermill, the shower didnae work, and the barman wasn't allowed to serve me a triple whisky - he got me a double and a single instead. And nobody has mentioned the worst guesthouse in the history of world tourism. I'll tell all in the F3K - or the Bank House, or maybe in the Wee Howff.
  2. B & B in Paisley

    Thanks for the info guys. I think Ardgowan is the best I've tried - I won't mention the worst in case Div gets sued. And I'll see y'all in the F3K some sunny day.
  3. B & B in Paisley

    B & B's, guest-houses, and the like.
  4. B & B in Paisley

    I have recently experienced the best and the absolute worst. As the new season approaches, grateful any suggestions (or offers).
  5. It was 50 years ago today............................

    I noticed tonight on the Renfrew Road - opposite Arnold Clark's - a large poster of the Celtic captain holding aloft the European Cup. Right beside all the Paisley 2021 stuff. Hmm.
  6. Come on Billy - you've spent ages arguing that DL should go, so where do you stand on his successor?
  7. Saints V Kilmarnock. 1.3.14 Truly A "must Win" Game.

    It's late in South London, the whisky bottle is getting a little low - and I've been feeling the same way just recently. Until yesterday. Now the times are a changin', and the Killie result is just the beginning. Altogether now..... YABBADABBADOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! That feels better. Cheers buds.
  8. So Farewell Then Fred

    Did Fred not play in the famous 1959 Scottish Cup Final?
  9. London Saints In F3K

    I'll be there. I'll be there. The party continues. Look out London - THE SAINTS ARE COMING! THE SAINTS ARE COMING!!
  10. League Cup Final Saints V Hearts 17/3/13

    Yes,Yes, Yes!! London Saints to the Famous 3 Kings on 31 March. West Kensington, can you hear us? THE SAINTS ARE COMING, THE SAINTS ARE COMING. Let the party continue......
  11. League Cup Final Saints V Hearts 17/3/13

    Disco Dave - I was with you in 87, and it was great to see you again this time. I know Toronto's a long way away, but for a man called Disco Dave, you went to bed hell of an early. I, on the other hand, know my limits, and then I accelerate way past them - until 2.30 in Vienna's on this occasion. And so ended one of the greatest days of all time. The party continues in South London (well this part anyway), and will continue for weeks/months to come. See you next time Bud. Cheers.
  12. London Saints In F3K

    One month's rainfall is forecast to fall today. Dry and sunny tomorrow, mind.
  13. London Saints In F3K

    Unless the F3K is waterlogged.
  14. London Saints In F3K

    Looks like another Carlsberg-fuelled Sunday then.
  15. London Saints In F3K

    This Saint will be in the F3K on Saturday - probably in the wee upstairs room with the dodgy volume control. Drinking Carlsberg.