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  1. I agree. I've yet to see anything from Buchanan that makes me think he's even as good as Baird.
  2. I thought on the most part we were very comfortable today. They had a few chances in the second half at 4-1 (as did we) but we were on pre-season training session by then. IMO Best players were Irvine, Morgan, McGinn and McShane, with the latter really impressing.
  3. Bringing in Ian McShane now we've got rid of some of the Deadwood.
  4. Although it's hard to see a lot on Periscope (great work getting it on the go mind you), McDonald looks like he's having a good game at left back. Won a number of tackles.
  6. Looks like we are playing against 3 families and a few of their mates.
  7. He did love playing against Airdrie and/or at Broadwood, especially while wearing blue!
  8. 2002 Junior left for Mansfield a few months later.
  9. Aye you're right. It's the LDV blue away he scored the hat trick against Clyde with.
  10. Junior scored a hat trick in the Hummel blue shirt against Clyde.
  11. Just went 2-0
  12. The away top is class. I feel sorry for folk with no taste who can't see that.
  13. He's better at the sport of association football.
  14. As good as they were, Stephen McGinn is better than both Loy and Davis and was more important to us staying up last season. He's the best midfielder in the league now that Mallan has gone.