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  1. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Surprised at some folk saying McGinn wasn't good. I thought he was our best player. Completely dominated the midfield. Great to see big John coming on and scoring. Thought he looked well up for it as soon as he came on.
  2. Cammy Smith aside, we weren't great but we're top of the league soccer I'm not that bothered
  3. QoS Game

    Lewis Morgan was brilliant again. I thought Liam Smith had another good game too. Stephen McGinn was superb today. He won some amount of tackles today and bullied their midfield the same way Dunfermline did to us last week.
  4. QoS Game

    Take it there's no worries this will be called off? It's pishing down in Glasgow.
  5. Chairman's Update

    Maybe like this?
  6. I did and I wasn't paid out by Bet365
  7. It was Reilly's goal for me because I had him to score anytime yesterday...
  8. Lewis Morgan

    Morgan wont sign a new deal but will hopefully be here while we win the league. Some player. Just glides past folk at times.
  9. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Has he gone yet?
  10. Will there ever be a game of football involving him where Lewis Morgan doesn't get Man Of The Match? What a player! We definitely stepped up a gear at 2-2, two fantastic goals from Smith and McShane (who's getting better every week). Ridgers
  11. I must say, our midfielders made Willo Flood look all of his 86 years today. He's totally done going on that showing. Players were just running past him as if he wasn't there. Pleasing.
  12. Outstanding performance today. Everyone played very well and we should've won by more than 3. Lewis Morgan was unbelievable. Hope we don't lose him before the window shuts.
  13. Jack Ross...Notice of Compliance

    I think it's likely Thomson fucked up and forgot about the new rule but the rule is sufficiently grey enough for him to get away with it though this discretion pish.
  14. BTW, we started with a back 4, Eckersley and Smith at full back with Buchanan and Irvine in the centre. Stelios was on the wing. After the red card, Eckersley played centre half (very comfortably too) and Stelios to left back. Just cos some folk were asking.