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  1. Outrageous decision from the referee.
  2. What a night. Everyone was superb, especially second half. Thought MacKenzie got my MOTM though - he won everything in that second half. Can't wait to see Mallan's goal again
  3. If he keeps us up, Jack can fly my plane anytime he wants.
  4. Although it's not as much of a must win game as Saturday was, I'd say any team looking to stay in the division should be beating teams like Ayr, Dumbarton & Raith at home. And we will
  5. Getting clattered into by a fat ned like Cairney must be the equivalent of getting hit by a bus at 40mph. If Stelios came out of that challenge without broken bones and huge internal bleeding, I'd be surprised.
  6. We are never as good with Sutton AND Loy up front. I'd bring in Irvine for Morgan. Same as today's starting line up apart from Irvine at right back and Stelios on the wing.
  7. Needs to be a decent one. You don't want us to win the Championship next season in some minging strip.
  8. That first half - superb. The best first half performance I can remember at the new stadium. What a day
  9. Just like any away trip to Motherwell, the Electric Bar is the place to be
  10. Great second half today. Magennis, Mallan and Morgan were superb. The latter having skinned their right back about 50 times by the end of the game. Also special mention to Stephen McGinn. What a player and what a leader.
  11. Wee Stevie Mallan was superb again tonight. I'm sure he'll go in the summer, thankfully Kyle Magennis is ready to step in. He was excellent when he came on. Just glides past players. Hiya Ayr, hiya pals!
  12. I thought the players and fans were great today. I'm still very confident we will stay up - and that starts with a win on Wednesday.
  13. I'm knackered after that first half. Celebrations at the goal were superb. What a performance so far.
  14. Superb performance. What a pass from Mallan for the first goal!