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  1. He's not very good at playing football so I would only be offering him a non playing role if he's any good at that.
  2. I'd like to think when we sign anyone, we remind them that they are now a representative of our club and should consider that anytime they post anything on social media. Especially when your brother has been sacked for basically the same thing though. What a complete idiot.
  3. McLean and Mallan were both extremely technically gifted players, with the eye for a pass, superb close control and great finishing. John McGinn didn't have the finishing they had but had strength to go with the technique. Kyle Magennis has everything - pace, technique, strength, can put in a tackle, a good shot, close control - a complete midfielder. What a player he's going to be
  4. Well that's me not getting a season ticket.
  5. A quick check of his brother's Twitter shows he's not really changed at all. A great bunch of lads.
  6. What is it with that family and social media?!
  7. The bookies will take another bashing next season through the goals of Gary Mac.
  8. Hutton is a shitebag footballer. Scared to play a forward pass so always turns back and plays the easy ball to the defender or goalkeeper. We don't need players like that in our team.
  9. The SCENES after that goal against Dundee United
  10. Great to hear we got £1M up front for Mallan* *=Not guessing.
  11. Maybe Mallan went to Barnsley*, saw it was a shitehole and decided against it. *=I've never been.
  12. Cheers for everything Stevie. Great talent and was a pleasure watching him. Magennis should move into the middle. What a player he is. He has everything!
  13. A fantastic read from start to finish!
  14. Hope so!