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  1. That ain't right. We've 27 points.
  2. Away and fiddle with a camel, ya sand dancer.
  3. Good result, lads. Pity about those other sh*tes not reading the script.
  4. Nope, but it would seem that you have been.
  5. And yet another f*cking moron!
  6. You really ARE a moron. FFS!
  7. Jeez, this season is purgatory.
  8. Give it a rest, you f*cking moron.
  9. Just back in after a meal in town to hear the result. Fantastic! Now let's hope Ayr get pumped next time out.
  10. Quick edit. Was the first reply no good enough?
  11. More chance of a result there than at home.
  12. Another day, another nail in the coffin.
  13. Or maybe you're just a humourless twat!
  14. Yet again you display your lack of a sense of humour.
  15. That's the first game I can actually remember attending, although I know I was at lots before then. It really stuck in my memory. Colin Stein? Waste of money!!