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  1. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    Ok, thanks for clarifying.
  2. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    Strange choices.
  3. Difficult game, given recent form, but I'd hope we can squeeze by. COYS!
  4. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    Anybody know why Sligo Rovers and Bray Wanderers are the Irish teams invited into the competition?
  5. Brucie passes away (89)

    I met him twice in his younger days. He was certainly a talented man, but he was not a very nice person.
  6. Jimmy Calderwood

    Jeez, same age as me!
  7. OK, maybe my reference to SEVCO was a bit over the top (although the difference in resources would be similar) but I still reckon only being able to beat EK in the 3rd minute of added time is embarrassing. Yes, their keeper played well, but we missed some really easy chances against them.
  8. Jimmy Calderwood

    Not nice at all. How old is he?
  9. It bloody well is. East Kilbride? FFS. That's like the blue mob not being able to beat a wee team from Luxembourg.
  10. Even if we win this, it's still embarrassing.
  11. Does this go to extra time or straight to pens if it ends in a draw?
  12. Football Fans and Behaviour

    I've even liked a few of your posts in the past. Are you a moron?
  13. Football Fans and Behaviour

    Handshake? Wtf? So I abused you because I liked someone else's post? Munoz was right.
  14. Football Fans and Behaviour

    First of all, calling you a clueless prick isn't sexist, racist, homophobic or sectarian. Also, I didn't think we could 'love' a post. I did find Munoz's post appropriate, especially as it was a response to you abusing one of our players. Or does it not count as abuse when you do it?