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  1. If we do go down, think the first half of this season is the reason, not today's ref.
  2. This isn't good for my blood pressure!
  3. Can't see what the problem is. It doesn't do any harm.
  4. What? You were actually AT a game? Wonders never cease. ;-)
  5. I'm A Rhesus Negative and therefore possibly an alien. Well, that explains a lot!
  6. Don't get cocky, now. Remember this is Saint Mirren you're talking about.
  7. Great result. Is this the beginning of another multi-year run without defeat against the Soapdodgers?
  8. Baird might not be the best defender we've had at the club, but I watched the highlights and he put in a few good saving tackles yesterday. I think the boy gets a lot of unfair stick - a bit like Cheesy.
  9. I was having a look at the programme, and I noticed that Stevie Mallans home jersey is sponsored by a couple from west Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Who are these people? Did we do due diligence on them? What's in it for them? Why the f*ck are Americans putting money into SMFC? Something stinks.
  10. Ah well. Could have been worse. At least we're of the bottom. Now for the Soapdodgers.
  11. Eckersley. FFS!
  12. Dunfermline beating Raith
  13. How come Mallan isn't taking the penalties now?