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  1. The humpings of Raith and Ayr really helped us stay up. Goal difference was crucial.
  2. Thank Christ for that. I honestly thought we were down up until a few weeks ago. Great work by Jack Ross and the players. Well done lads.
  3. Rory Loy? Can't be right - TC says he's shite.
  4. Bollox! Come on Saints, get back into this.
  5. Even after going down to 10 men?
  6. 10 man Raith one up
  7. Why? What's happened?
  8. Great result and performance. Next season will be interesting if we can keep this squad together.
  9. 62. My old fella and my uncle started to take me along in the early 60's, and then my younger brothers started coming along as they grew up. Virtually my whole family are buddies - brothers, nephews, cousins. A family tradition, as it were.
  10. If we do go down, think the first half of this season is the reason, not today's ref.
  11. This isn't good for my blood pressure!
  12. Can't see what the problem is. It doesn't do any harm.
  13. What? You were actually AT a game? Wonders never cease. ;-)
  14. I'm A Rhesus Negative and therefore possibly an alien. Well, that explains a lot!