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  1. Did he break sweat to do so?
  2. Even so, there are some bloody big gaps between home games. Won't be good for the cash flow situation.
  3. Those fixtures seem all over the shop. Only one home game in October, November and January? WTF?
  4. I get that, but unfortunately it's not. It's a sad reflection of the standard of player Scotland is producing these days.
  5. That might seem fine in theory, but we don't have enough players in the PL. We'd struggle to put a team out.
  6. Yes, Joe Hart did f**k up, but no more than Gordon. I thought Armstrong was poor even before that mess up. Brown was lucky to stay on the park. Wee Tierney had a very good game, and Griffiths goals were superb. As for the non-Celtic contingent, Anya was poor, and Robertson started well but tailed off. But maybe I'm biased against their teams as well.
  7. It's not anti-Celtic bias to say Gordon should have done better for the two goals, or that Armstrong f*cked up a promising break to cause the second. It's simply stating the obvious. Griffiths played well and scored two beauties - how does that stack up against your ludicrous claim?
  8. Ah well. Probably would have been unfair on the Sassenachs if we'd won. We only played well in patches.
  9. Armstrong you f**king clown!!
  10. Ya f**king dancer!!
  11. Great goal!
  12. FIFY
  13. How come the Scotland team is full f wee guys? Have we nobody over 6ft?
  14. Oi!!!! I hope that was only a reference to a certain fat pipe fitter.
  15. The humpings of Raith and Ayr really helped us stay up. Goal difference was crucial.