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  1. Absolutely appalling defensive play from us, and on those highlights we got exactly what we deserved. That straight red card though is ridiculous. I kept getting the teams mixed up, and thought the red was for the elbow - which I thought was a bit soft, but had seen them given. Then remembered we weren't in black and white stripes and it was the player that got elbowed that was sent off. A huge decision - not in terms of yesterday's match which was long gone by then - but for our defence next week too. Buchanan's second yellow was a clear yellow, but I doubt he'd have had to make that challenge if Eckersley had still been on the pitch.
  2. Was gutted not to have made today's game. First I've missed all season, and sounds like Saints had an absolute stinker. Need to hope that we do what we did after out last defeat, and that's win the next 3. Looks like we got half our defence red carded late on though, so need to hope Davis and McKenzie are back next week. Though neither were on the bench today, so that sounds unlikely. Bad day, but need to pick ourselves up and look to win those next three games. BTW, I'm sure most Saints fans would have bitten your hands off for being 1 point off the top after 6 games.
  3. Surely nobody can have watched that today and thought Collum should be referring at ANY level. I DO think their second was onside, but that was about the only thing he got right. As for the football, we looked very shaky when they had the ball - the 3-5 formation which has worked well for us just wasn't working today. But as the saying goes "We're going to score one (or TWO) more than you". What a different start from this season to last!
  4. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    Wonder how many Elgin fans will make the trip to Wales!
  5. I'm sure GLS is doing all he can to try to keep Morgan with us for longer, and may have tried this approach to a contract extension already but... Offer him an immediate, substantial, raise. Offer him a substantial share of any future transfer. Include a reasonable release clause. That way, Lewis gets more money immediately. He gets to keep playing first team football in a league with at least a bit of profile (as opposed to Mallan and McAllister), and if his visibility and performances lead to a move to an EPL team rather than a Championship or League 1 team, both parties benefit.
  6. I'd like to see the footage of this - looked like a clear push before he connected with the header.
  7. Lovely night for the most one sided game I've ever seen us play in. Yet half time score... 0-0 :-)! We must have had 20 shots on goal. Some hilarious misses and some great goalkeeping keeping it goalless. Still, good fun watching a game where your team has 90% possession - feel like a Celtic or Man U fan :-)! New right back looks a player but opposition really limited.
  8. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Yip. Just arrived in Paisley driving down from Glasgow. Around Barrhead was a sign saying "Roadworks at Erskine Bridge, 25 minute delay". Hoped it might be after the Greenock road split off - but traffic stop/start by the AIRPORT! What idiot thought today would be a good day to bring that road to a standstill. If it's this bad now, what's it going to be like when 1,000 cars join the queue in a 30 minute window!
  9. Sadly yes. We should have seen out the last few minutes, then had 30 minutes of extra time against 9 men. We actually lost the head when they went down to 9. How on earth should a 9 man team ever be able to score on the break against a well organised 11. Easy to say with hindsight, but if Gus had just got a 'stay calm' message out there, we'd have won that game.
  10. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Let's hope we've reached Peak TopCat. Enjoy it while you can, as I've a feeling a decent season is still on the cards. I'd loved to have progressed in the League Cup, but I'm not ready to give up on the League two weeks before it starts; and I'm sure nobody at Saints is either.
  11. Pre Season Friendlies

    I wasn't at the game, but from those I spoke to the consensus seemed to be that we were better than Dundee at football - though not the throwing of hammers?
  12. Pre Season Friendlies

    Cheers. Why would someshull have posted 2-1 Alloa then - grrrr!!!
  13. Pre Season Friendlies

    So is it 0-0 or 2-1 Alloa as was posted earlier?
  14. Morgan

    Only 1 year left on his contract according to Wiki sadly. Very very sadly.