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  1. Let's hope we've reached Peak TopCat. Enjoy it while you can, as I've a feeling a decent season is still on the cards. I'd loved to have progressed in the League Cup, but I'm not ready to give up on the League two weeks before it starts; and I'm sure nobody at Saints is either.
  2. I wasn't at the game, but from those I spoke to the consensus seemed to be that we were better than Dundee at football - though not the throwing of hammers?
  3. Cheers. Why would someshull have posted 2-1 Alloa then - grrrr!!!
  4. So is it 0-0 or 2-1 Alloa as was posted earlier?
  5. Only 1 year left on his contract according to Wiki sadly. Very very sadly.
  6. I'm 99% certain that even in 1981 you still had to be interfering with play for it to be offside. In the 87 cup final, you could argue United's goal WAS offside for that reason. There's NO chance Lexy was interfering with play when Bone scored. None. And you could also argue that it was an own goal, which makes it even more ridiculous for it to be chopped off for offside. Let's put it this way, if Rangers (as that team was called) scored that goal, I've a feeling the flag would have stayed down.
  7. The offside goal - the penalty not given as Lexie is about to tap in to an empty net - two of the worst decisions ever.
  8. I actually think he does have potential. He's suffered from lack of game time because of just how well the rest of the midfield is playing just now; but I can see him being a valuable member of the squad. Back on topic; fingers crossed for Lewis for his upcoming scan!
  9. Cheating? I take it you haven't seen the highlights yet? Can't understand why some Saints fans go out of their way to find negatives that don't exist - that's what the oppositions fans are for.
  10. As long away as pre-season then? Is that speculation or something you've heard?
  11. Tomorrow night, via Estonia I believe. Can't find KO or ticket info anywhere. Anyone know???
  12. Been away with work since last Tuesday, and so had to watch the Hibs and Celtic games on TV (well, t'Internet). Something I very rarely do because most times we're on telly I'm at the game. It's HORRIBLE! So much more nerve-wracking than being at the game for some reason. Got up at 4.30am to watch the Celtic game today, firmly convinced that I'd be wanting to head back to bed about 4.45am. But no, absolutely superb performance from the team. EVEN after we went 2-1 down (unluckily I thought) we still kept pushing forward - and doing so dangerously. After the final whistle. and watching some of the interviews and reading a bit of P&B and here, I tried to get some sleep - but was still buzzing about the performance. Cannot wait for Kirkcaldy on Wednesday. I really do think Jack and the team are going to go out and put in another excellent performance. COYS!
  13. Yip, and you can hardly say Lennon was saying it because he felt it easy to be magnanimous after a victory!
  14. I'd like to think that if it is 8-0 Jack, and the players, would be professional enough to not over indulge in the celebrations. Besides, we'll not keep a clean sheet; Celtic will no doubt get a dodgy penalty.