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  1. If we can't afford them next year, we won't have them.
  2. Yip, one of the more bizarre posts on a thread surprisingly full of knicker-wetting. Note to club: don't release accounts during an international break. My two cents: GLS seems like a pretty astute bloke. I’ve no doubt that somewhere in St Mirren towers there will be a series of projections running at least three years forward. These will include various ‘what if’ scenarios. Perhaps not Tony’s Champions League one, but I’ve absolutely no doubt Championship Football for 2019/20 will be full covered. Every single bit of speculative income will have been removed from that scenario, and I’m sure it’ll still show us ‘making a small profit’ in the accounts released two years from now.
  3. Not that it in any way would lessen what a Saints fan did, but I've heard mention of Mullen being hit by something by a Rangers fan. Anyone know if there's anything in this?
  4. You asked a question, I answered it. I’m sure you know exactly why the poster brought politics in to it. I guess I should have posted how crap Sammy was, how poor value football is, comments about taxis, personal feuds with other posters etc etc etc almost 40,000 times.
  5. Perhaps because the linesman who gave the goal is a unionist politician, and when he saw Boyd on the pitch, and heard what the Killie fans were singing he thought, jeeze, benefit of the doubt to The Queen’s 11 - goal!
  6. I went to the Saints Colts v Accies Colts game, £10 for me, £5 for my dad. 3-2 Saints win, 90 minutes of very enjoyable football. Got to shake hands with Oran Kearny at half time, and see the game from a cushioned seat in the main stand. Bargain.
  7. Poor as we were, I think we were at least as good as Accies until Coulson went off. Lost a bad first goal, and then the penalty (looked like Imrie instigated contact) and it was game over. The huge imbalance in the squad is a worry; but the fact we did nothing in the second half is even more of a worry. I thought that with the arrival of OK we'd at least see the players on the pitch fighting for everything. That just didn't happen and it looked as if there was zero belief when we came on to the pitch for the second half that we could get anything out of the game.
  8. Going to a wedding that weekend, and so was initially delighted to find out that this had been moved. But just checked the invite - and the wedding is Friday afternoon/evening. Arghhh!!!!
  9. Within the last 5 mins Motherwell have gone from 1-0 down to 2-1 up - and Airdrie have just equalised. Please don't let us end up being the team that just misses out!
  10. Maybe Stubbs won't be too unhappy with this result... if it leads to purse strings being loosened.
  11. Hard to believe the team that played so well against Killie struggled against Spartans and then capitulated today. Yes, it's a friendly, but it's a friendly for Sunderland too, and I assume they were playing around with personnel and tactics too.
  12. Came here because nobody really talking about this friendly on P&B. And you two fine gentlemen have reminded me why I don't come here any more.
  13. Missed the game today but what a fantastic result! Points on the board puts even more pressure on those chasing us. What was up with Morgan. Injured?
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