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  1. St Mirren v Brechin Sat 24th Feb

    Sutton will never start a game under Jack Ross unless there is an outbreak of illness or injury that decimated the squad. I doubt he'll make bench tomorrow.
  2. Speculation Thread

    Fair play to you Jai, you don't give up. But it might be quicker to get your agent to get your name round the clubs, it must take you ages to post on all the clubs fan forums or is it just us you want to play for?
  3. Music Gigs

    I work up near the pavilion in Glasgow and the rise of the tribute is amazing gigs coming up include Patsy Cline, Freddie Mercury, spice Girls, and t rex, it used to be if your favourites stopped touring that was the end now it's an opportunity
  4. Darryl Duffy

    I might be wrong but I assume since he's been training with us for a while that Jack thinks he's better than Sutton. I think it's Sutton that'll be back up to Duffy and Reilly, or that Sutton will be mutually consented
  5. So Farewell Then....Barry Norman

    Woosh, my bad. Sorry
  6. So Farewell Then....Barry Norman

    Barry Norman reviewed a film called 'Orphans' the film starred Scottish actors. Barry Norman's review included the statement that if the Scottish film industry wanted to be taken seriously the films they produced should have subtitles as he struggled with the Glasgow accents. Is that clearer?
  7. So Farewell Then....Barry Norman

    Went off him completely after his review of orphans which included the assertion that if the Scottish film industry wanted to be taken seriously they should consider subtitles.
  8. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    Disagree with Div that eventually he'll move to a bigger club, remember Sir Tony Fitz is expecting champions league footy down greenhill road by 2019.
  9. Skyview and Involvement with St.Mirren FC

    I think we should cut LPM some slack, Skyview might be alright now in the financial sector but when the machines take over and they start making all those terminators you will all be sorry.
  10. Claudi-Cheerio

    Rumours are that senior players met and went to the owners to say they had no faith in CR. I hope they get relegated with Palace. It's like the fans here that wanted rid of DL - be careful what you wish for.
  11. Rory Loy

    Flareybob, is this happening ? Lovestreet is Loyzo coming? we need it confirmed.
  12. Merry Xmas everyone, as shakey once proclaimed. Hope you all have a great time. Cheers.
  13. Why find out at the AGM ? just ask Flareybob
  14. 4 Things that didnt happen

    The world turned to shit after bowie died, coincidence? I doubt it.
  15. Thank you Alan McManus

    Because I think Webster has been shit this season i'm not to go on Saturday? Really? FFS.