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  1. Disagree with Div that eventually he'll move to a bigger club, remember Sir Tony Fitz is expecting champions league footy down greenhill road by 2019.
  2. I think we should cut LPM some slack, Skyview might be alright now in the financial sector but when the machines take over and they start making all those terminators you will all be sorry.
  3. Rumours are that senior players met and went to the owners to say they had no faith in CR. I hope they get relegated with Palace. It's like the fans here that wanted rid of DL - be careful what you wish for.
  4. Flareybob, is this happening ? Lovestreet is Loyzo coming? we need it confirmed.
  5. Merry Xmas everyone, as shakey once proclaimed. Hope you all have a great time. Cheers.
  6. Why find out at the AGM ? just ask Flareybob
  7. The world turned to shit after bowie died, coincidence? I doubt it.
  8. Because I think Webster has been shit this season i'm not to go on Saturday? Really? FFS.
  9. Yeah, Andy Webster played his part alright. By staying off the pitch he improved the team by 50%. I'm glad you're not too busy as a radio pundit Alex to stop posting on here. No, I'm not a board member either.
  10. Gallagher Baird Mackenzie irvine Clarkston Quinn Walsh mallan Morgan Hardie shankland 2-0 saints (Hardie 23, shankland 65) COYS
  11. I met Campbell Money exactly once. So I really don't know him, however on that one occasion he was very nice.
  12. Against Gallagher and Langfield he'd go straight into the starting 11.
  13. Amazing bit of pro Gus propaganda. If you take great care to present the stats in that way. Another way would say the best Gus achieved was 10th in the league and a league cup final (embarrassment). Danny 2 8th places (best since early 80's) & a national trophy (only the 4th in our history & the 1st since '87). As a spectator Gus is probably level with Coughlin as the worst football we've ever seen. Danny at worst looked disorganized but at best was better than we'd seen for decade's. I gave up my season ticket when Gus was in charge, if he comes back i'll find something else to do on a Saturday afternoon.
  14. We're so bad I thought they'd already hired Gus.
  15. I will give 100% support to any new manager but Gus isn't new we've had his turgid version of football before so I am living proof of Div's assertion that he wouldn't get a honeymoon period. To be honest I would expect him to fail.