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  1. Don't you just love it when you pull someone up and make an arse of it yourself [emoji850]
  2. 7 score years, you are an old git aren't you? 140 years old, we done [emoji23]
  3. Easy mistake to make, especially as Jack and Victor scored
  4. Junkie on a bike, get that at home.
  5. DUFC pull the plug on JDH transfer
  6. DUFC pull plug on JDH move
  7. BBC reporting that Dundee Utd in talks with JDH and that JDH has rejected our offer.
  8. I agree, I'd love to see Gilmour start, but I doubt he will.
  9. Will believe it when Flareybob confirms [emoji106]
  10. Would rumpuk not just use the butcher's apron but change the blue to the Welsh green
  11. Just back from getting AZ jab, very well organised, pain free, and, so far at least, side effect free as well [emoji382][emoji123]
  12. Mykey

    McIness Out

    Stubbs [emoji2962]
  13. I'd have respected the 10-15 years if it hadn't been for brexit, for the 60% remain Scotland that was a game changer. I agree that holyrood should have the power to hold inyref2 though rather than Westminster.
  14. Wrong thread Tom, wrong thread indeed
  15. Thanks to the white cart co. We've all got one of those [emoji23]
  16. I don't think Faraway should have been binned, he says himself that he's a bit marmite. But Ricky's relentless trolling was horrible and vindictive and it was on every thread. Ricky said himself that he had no interest in English football or betting but he'd troll that thread just to make shite unfunny inarticulate insults.
  17. I don't really watch English football, but reading this thread Faraway and a few others have fancied Man U since the restart but on this showing they're a wee bit shit.
  18. Surely you could have voted SNP in the candidate vote and Green in the list and achieved the same result.
  19. Answered on twitter, french trialist who has returned home
  20. I think they said names and numbers would be in gold
  21. You seem determined to get this forum closed, anyone thinking of moderating would simply look at your continuous trolling of Faraway on every single thread and think "I'm out"
  22. These were on Twitter this morning and would be excellent imo.
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