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  1. Don't think the statement was released about Singing Section. if it was f**k them.
  2. SMFC Paisley

    No forums being added. Thanks for the share guys. Loads of people asking for us to send stickers etc abroad so this is our best option to cope with demand and also make our life's easy. Will be posting content about us, aims goals what we've achieved so far. Gallery on behind the scenes, displays. We are hoping to have match day blogs on and off the park matters, diy flag tutorials and generally getting involved in the community. Also a contact US section as I have to constantly remind people this is a group effort and not 1 person.
  3. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    2 carriages full with people acting the same way in both but aye "you can find them in the Bankhouse" majority of the people there on Saturday go on other busses and a large group from our bus left on the early train.
  4. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    Ticket website is rubbish all over. I have a theory that the seats which are no longer occupied by season ticket holder show as unavailable regardless of what season they are from. The same seats always show as unavailable for games to purchase when realesed for sale online which will be considerably more than the amount of season ticket holders we have. I have changed seats 3 times. My 2 old seats show as unavailable on the seat map but I can press the new button which they have added "quick renew" and it tells me the seat is available. If this theory is correct it's a shame that we don't have a system showing people what seats are actually available and they can then pick decent seats for them and there friends! A lot of seats on the online seat map all show as being single seats.
  5. Southend United - Home. Away? who knows

    Hmmm not too sure.
  6. Southend United badge, in the place of the of a Dundee badge. I highly doubt that the ticket website has an archive of every club logo hence why you sometimes see different styled club crests etc on the ticket website. Doubt the club would sell tickets online for an away friendly... Have they in the past? So most likely at home...
  7. Good evening folks! Was at a meeting tonight with another member of the group the chairman and our 2 new SLOs just a wee update to let everyone who may not be on Facebook see. So heres a few quick updates. We still need 1000 season tickets within the west stand to guarantee we have the full west stand and can be housed in W7. Gordon Scott wasn't up for offering us an area which isn't in w6/7 due to blocking current ST fans views or kicking them out there seats. To boost up the numbers of ST sales / ensure we still have an area to sit together we have decided that a good few of us are going to buy our ST seats within the big empty block in W1. This isn't an official singing section of any sort just everyone guaranteeing seats together should we not reach the 1K marker / cup game with small away support. We set up a crowdfunding campaign2 days ago to give us a head start for the new season. We aimed to raise £100 to cover the basics for the next year. Drum, decent mallets, flags, materials etc of the £100 we aimed to raise we have completely smashed it and raised £362 already. We will keep the campaign running for a little while yet and see what we can raise. We have bigger numbers for next year, bigger support, bigger drum, bigger flags, bigger funds. absolutely buzzing for it! COYS https://www.gofundme.com/st-mirren-singing-section should anyone like to donate
  8. Kenny McLean

    How much do Smisa owe for there shares and what was smisas % before taking on more shares .
  9. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    Club need to pay Police Scotland for ANY game which Police Scotland view needs policing.
  10. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    This would mean no singing section when no large Away. Probably 2 games with a singing section maximum. Not on in my opinion when we've spoke with club many times in regards about sitting down before the tickets go on sale then they just say buy tickets within W1-W5 and move when we can.
  11. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    Singing section have had no contact with club contrary to what this statement will have you believe. We were told all parties would sit round table to get this sorted but nope no contact as usual from the club.
  12. Apparently hibs gave us 900 tickets initially, Hibs only have 1.2 tickets left in home end. More than likely they will sell it out and be in our stand and we won't get any more tickets so get your tickets asap!
  13. POTY

    Think Morgan deserves player of the year. Magennis young player of the year!
  14. Baby change facilities?

    You guys are saying babies, most 2 year olds will still be in nappies. Its facilities that the club should have
  15. Baby change facilities?

    I'm sorry but for the cost of a fold down table In disabled toilets is worth the cost even if it makes convinces 1 family to come along.