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  1. How much do Smisa owe for there shares and what was smisas % before taking on more shares .
  2. Club need to pay Police Scotland for ANY game which Police Scotland view needs policing.
  3. This would mean no singing section when no large Away. Probably 2 games with a singing section maximum. Not on in my opinion when we've spoke with club many times in regards about sitting down before the tickets go on sale then they just say buy tickets within W1-W5 and move when we can.
  4. Singing section have had no contact with club contrary to what this statement will have you believe. We were told all parties would sit round table to get this sorted but nope no contact as usual from the club.
  5. Apparently hibs gave us 900 tickets initially, Hibs only have 1.2 tickets left in home end. More than likely they will sell it out and be in our stand and we won't get any more tickets so get your tickets asap!
  6. Think Morgan deserves player of the year. Magennis young player of the year!
  7. You guys are saying babies, most 2 year olds will still be in nappies. Its facilities that the club should have
  8. I'm sorry but for the cost of a fold down table In disabled toilets is worth the cost even if it makes convinces 1 family to come along.
  9. None in west stand? Is it the same in other stands. Not really "family friendly" as we promote if people have to change there children on knees sitting in a cubicle. Possible SMISA £2 fund if the club don't want to pay for it.
  10. Or maybe the simple solution is to trust people and have the drum checked on entry like every other team, including Morton on Tuesday haha
  11. Surely the simple solution is to not have daft red tape, Allow us to walk up to a head steward to be checked before entry for contraband like every other club.
  12. 9 months later, thousands of pounds of tax payers money wasted from police, procurator fiscal and court. Made out to be a criminal by certain people at club before a trail all to please the police, banned from going to see st mirren at home. Name tarred with club / police. 3 days off unpaid to attend court, lawyers fees. Not guilty. What a waste of time and money
  13. No, No, No for me. Rainy day / Big Project for me. Like the idea of a sponsoring / creating a cup, having final played at St Mirren park giving SMISA / St Mirren great exposure and giving the club funds.
  14. How shortly....