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  1. John Gotti

    Speculation Thread

    Yes yes but what about Craig Mackail-Smith, do you think he would do a job?
  2. John Gotti

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    Listening to Stephens interview on Buddievision he sounds less than impressed with some of his new team mates, add to that Stubbs comments about a few of them “finding their feet but they better find them quick”, I think a few of these players need to show they are good enough. Hopefully tonight was just an off night, otherwise we have signed some pretty poor players.
  3. John Gotti

    John McGinn

    If we get a sizable sell on fee for him, I would like to see some of the cash spent on a statute of Mrs McGinn. God bless her, she has done more for St Mirren than most........3 players, 1 a club captain who saved us from relegation and now John will make us what might be our biggest transfer fee since Fergie.
  4. John Gotti

    Gavin Reilly

    I was thinking that too. Either there really is no money available or his scouting needs work. Even if it is a lack of money, the Sunderland fans will still want him sacked if they get off to a poor start. Good luck to Gavin in Bristol though.
  5. John Gotti

    John McGinn

    Yes and I don't want any criticism of Apple products until you move to Cupertino Ca and get a job there. You people and your opinions.
  6. John Gotti

    Lewis Morgan 2018/19

    Did anyone think Paul Lambert would win the Champions League?
  7. John Gotti

    Brian Rice Assistant Manager

    Just seen his interview on Buddievision..................I’m going to guess he likes hard work
  8. John Gotti

    John McGinn

    If Hibs can flog him for £2-3M they can't let that slip away. I just don't think there is that much money in Scottish football.
  9. John Gotti

    John McGinn

    Hibs need to call John McGinns bluff as he is running down his contract to join Celtic next summer. All this I am happy at Hibs talk is just a stalling technique, if he was that happy he would have signed a contract extension. John and his agent played Saints with speargate and potentially moving to the MLS and they are now playing Hibs, I don’t blame them as the are doing what is right for them but Hibs need to just put him up for sale.
  10. John Gotti

    Alan's first signings

    I felt the same watching it. It’s great to see the enthusiasm these lads have and refreshing to hear him talk about being so excited to get started. Plenty of talented players have been at the club and failed because of their attitudes, at least these lads seem to understand the opportunity they have and want to make the most of it.
  11. John Gotti

    Alan's first signings

    Josh is 6ft 5. He states that in the interview.
  12. John Gotti

    Season 18/19 St Mirren Kit

    Aye but his wee brother has developed a nervous twitch
  13. John Gotti

    Speculation Thread

    That's because they have a chance this season now the Paisley Brazilians got promoted
  14. John Gotti

    Allan Russell

    Allan Russell coaching Harry Kane is just the most parallel universe thing I have ever heard.
  15. John Gotti

    Speculation Thread

    Is this confirmed now or is it still speculation?