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  1. Just watched his interview on Buddievision. Comes across as a really good lad and someone who genuinely cares about the club.
  2. Hard to say as generally defenders never get the plaudits in teams but Norrie was absolute class. He was small but read the game really well and was one of the best passers of a ball I have seen at Saints. Even his free kicks were amazing, he just seemed to glide through games. Injuries and being St Mirren daft stopped him reaching far higher levels than us but Norrie certainly had enough ability to go very far in the game.
  3. Referee Steven McLean phoned Steven Gerrard to apologise for missing a foul in the lead up to Hibs equaliser on Friday night. (Sun) I can only imagine the grovelling that took place on that call. Scottish football doesn't even pretend to be impartial anymore.
  4. It’s funny watching Gary Holt pretend to be the manager. He just walks around while the real boss gives instructions.
  5. Starting to feel like that, Jackson is isolated and the ball is coming straight back from our hopeful punts.
  6. Another example of what made him such a nice guy!
  7. Does FAS have a fanny and does Div really know it, also who else’s fanny does he know? [emoji33] #weneedanswers
  8. More Pansy than Tansey? I saw a tweet from Stewart Gilmour where he described January’s window as being full of other managers problems and Tansey is looking every inch the player Dons fans said he was. If the manager is going to keep playing him then he needs a mobile physical player next to him who will do the dirty work as he doesn’t seem interested or capable.
  9. I thought that as well. When Nazon got the ball at his feet he looks a player but shelling high balls up to him is not his game. Our midfield is so weak we are inviting teams on to us, the fact Kearney never managed to sign a physical midfielder might be what costs him his job. We’re just too easy to play against.
  10. Looking at the app and it only shows 10. You did show 11 but Jackson doesn’t show up for everyone. Not that it matters other than a bit of fun to distract from how brutal we are.
  11. What we do know is we are terrible and have been for most of the season. You could drive the team bus through the middle of our team and for some reason that isn’t being addressed.
  12. My mate had one of them, it was a pocket rocket. I had a Golf GTi back in the day but I loved the Saxo, Renault Clio 16V, Peugeot 205 GTI etc. Hot hatches are brilliant fun, my current car has just under four times the hp my Golf had but is no where near as much fun.
  13. He did well at Burnley, Preston and Fulham.
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