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  1. John Gotti

    January Arrivals

    Hibs fans will be gutted to see we've signed one of the Proclaimers [emoji106]
  2. John Gotti

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I'm not sure about that. The new owner knew what he was buying and Jack was tasked to stop the negative momentum. I think he has done that so I think providing they are there or there abouts, he will be given time. Even if they don't go up this season. I realize they are a big side but he hasn't exactly been given an open cheque book.
  3. John Gotti

    January Arrivals

    That's worthy of a like just for a Jim Diamond reference [emoji106]
  4. John Gotti

    January Arrivals

    The original quote stated it was their U23s though. Either way it is good to get a look at these guys in action before Oran offers them a deal.......... take note Mr. Stubbs [emoji14]
  5. John Gotti

    Opposition January Signings

    Thank Christ we never went with Caldwell. [emoji23]
  6. John Gotti

    Speculation Thread

    We would definitely need to add a no electric gates clause [emoji14]
  7. John Gotti

    January Exits

    Makes sense IF we can get someone to cover his wages on loan though, 3 years is a long contract to buy out so our best option is hoping he finds form and we can sell him on or at the very least at no cost. Especially if it’s true we have only paid the first 25k of his transfer fee.
  8. John Gotti

    January Exits

    I wonder if Jim Kellermann will get offloaded as well, IIRC he is on a 2 year deal.
  9. John Gotti

    Anton Ferdinand & Adam Hammil

    I saw that after I posted and totally get that with Lyness as he has only just come into the side but given Hammill and Ferdinand have made every squad they have been fit for I’m surprised we have left it till after their last contracted game, particularly with Hammill who I think is as good or better than anyone we might get in the window. Hopefully if the manager wants any of them he moves quickly before their affinity for the club/support/teammates etc wears off.
  10. John Gotti

    Anton Ferdinand & Adam Hammil

    Adam Hammill said in his post match interview that St Mirren haven’t discussed a contract with him. He seems to use the term “we” a lot in his interview in reference to the club and seems keen to stay.........I would think it would be a no brainer for the club.
  11. John Gotti

    Saint Mirren v St Johnstone

    Tough to take as I thought we did enough to get a point and maybe even 3 but the team went deeper and deeper after Smith went off. Flynn deserved a chance but on that showing he was a complete ghost. Would like to have seen Jamieson come on as we needed his energy but wasn’t to be. Good performance shite result!
  12. John Gotti

    Saint Mirren v St Johnstone

    Totally agree, he has been excellent and probably having his best game this season.
  13. John Gotti

    January Exits

    I think Willock is out of contract in the summer so I would expect his agent is trying to get him another loan to try and generate some interest in him.
  14. John Gotti

    Speculation Thread

    I just hope he is also bringing in a couple of nasty bastards to help us deal with the Hamilton’s of the league.
  15. John Gotti

    January Signings

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IUbn5ss8j9c If only these lads played football