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  1. Oops, seems to have forgotten to mention the signing on fee, company car, free meals, win bonuses etc. Nothing like pulling the wool.
  2. The other issue in the report shows the caring side of footballers.🀩 Derek McInnes says he has made a Financial sacrifice to go to Aberdeen. Hayes says he is foregoing some financial benefits but I bet it won't be down at a living wage level. Get real the tic wanted rid of him. What planet are these guys on.
  3. Great photo. Spent Primary six and seven in these building. On the right hand side but just out of the picture there was a row of tenements, the name of the Brae evades me where George McLean stayed. He was at the time of his transfer along Paisley Road West the highest transfer fee between two Scottish clubs at Β£28,000.00.
  4. What a photo, Antrim are you sure it is Love Street. Trying to trace my steps when I crossed the footbridge from Abercorn Street to New Sneddon Street but it is all a bit near the top of the photo.
  5. Problem solved. Continue this season from 12th March 2021. Doesn't look like there is going to be any football before then.
  6. We are not fan owned at this moment so no reason to consult Smisa or season ticket holders. The Board of Directors are appointed to make decisions. Why the rush to get a decision since IMO there will be no football played for a long time. Ann Budge just want's to get her way while the "iron is hot".
  7. You forgot to mention that the total number of deaths is now 919.
  8. Food for thought, here are some facts about Sweden's neighbour Finland. Surveys conducted by Gallop confirms that Finland was voted the happiest country in the world in 2018 and 2019. More to the current situation. Finland has almost the same population as Scotland but four times our size. Total number of deaths 49. Let me repeat 49. In hospital 236. In Intensive Care 81 at 11th April 2020. The measures taken by the Government was to close the border of the district (county) which has the capital Helsinki on the 28th March. Within this district a third of the population live. All exits/entries are manned by the Police and Conscripts ( Bring this back here) and only essential travel out or in has been permitted. Tightened the land borders with Russia, Sweden and Norway until at least 13th May. It is now expected to re-open the district border which will again allow free movement on the 19th April.
  9. Remember them well. Did not believe they had the technology to tell which channel the television was tuned to. I received a visit from them in the 1970,s. Invited them into the flat to prove to them I didn't have a television.
  10. No respect for her now, Yes she had to go. Broke the "rules". Surely some of her friends or even her husband should have pointed out the stupidity of even considering going anywhere.
  11. Now now, the players have have still to put their spare change together.🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐
  12. Tom, You could have left a clue about the pen corner, !ike a cinema!!! Your memories going. It was the Tapit Hen.
  13. Done. Or not had symptoms need also to respond?
  14. A senior moment? Already posted on 30th October. Punishment - more memories please🍻
  15. Another 21 minutes game time for Chabbi to-day. He will soon be "match fit!!! Remind me, did we sign him in January? Cannot understand signing a player and not having him on at the start. IMO our Manager with his team selections and especially with his choice of substitutes is the reason we have not picked up more points.
  16. And they didn't teach them to fly the Union Jack properly, its upside down😬
  17. Please don't tell me Messrs Atkinson, Stewart and Henderson were/are died in the wool supporters. Naughty of you not to complete the story of Reg Brearley. Our white knight Stewart Gilmour won the day. The majority of shareholders did not vote to sell a controlling interest in the club but the Directors with majority shareholding power did. Sounds a bit like what the concern is now!! Do not understand your statement " St Mirren fans have a history of getting it wrong. We have been in existence since 1876, so must have been doing something right.
  18. If they were going to consider health and safety issues the pitch inspection would have be irrelevant.
  19. I also would be questioning the reason for Goody to be at the top table. If he contributes to SMISA he should only have been in the body of the hall. At the AGM the same mistake is made with the current Manager at the top table from the beginning of the meeting. He should only, as was done in the past, be invited when the business end has been completed. He is only an employee of the Company just like e.g. The Groundsman. If sure he had more things to worry about on Thursday night after the dreadful team selection the night before.
  20. Maybe "not up to match speed fitness wise". Whatever that means.
  21. What I can't understand is being a professional and football is his trade why is he not match fit? Why sign him. He has missed two games plus how many more?
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