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  1. Ok you've caught me in your web. I cannot recall attending any AGM, and I have attended many, that a Director has chosen to not attend. I would consider it an unwritten duty for a Director to attend an AGM and for you to think otherwise puts some doubt in my mind about your lack of knowledge of business etiquette. If that is not the case it proves that anybody saying black you would automatically say white.
  2. Forgive me for deleting parts of your post which was interesting. I would like just to comment on a couple of parts. Just for clarification so please feel free to call me wrong. I believe unless it had changed over the years the Carrs paid a fixed price for the kiosks to St Mirren. Hospitality a different ball game. The product supplied since their "retirement" is far from satisfactory. I like my bovril hot. As I said in an earlier post Chris Stewart on the 24th November remained as our Company Secretary and the Cardinal Sin not mentioning our Tony along with Campbell and Tommy. (Is the high ceiling for hanging purposes?) Could I ask if you could indicate what side of the fence the directors are on. Taken from Company Information prior to last year's AGM. Wardrop, Scott, Fitzpztrick, Stewart, Riley, Gillespie, MacMillan.
  3. I can confirm Chris Stewart, a partner of Digby Brown, on the 24th November was Company Secretary of St Mirren Football Club and intended to continue in that role.
  4. People in glass houses!! I refer you to your message on 1st December. As you now know I have no allegiance to either Kibble or Smisa and my witchhunt (as you call it) is based on his inappropriate comments on social media which in my opinion does not meet my expectations of a Chairman of St Mirren Football Club. If he resigned, as he should have done immediately, why can't Smisa not democratically elect another chairman? Where do the rest of the directors of the St Mirren Board who are divorced from both parties stand? If he is allowed to continue as chairman, will he be welcomed (or even allowed to enter) along the road. Whether their right or wrong that cannot be acceptable. How embarrassing.
  5. Does any motion need to be lodged, for example a month beforehand? Can be done on the night providing the motion is seconded.
  6. An EGM is not needed. A motion could be called at the AGM which which has still to be announced, but is required to take place on or prior to the 20th January 2022. O forgot the annual bit did not apply last year since the meeting was held 13 months after the previous years Annual Meeting.
  7. You are well of the mark. To put your mind at rest, not that I have to explain, but I do object to you questioning my passion for St Mirren. Lets just say my support goes back to the days of Walker, Lapsley etc., (In case you are to young that was 1957) And continues to this day. I have no thoughts on your speculation (since you have not provided proof) on Kibble actions. Me, an employee of Kibble is a joke. The closest connection I have or had to Kibble was walking (or sometimes running) 4 times past their front door on the Greenock Road on a Saturday to and from the Racecourse to play football. Neither do I have any connection with Smisa. Never been a member, so no nothing about their arrangements for representatives to the Board. I am not outraged (past that), your words, but I do expect the Chairman of an Institution that I have been a member of for many years to represent me in a professional manner. Nearly forgot. Not me that leaked the tweet since I not on it. ( To easy to cause problems!) Please don't loose the point, It has nothing to do with the "joke" THAT IS NOT THE BIG PICTURE but his lack of thought of the consequence is. From my experience, Companies that I have been employed by have standards that their employees or their representatives are expected to abide by or suffer the consequences. (Failure normally led to a sacking) If our "man" has the best interest of OUR St Mirren at heart he shall do the right thing and resign before his disciplinary meeting later to-day and not drag the club down any further.
  8. I am a St Mirren fan but certainly not weird. Your comment is derogatory to many "fans". It seems the reason he should have resigned is being lost. He should have resigned when his stupidity came to light and I do not buy " he has apologised" which may only have been on the advice of more sensible persons. The damage had already been done. A person representing a Company, in this case St Mirren Football Club Limited, is expected to maintain certain standards on behalf of its shareholders and in this case a crass joke on a social media platform indicates that he is unsuitable for the position.
  9. It's far from a nothing affair. The derogatory remarks were far from funny. It was unbecoming and reckless of him and in my opinion makes him unsuitable to be the figurehead of the club that I have supported for many years. By his stubbornness to voluntary resign he is continuing to allow this to fester. I cannot believe fellow Directors have not taken appropriate action to remove him from his position.
  10. Neither do I. That was my point but I hear Mr Neetham does use it.
  11. Did Mr Needham, current Chairman of our club, ever explain the reason which lost us an income of minimum £20,000.00 but would suggest closer to £40,000.00? I cannot find an answer but may be he left an explanation on twitter.
  12. The trouble with managers we have had who have been associated with the o. f., is their hearts are elswhere. The worst first, Rae, Hay, Miller. Miller must have forgot where he was when he turned up on his first day still wearing some of previous employees attire.
  13. Your right. As soon as he resigns the story will go with him.
  14. Definition of joke. Something said to cause laughter. Take the ran:ers element out of it and ask yourself where is the laughter?
  15. It doesn't matter what position he was in at the time of his unacceptable unsavery joke on human beings. This is not what I expect of an individual representing me as Chairman of our club. Since he seems to be unwilling to resign he has to be removed by his fellow Directors.
  16. Why not? It will not affect the sports headlines tomorrow. Another minute is to long.
  17. Wonder why the current Chairman doesn't appear to have been vetted. One thing thing they would have discovered would have how stubborn and no clue to responsibility. Cant believe he is still in his position.
  18. Sorry, I cannot deny that I don't find it witty. A man of his stature should by now have learned the dangers of using social media The OF have paid for damages in the past. The young people that are training with the Kibble could have the place spick and span in no time.
  19. It's easy to apologise but does he mean it? He was unable to do his "job" yesterday by choosing not to meet and greet his guests as is normal practice.
  20. Should have walked by now. Being crucified on Sportsound Must go immediately before he does any more damage to the club. Stayed away from yesterday's match according to bbc.
  21. I am not a member of SMiSA but I am a shareholder and did not have an option to vote for him as Chairman. The point is being missed. He should not have written what he did on a social media outlet. He should have kept his thoughts to himself. It is not Directors of the Club that are singing the songs you refer to. The last one who did that was shown the door. A Chairman and his Directors are required to set examples since they are representing the club which I have followed for a very long time and the type of humour he choose to put in print does not fall into my opinion of being acceptable.
  22. Your missing the point. He should be above using a tweeter account with his idea of humour.
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