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  1. O no it's that time of year again. Maybe our Chairman, who is our clubs representative and has remained in his position despite his previous disgraceful comments on social media to switch his computer off to prevent any repercussion.
  2. I don't think he can take one of the first five penalties since he scored from a penalty in the 90 minutes. Always prepared to stand corrected.
  3. I was only quoting your statement which was "and let fans vote to decide" That to me infers the fans make management decisions which I've tried to explain to you is not the way companies operate.
  4. I will remind you again that the bottom line is SMiSA do not run St Mirren Football Club. Your suggestion for fans vote to decide who are members of SMiSA would exclude non members who make up the largest percentage of supporters. Directors of a company make decisions, in this case St Mirren Football Club, sometimes easy and other times difficult but certainly not members of SMiSA. Good directors will have their ear to the ground and will weigh up the pros and cons with the additional knowledge not available to supporters.
  5. He has played four games and scored four goals.
  6. You seem to have a bit of verbal diarrhra. You have missed my point that this part of the forum is about St Mirren. I am well aware of other clubs situations without you repeating the obvious. Take your discussions about non St Mirren matters to Other Football. Goodwin has gone so get over it.
  7. Why are we discussing Aberdeen? Let me remind you the topic is "General St Mirren Discussion". Away and discuss Aberdeens problems on Other Football.
  8. There may be a similar scenario at the club AGM. At the AGM,s held since Stuart Gilmour vacated the seat the football manager at the time has been in attendance. There are only two ways in which this should be possible. 1) being a shareholder or 2)being a proxy. Previously the manager was invited to the meeting after the business end had been completed.
  9. Four and a half pages of utter dross mainly because you wanted to hit the "headlines" again opening a new topic before the previous game has been played. Have you run out of ideas for topics? Do your friends who you keep us well informed about know your obsession?. It may be time to cool your time on here. I used to enjoy poping in and out of this forum including keeping up with the little battles going on but your attempt at a takeover is no fun.
  10. Are not as bad as some fans made out, does not mean we are in a good financial position. I like the way you keep referring to the AGM which you previously stated you had no interest in.
  11. Great pictures. The animals arrived by rail and unloaded at the shunting area at Greenlaw. Watched them arrive.
  12. Next door to Curry & Paxton in Moss Street is a Tobacconist. Also on the same side as the Times office was the Hairdressers/Barbers. As they now say on BBC Scotland radio, there is other papers. Who can remember the other evening paper, the Citizen and their office in Old Sneddon.
  13. A post from Maboza on 7th Sept. 2021 confirmed the shareholding. SMiSA 50.01%, Kibble 27.5% and others 22.4%. Elvis. Only trying to point out the limitations of SMiSA regarding information. The information you and me yearn for can only come from the Board of Directors of St Mirren Football Club.
  14. No. Why should a fan who is not paying any contribution to the membership of SMiSA be entitled to the information at their meetings? There seems to be confusion with the expectations of SMiSA who hold just over half of the shares in St Mirren Football Club and not full ownership.
  15. If you had went into the "shop" next to Drennan's i'm sure you would have remembered
  16. Gies a break, can remember 1957 but not 2019. (Blame the Buddies). Katie Hearts, spot on.
  17. This has stirred the old memory bank. On and about 1969 the Church Hall building was used as a Nursery. It was called Hugh Smillie Nursery and one of the assistants was Mrs Bell (May). On the same side of Storrie Street was the side entrance to Priorscroft Bowling Club (before it was resited) with the red Telephone Box near the entrance and a pub known to us youngsters at the time as a wine bar. The wine of course was lanliq and eldorado.
  18. Interesting. Alan Quinn, Secretary of SMiSA and basil don't need to apply since they cannot meet at least one of he requirements, "attention to detail"😘
  19. It has taken a while but glad you have finally got it. The "someone" must be the Secretary since the e-mail carries his name. No argument from me just more attention to detail required.😊
  20. The only option was to build the dinky little stadiium, or St Mirren no more. Thank you Tesco for your stupi sorry generousity.
  21. Here are a some. Baxter, Bremner, Law, Souness, Dalglish, White, Gilzean etc. All played at a higher level when fewer caps were available.
  22. Please, please let's not exaggerate he is far from one of the most successful in Scottish history.
  23. Steady now. Plenty better candidates for the most successful captain in the history of Scottish football. Two that come to mind would be Billy McNeil and John Greig.
  24. The Nurses will be with you shortly to take you back to your locked room.😅
  25. Won't be far wrong. Point 3 Finance should only be discussed at a meeting of St Mirren Football Club not at a meeting by people representing only 51% of the Shareholders.
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