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  1. Baird will be a good player yes he's made some mistakes but it's his first season as a first team footballer how many centre backs play that many games in there first season? Kelly deserves the criticism this season failed to push on and not very good defensively he's had 3 seasons! Jack Baird was thrown into a team that had just been relegated managed by a numpty (Murray) the team was unfit the confidence was low and tactics were shocking! Jacks done well IMO for a young player thrown to the fire! I was gutted for him against Raith cute foul by the Raith player but he should have done better! But next time he's in that position bet he handles it better...
  2. Langfeild punt Watson keep Naismith keep Webster keep Baird keep Mallan keep Goodwin think he will go! Agnew Punt Quinn Keep Shankland loan will return to Aberdeen! Thommo think he will retire! Wilks don't know never seen him play Irvine punt kelly punt Gow punt Clarkson If we can get him I would keep! Morgan keep McClear keep McCalister keep Howieson punt Cudity punt McGrath punt Team needs ripped apart new strikers required as don't think we will get Shankland back on loan Clarkson might be possible! Thommo should retire and do more pundit work! Goodwin is the only one I'm on the fence with he's commited passionate breaks play down.... BUT he's on a good wage can be a head case gets booked alot he's getting on in years and just coming back from injury! Add the fact that Rae doesn't seem to Rate him just think his wages could free up funds for players who could get a game with us..
  3. If Alex Rae only picks and plays former Rangers or servco players then why did he sign Rocco Quinn ex Celtic player???
  4. Really disappointed tonight started of well I thought were pushing for a goal when we lost the first goal but our defence was missing and was possibly off side? Then it just got worse the more we attacked the worse we got! I like Jack Baird but it was a massive mistake that gave them there second goal I was gutted for him and he looked shakey and nervous after the goal although he did help in setting up our goal... Think Rae was right to sub him tonight. Thought Rae's team selection was baffling as were his substitutions. Agnew was MOM and am no even on drugs when I am saying that! Got really annoyed at Garry Irvine tonight the amount of times he could have passed to McCallister but punted it long and lost possesion and his chasing and trying to foul shadows and failing at both! Been impressed by Rae's results up till tonight his selections were as bad as the teams performance. West Stand lines man was a Joke referee was not the best thought Gallagher got fouled all night and never got any free kicks!
  5. I don't get Goodwin not playing but don't think it was because he played for Celtic or any of that pish! As for McMullan he had half a season and did very little frustrated the f-ck out me all pace no end result. Sending him back was correct! But regardless of the player's on the pitch the results have been good we are no longer relegation candidate's the footballs not the best but at least player's are fit and trying! Alex Rae has done well he's taken a Club with a voodoo about not winning at home... To a club with a great home form in the last 10 matches! He's taken us out the relegation zone and if he gets player's from his old Servco connections and they do us a job I don't care! Danny Lennon had sevral player's from Celtic did that make him a Tim? Did we question why he brought McGowan and Carey in? Alex Rae is a big New Co fan there's no getting away from that BUT he's also manager of St.Mirren who pay his wages. Gus was a big Rangers fan he did ok for us! As for Danny Lennon I don't know who he supports does anyone know??? Goodwin can be good but he can equally be a head case! Referee's book him alot and he's getting on in years and just back from injury! The reason's above might be the reason both Murray and Rae don't trust him in there team's...
  6. First half was crap apart for the run that got us a penalty and the penalty! Clarkson did not look his self today and it was the right decision to take him off on 50 mins.... When I saw his replacement was Gow was not impressed BUT he did well had some nice touches and played in some balls that created chances that players should have done better with! The goal that was chopped off should have stood! Didn't think Shankland did much today sure unlucky to get flagged offside but not much apart from that! Should we try Gow and Clarkson upfront? Can't believe I have just said that... over all it was a good display we should have scored more goals Queens goal was against the run of play and was badly defended to leave a player unmarked in the box!
  7. Only 2 people no what happened that day and one is dead and the other is too much of a gentleman to ever tell the truth! I was at the game but I was only about 7 remember the look of shock on my dad and Grampa's face when he was sent off! I've heard stories over the years that it was a comment made by Cooper to Fitzy about his son! Tony was not fined and only received a one match ban! Can never get much info on this think the nearest to what happened I read in Abercrombies book! Does Fitzy have Autobiography and if so does he mention it??
  8. The way the defence plays now is winning us games! By going long when in trouble it gives the defence time to regroup Jack Baird is young and IMO in the last 2 matches in particular he's looked solid and confident.. look at Jacks performances under Murray! We could see a player there but he lacked confidence looked nervous! I was totally unimpressed by the appointment of Alex Rae as manager but he's done everything right so far and for the last 2 saturdays my beers tasted better because of the results he's brought! As for Davie Longwell goodluck to him and thanks for his work but it's a great opportunity for him! As for St.Mirren Davie Longwell leaving and Brian Caldwell leaving is not a bad thing both worked hard for St.Mirren but we needed change for years now! I like the fact Alex Rae wants to start a scouting system I always thought Longwell didn't sign enough local talent! I like Tonny Fitz comming home! I agree with Rae football was better when the reserve leagues were about. On every front Alex Rae has done a better job than Murray,Teale and Craig there football got us relegated or in the relegation zone! Under Rae we are 4 points away form playoff place! After the three stoodgies above I don't care how we win because at least we see wins!!!
  9. What position does Labour play and who's this guy Tuition Fees???
  10. Alex Rae talked about setting up a scouting system at the last Q&A night. He also mentioned St.Mirren's defensive tactics about not fannying about at the back! David Longwell recently said in interview that he thinks football should be played from the back! And yes he's developed McGinn,McClean,Naismith,Mallan,Kelly, and many more but scouting player's was not his Speciality missed the boat on some promising local boy's over the years! Over all he's done well for St.Mirren and wish him all the sucess in the future he's going to have an amazing life in Florida. I can't say I think it's bad St.Mirren have needed restructured from top to bottom for some years now...
  11. I think St.Mirren deserved there win yesterday and yes it was not a great game yes we only scored one goal BUT I still enjoyed the result! Ian Murray's teams were far mire organised were they?? how many clean sheets did St.Mirren have during his time as manager? All I can say Ian Murray had us 1 point away from the relegation zone having not won at home only had 2 games in which we did not concede a goal! Alex Rae has us 4 points off a playoff place we have won at home taken 9 league points out of 12 on offer! Alex Rae has us more organised more direct and it's still early days I hope the football gets better but again for the second week in a row we have won! And under Rae Kelly Baird and Mallan are producing performances! Unlike Murray Alex Rae looks as if he's got a plan B! So yes we are better organised under Rae! can people no just enjoy results the football will get better as Confidence grows!
  12. It's his local team and he's no allowed in Ipox anymore!
  13. Good luck to him saw him score 1 goal against a second division side had a couple of goodish games got halfed against Falkirk. When he came back was never the same. Seemed to me to be all pace no end product best for St.Mirren he goes back to Celtic free up some money for a replacement!
  14. Reading Tony in the PDE today still thinks fan ownership is the way forward for St.Mirren and he came close to buying the club a few years ago! I love Tony I'm delighted he's home and he is perfect to be St.Mirren's CEO don't undestand how being nice is a bad thing in his position? What we have now is someone who has success in local business who people like who has a wealth of knowledge of football! Tony never shucked a tackle as a player and just because your Nice doesn't mean you are not ruthless! Tony's a nice guy but by no means soft he can hold his own! Remember him going out and doing Davie Cooper for something he said and he was ruthless there! What I do find very strange is always got the impression Gilmour and Fitzy were not that fond on each other! Does anyone think this appointment was made because of the bid made for the club? welcome home Tony!!
  15. Yes Mr Dickson I will give Darren McGregor as a good defender but also have to say he was injured twice in his St.Mirren career and spent a very long time recovering from injuries! And yes Mair left for a lower league team Partick at the time. Yes you are correct he played part time football at a team managed by Ian Murray! And how often did Danny Lennon play Mair? Goodwin was and never will be a defender! Players he played with... Potter,McGregor, 40 odd year old Andy Millen, Genev,or Goodwin played out of position! Millen and McGregor were decent but the rest good? And for the record Marc was a better player than Mair IMO!!
  16. Marc McCausland's career at St.Mirren was blighted by not having decent defenders to play along side! And he was always over criticised by many a St.Mirren fan simply because of who his father was! Marc had no control over who his dad was he is a nice lad and he did try his best every time he pulled on the jersey! Marc will not be back at St.Mirren any time soon. And if he goes abroad to as some fans put it backwater football country like Mehmet did! Then he gets to play football and earn money while getting to see the world! And how can you say backwater football country when the player in question already plays in the lower leagues in Scotland??? I'm glad people recognise the standard of the Boy's clubs in Paisley in the 80s as I played in them! But I go to a job I hate 8 hours a day 5 days a week and Marc plays football for a living I hate my Dad!!! Marc McCausland is a St.Mirren legend he won the cup with us he's as much a Legend as Hamilton Mcdowal and Winney were in the 1987 Scottish cup winning team! Good luck to him what ever he does in the future! HOW many on this forum have played or won a national trophy for St.Mirre? Marc Did!
  17. Davy Clarkson is a good signing he can hold the ball up and score goals! Just need to improve in the midfield so we can give him the service to score goals! As for Thommo he's had a good career earned stupid money at Rangers went on to play for Scotland and played in the English premiership. Then had successful career in English championship playing for the biggest teams in the English championship before moving to his boyhood heros and winning the cup! If Clarkson's arrival means Thommo's departure I don't feel sorry for Thommo disapointed for the way his career at St.Mirren had petered out in the last 2 seasons! Tommy Craig overplayed him and rushed him back and rushed him back again and he never quite recovered! Always will be a St.Mirren Legend his celebration in the final after his goal is probably my favourite St.Mirren moment ever!!
  18. Can we afford to take that chance? None of our strikers are consistently scoring goals! So what we need is someone proven who puts the ball in the net.... The boy might be good given time but we don't have time and we also don't have the cash to carry another striker who struggles to score!
  19. I would like to see summer football! There is a lack of football during the summer so clubs would get more in TV revenue! Games like today would not be an issue and player's and teams would not start there european Campaigns in middle of the season rather than pre season! I would rather miss a couple of games because the wife booked a holiday than miss a game because I can't be arsed going to a midweek game away because the game on saturday has been called off! In a pefect world a summer league with 16 team's in the premier is exactly the shake up Scottish football needs!
  20. The reason the game at ibrox went ahead was bigger stands and covered corners so less snow gets in! I don't think St.Mirren did anything wrong the ref makes the decision and it was the right one! Whether the game should have been called off because of bad weather earlier Again not St.Mirren's decision to make! This happens every winter in Scotland especially in the lower league's AGAIN the way to solve it is Summer football! But as the commentator who was covering the game for Clyde said pitch was fine at 2 when he got there at 2:10 there was heavy snow! He felt sorry for St.Mirren they did everything they could to get the game on... The pitch was not frozen and looked perfect at 2! The ref makes the decision on behalf of the sfa/spl not St.Mirren! St.Mirren's job is to do there best to get the pitch ready and playable heating on 2 days before and 100 volunteers sounds like they tried there best! And sonny at 10:45 pitch passed inspection and again at 1:30 so yes the game at 2 o'clock was not in doubt!
  21. The undersoil heating had been on for 2 days there was no frost on the pitch.. uptill 2 o'clock the game was not on doubt... I left the house on my walk to the ground it got heavier when I got in it was 2:45 and obvious the park unplayable! The answer to avoid this is summer football! I feel sorry for all the Raith fans who were in the ground and all the saints fans that travelled many miles! Herd one guy talking to his mate saying he was going to end up drunk by 5 because the game was off don't feel sorry for him just jealous! Only good point is it gives us more time to recruit player's I hope!
  22. I would have been happy with Quinn in the premier! I am delighted to get him in the championship! Think we need a defender and a striker and possibly a back up keeper! If Rae gets these signings right then we could have a good finish to the league...
  23. Quinn is a good signing can play midfield or in central defence! Plenty of experience knows this league from his time with QOS! He can also hit a shot from distance.
  24. I'm not that disappointed by the result or performance. Yes we lacked an attacking threat but what do we expect with only Shankland upfront an unproven striker! I think several things went against us tonight we did not look as solid in midfield after Carswell got injured and we were forced to make a sub... The referee was not the best the pitch was heavy because of the weather. To me it looked like Carswell's studs caught in the soaked grass and he twisted his knee! Thommo should have came on sooner Agnew is pish can't pass a ball forward can't tackle! McMullan is to lightweight and is all pace and absolutely no end result! Can anyone remember him crossing a ball this season? Only complaint tonight about Rae was that he took too long putting Thommo on but think that might be the result of the early sub because of injury! What difference would Goody have made tonight and if we had a decent striker to play upfront with Shankland instead of imposter footballers like Agnew and I'm afraid to say McMullan as well! We need player's in January but we played a topflight team. We have a depleted squad because of injury and Murray's inability to sign footballers! But I do see progress and what do people think the score would have been had ian Murray been incharge? Go on slaughter me then!!!
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