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  1. So Ian Murray decided to go with a young boy instead of moving Kelly across and playing Goodwin at CB! Aye sounds like he rate's Goodwin right enough!
  2. Yes and as a cup winning legend if he stays and sits on the bench for a season he's a waste of money and he gets no playing time! I have previously stated Goodwin has been a great servant and liability in equal measure! I can see reason for playing him next game especially after Saturday's midfield performance. The problem is Murray doesn't rate him that was obvious by the fact he never brought him on when Naismith got injured! If he's not going to play and he's one of our higher earners then I think it's best for the club and him if he was to move!
  3. You might be right Billy? But Murray prefers him in the LOB (left on bench) position! I think if Murray doesn't rate Goodwin it's best for him and the club if he moves on! Goodwin would get regular football elsewhere and St.Mirren could use money saved on wages to strengthen the squad!
  4. I would not have Goodwin anywhere near our defence he's not a Defender and he's not a Right back! He's a holding midfielder. I would play Kelly at LB Webster (if he signs) and Baird in the centre but who do we play at right back? Even if you move Baird to the right which I think he would play well there! Who will cover at CB! The fact that our only defensive option was Jim Goodwin on the bench and the fact that we are only 2 game's in and we have lost Naismith for a sustained period means we need 2 new defenders! Not helped by the other FACT Conlan is Baws!
  5. I'm absolutely gutted for Naismith today was sitting near it and it looked a bad one! I wish for the best that it's not as serious we fear! I thought Conlan was crap today and would rather see Kelly in his position next game. Even IF we sign Webster and I really hope we do! I think we now need cover for the RB position and LB position's. Thought Baird looked Ok at the back today. Thought today's decisions were strange Why not put on Goodwin? Instead we put on a Young boy who had never played in that position? But after I heard the line ups today my first thought was WTF no Thompson! I said to my son we don't have much cover in Defence on the bench! I still don't think Goodwin's a defender but it was the most logical choice.
  6. Goodwin is not a defender Webster is! That's why Murray should sign him if possible! Who would you drop from our midfield to accommodate Jim Goodwin? Mallan,Carswell,Agnew have all done well since joining. Jim should never have been played at CB so he either has to earn his place in Midfield or move on! I have nothing against Goody he's been a great servant to the club but a liability in equal measure. Murray might no want Goody and tried to sugar coat the truth by his comment's. But how could he say I don't rate Jim Goodwin?
  7. I don't think we can win the league but I do expect to get to the playoffs! Sevco will win the league we will take points off them and Hibs over the course of the season. I don't think the Team we have this season is worse than the one we had last season in the premier. We still have spaces to fill and the manager still says he needs 4 player's a Central defender a Goalkeeper another young striker and some cover on the left. If we get these player's RIGHT I expect us to finish in second behind Servco and ahead of Hibs!
  8. Do we get a roof over our heads or do we still have to sit on a bench on a hill getting soaked! With crapy toilets with no soap of course!!
  9. I will be pleased if we sign Langfeild as Goalkeeper/Coach! I don't think Ridgers did that bad on Friday! But anytime the ball went near him my heart was in my mouth! If the defender's feel the same way that's not good for St.Mirren! I would start our next game with Langfeild in Goal if he sign's! I am not a Ridgers fan and really don't see much potential hopefully Langfeild can develop him! Ridgers is fairly young but has now had quite a bit of first team experience he doesn't command his box is Ropey at Crosses and is not particularly good with Long kicks. His shot stopping is actually quite good! I hope I'm wrong and he turns into St.Mirren's next Cambell Money! But I doubt it!! As I said I am pleased with Langfeild but would have been over the moon had we digned Sampson!
  10. We need a central defender have done for years now! We need a striker If the boy from Aberdeen Shankland comes on loan that should be that problem solved! We also need a Keeper Langfeild or Samson seem like our best options. Although I can't see Sammy coming back! Some cover for the left side not sure about Conlan! Ian Murray said he still wants 3-4 new faces before the window shuts.
  11. Been to the ground a few times it's tiny it's ok if the pub/mainstand/pavilion/chainging room/players lounge/Bungalow type thing is open and serving alcohol! One stand mixed no segregation and capacity is only about 2600! Mybe about 200 seats! The Pubs in town are shite! There's a wee poolhall/Bar on the way to the ground can't remember the name about the best on offer! There is a great wee sit in Chippy bang in the middle of the high street! The Local inhabitants are a mixture of Ned Bam where as the woman are slappers buy us a drink! Oh and meet my boyfriend! Don't worry he doesn't mind! Because he's my Brother! Type charchters! There is a Train station but be warned it's like a Rail Journey to list of Scotlands worsts dives! Cummnock and Sanquhar particular stand outs it takes about 3 and a half hours! Having said that got a St.Mirren supporting mate who lives just outside town so I will be going!
  12. Why would St.Mirren need another ageing stricker! With Gow and Thomo at the club seems a waste of time and money to me! The Shankland boy from Aberdeen on loan is good for starters someone who's young mobile with pace and can play off Thommo/Gow! Miller is a journey man for a reason! And the reason is when he gets to a new club they realise he's sh-te! Morton would be a good fit right enough they are on the hunt for a stella signing after the success of Gary O'connor!!!
  13. If Murray sees Rooney as a development squad player who probably earns more money in his current job with other clubs interested! Then he's right not to offer him anything whether it's 2 weeks or 4 weeks! If Murray thinks he's not quite ready for the first team and has given him extra time for both player and club to make there mind up then fair enough! I just hope Ian Murray has someone lined up 2 if am honest! And not a average Right back called Mark Wilson! Not disappointed But will be really pissed of if we don't have at least 1 central defender and at least 1 striker signed minimum by the time we go to Ibrox!
  14. 1 Riggers 2 Naismith 3 Conlan 4 (still to be signed) 5 Kelly? 6 Goodwin 7 Mallan 8 Carswell 9 McMullan 10 Thompson 11 Gow I still think we need 2 CB and another striker! WHY DO WE NEVER SIGN CENTRAL DEFENDERS??
  15. When we knocked back Shefeild United I think it was first bid it was around 70k mark! They then came back at about 100k mark! Both bids were outrageous and we would be due twice as much in a development fee! Johns form dropped and then Thommo speared him! Then he gets to the end of the season and before he answer's the clubs offer he contacts a lawyer and sues! I would love to get something for McGinn now but the board were right to not accept the offer! Had there been a bid similar to McCleans to the sheep he'd have been gone! I think he should have given us an answer before contacting a lawyer! Another point would be how much have St.Mirren spent on John's career in wages bonuses and appearances over the year's?? If he goes to the USA it reeks of Jamie Fullarton to me!!!
  16. I don't get your point I would leave my job for more money who wouldn't? But if that employer had trained me up to the point I am worth more to another company I would say thank you but I am not signing your contract! If I felt let down by that employer and felt the need to sue them I would say I intend to sue and therefore I am not signing a contract! What John is doing is holding the club to ransom! If John doesn't want to play for St.Mirren fair enough it's his right! If John is keeping St.Mirren on hold just in case a better offer doesn't come in then that is bang out of order! I am sorry John got injured but it was an accident! But why wait till the start of the new season to sue? Why not start proceedings straight away? I think the part that stinks is John can tell St.Mirren he intends to sue them! But can't tell them if he is signing a contract? Not turning up for pre season suing St.Mirren are good indicators he's no intention of staying just tell us and we can move on! I dare say he thinks he's got a deal somwhere hopefully England! I think best for both parties if he moves on! But what I don't know is if St.Mirren take the offer of the table are they still due compensation!
  17. John McGinn has shat all over the club that put him where he is today! It was an accident what happened to him he has told us he's going to sue! Why will he not give us an answer on his contract offer? I suspect he's waiting on offers and if none come then he will sign! Whatever happens I don't want him back but I want money for him even if it's just to pay off the over rated silly little boy! if we withdraw the offer do we still get compo? Sue us all you want but give us an answer so we can get money for you! The compo figure is about his value just hope the insurance covers his injury but it's not 100% guaranteed!
  18. Our old derby game used to be Kilmarnock did it not? Can remember my Dad and Grampa telling me it was the best New Years games as all the pubs were open!! Don't know if that's true as can no longer ask them! Either way in a season when your going to the likes of Alloa and Dumbarton a Proper competitive derby game against Morton will help ease the pain of relegation a bit!
  19. Crapilow is a dump always has been! But I loved going there when they had the fence in the middle. Since they took it away sitting on a cheap bench with no roof on a hill with no decent atmosphere no decent toilets no decent food has lost its appeal a bit! beating the Soap Dodgers is still enjoyable but at least give us a roof over our heads! Plus if we don't have a roof why do we pay the same price as home fans? But on the other side of the coin when they come to Paisley lets have a bit of an atmosphere there for a change! Been sadly lacking for last few years!
  20. Brilliant strip proper St.Mirren strip don't even hate the JD badge on it! Now a half decent away kit and some half decent players to wear them please! People who say how's it Historic? Well could be at the end of the season!
  21. Facts are Thommo did this admitted it talked to the press and appologised for it! He paid John his win bonuses! I think that's the right way to deal with it! John came back from Holiday contacted a laywer and decided to sue! I think John could have shown some of Thommos attributes and given St.Mirren an honest answer on his contract offer before deciding sue! That's what doesn't sit right with me! I am more concerned about Thompson future than McGinn's! I think McGinn has treated the club who gave him his football education appallingly! And for the record St.Mirren have still receive a response on the contact offer!! Go for it people rip me a part someone slagged Sir McGinn but I don't want him at St.Mirren for the coming season! I do however want Thompson!
  22. I think if he intends to sign a new contract with St.Mirren then I think it's a low blow! So it says to me he's off and trying to get himself as much money as he can! If I remember correctly Thommo said he would give John his win bonuses and John still got his wages so don't get the loss of earnings bit! Still think with all that time off how many points on his Nandos card is that! Seriously though if John intended to stay would he not have sat down and brought this up during negotiations rather than sue? Think John should remember though without St.Mirren he would have no earnings!
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