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  1. Tactics, set up and substitutions. The glaringly obvious has been about all season. 1) We can't defend a lead by becoming more defensive. 2) Our defence are decent at clearing balls and general defending but not so great when being put under pressure plays. 3) JDH is a decent player but would be be better playing in straight 4 along with McGrath. We have decent players who can play football but setting them up to defensively is an issue. The diamond worked at the start but grew predictable. 4) Our attack is poor without dennis and brophy and general hold up play isn't great. 5) The gaffer needs to go all out to win to become a winner. The best form of defence is attack or at least trying to keep the ball as far away from our goal as possible. 6) We don't score goals from high cross balls and don't think we have any player who is decent at heading a ball towards goal. 7) Better the wingers swap sides occasionally to cut in and get shots off. I am not overly disappointed but more frustrated that Jim still hasn't learned our best way to play and to stick with it.
  2. Signed a professional contract back in june 2020 with us. Don't know the length of contract but imagine it would have been 2 years minimum.
  3. 🙂 https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3937-dylan-reid-agrees-contract-extension
  4. Would make the scottish game even more farcial than it already is. This should be a non starter no much how money is on offer.
  5. Won't be happening. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/19148141.st-mirren-jim-goodwin-ruled-aberdeen-running/
  6. Slightly off topic (pubs that used to be churches) but the most appropriate pub name just now is the nobody inn.
  7. Aye probably with the 'live stream here' gif again.
  8. Welcome, but it won't belong before you wish you hadn't bothered.
  9. Yep. Reckon it may be potentially easier for a midfielder to break through. Saying that if the forwards don't start banging in some goals then who knows. Some of the academy football is delightful to watch.
  10. Ha ha, not my lad. Just don't want to see a very good prospect sign a short term deal and disappear to a bigger club for nominal fees.
  11. Hope Jim has got Dylan Reid our academy graduate coming in first thing Monday morning on his 16th birthday to sign his professional contract. A nice long deal for this lad please.
  12. Could be worse. You could be Tarquar Farquarhason fae arbroath.
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