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  1. I hate to say it but he has had enough games to figure out a formation and players that work and then fecks about with it again. He seems incredibly stubborn which will do him no favours. I really don't want another manager to come in but he seems to miss the glaring obvious with regards to some players and don't think he has what it takes at this level which surprises me as he talks well , seems to understand the game but then makes so many management errors which have cost us points. Feck me we would be as well having fan management by poll as well as fan ownership. Could you imagine having votes on bringing on subs etc at certain times throughout the game. it would be hilarious but would probably still work out better as long as we knew if certain players had fitness issues. Interactive fan ownership is the way forward. Paisley panda can approve the subs with the linesman. Would make it a bit more interesting, interactive and fun at least. St Mirren football manager 2022. Surely can't be any worse than some of our previous managers efforts. 😉
  2. Would have him ahead of o'donnell who has been our worst player. Been rotten all night.
  3. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3785-brandon-mason-joins-on-loan-from-coventry-city
  4. Ok can we sign a goal scorer then instead.
  5. At this precise moment in time I would take Shaun Okey dokey. Free Agents here we come.
  6. Probably right on that one. Seems to be forming a good partnership with Higuain. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/18768922.former-celtic-st-mirren-winger-lewis-morgan-scores-wonder-goal-inter-miami-mls/
  7. Yes absolutely correct although at least he is consistently reliable unlike the past X amount of managers. Had high hopes for Jim but some of his decision making is baffling. Don't want to see him go as could do without the merry go round but as much as points and performances count so does decision making. Just don't know whether the board are up to making another change but feck me strong discussions must be had and would also expect some answers to obvious questions.
  8. The positive to take from tonights game was the energy we showed, particularly in midfield where I thought we would struggle. Both Cammy and Ethan played very well. Foley hasn't been the same this season and with Kyle gone we have to focus on the energy within the squad. Best game for Morais since he joined, Obika very poor, Irwin didn't have a good game either. All seems to familiar to last season. Injuries, and lack of cover/quality. Will be fighting it out with Accies at end of season. 10/10 for effort for 9 of the players tonight. Very poor judgement by Goodwin though not to bring on 2 subs for Obika and Morais 15-10 mins to the end. Jamieson is a decent player and Durmus would have at least had more legs than Morais. Unless Jim can justify why no subs have been brought on then I am afraid his days are numbered. This is not the first time he has not made changes to at least offer an out ball for the defence. Wonder how long it will be before Gus is back?
  9. Strange that things have went pear shaped after Gus departed.
  10. Morias wasn't really on the wing, Playing more of a right sided midfielder considering the opposition. Would have preferred a midfielder who can attack, rather than a forward who doesn't or defend very well either. Runs about, but bit of a headless chicken. Reminds me of Alex Bone.
  11. Depends who you are playing but above statement is incorrect
  12. mcallister and morias offer no relief of pressure when flynn is back great and connolly on the left of midfield poss in 451 but morais and mcallister not worth the space just now
  13. We are still not playing to our strength. Morias and mcallister shouldn't be near first team 451 to 442 our strength is/ will be in midfield and defence. Forget the wings or have connolly utilise them later in games
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