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  1. It would need to be some one liner!
  2. Collum is by no measure a top referee and he should be pulled up for this blunder.
  3. Looked to me like Shaugnessy clearly played the ball first and momentum did the rest. No way a red card. Draper's disgraceful antics alongside his greeting team mates allowed showboat Collum to take centre stage.
  4. Tremendous shift from all. Morias fantastic after the sending off. Tait outstanding. Ross Draper is a whining faced prick. County got Shaugnessy sent off by greeting. Ross Stewart - sorry diving fanny. Hope we appeal the red card.
  5. Close there for County. Had it been Morias that missed there would be an uproar!
  6. Ross County love a wee sneaky quick free kick. Seems to be their main threat.
  7. No lack of effort. He is a handful.
  8. Some goal line clearance by Tait. Outstanding. All County at the moment.
  9. Looked like a half chance to me. Goalie shut him down quick.
  10. Also a bit of a fanny looking for free kicks.
  11. Yip. Long balls from us and not that accurate.
  12. Totally agree. Plus it's Vaclav's dream to play in England. Good luck to him. Hope he goes on to great success.
  13. He is an excellent goalie. All the best Vaclav πŸ‘
  14. Stepping stone to Inter Miami AFC. Good luck Vaclav. You did great for us πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘πŸ
  15. Left footed centre forward. Knows where the goal is. Looks like another good signing πŸ‘
  16. The out injured accies player that was giving a post match round up looked thoroughly peed off at the mini Northbank contingent getting applauded by the players. Face like fizz.
  17. Nerve shredding stuff. Zero football from us second half. Just sitting back defending
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