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  1. I think they pay pretty decent money. And haven't sacked too many duff manager's or assembled a squad the size of the New England Patriots.
  2. I'm guessing but I bet he doesn't come cheap. St Johnstone have Geoff Brown as owner, a lot of non football income from the corporate side and umpteen years in the top flight. January will be interesting as we will need to splash the cash to get in guys good enough to make the difference.
  3. Agreed. And to add a wee bit perspective the boy Watt is probably on about 6 grand a week.
  4. Excellent news Flareybob. I'm off to the Saints shop to get a new top with "Marty" on the back before they run out of inverted commas.
  5. Nice wee poke in the nuts. I know you are kidding though so a few more minutes hyperventilating into this brown paper bag and I will be fine.
  6. Probably right which highlights the mistakes made by the Directors at the start of the season and the virtual certainty that we will be relegated. I wonder what our 3 year plan looks like now.
  7. I would settle for the play off berth right now to be honest.
  8. We are all banking on a fantastic season changing January window but realistically, the odds of that happening are very slim. Good players don't get released in January and we need about 6-8 top players. Tall order for OK.
  9. Multiple mistakes every week. Livi can pretty much get the cigars our and celebrate staying in the top flight.
  10. Thanks Shull. It's good to keep in mind that Cody and Josh are young guys that took a big chance trying to live their dream of being a top flight footballer. Good on them and I hope Cody scores a worldy winner against Hibs.
  11. Wouldn't disagree with this Soccty. I do think Hamilton let teams have possession though so possession in itself might not be quite such a positive. Quality wise, we are a bit behind most teams we play every week. We give away soft goals, create very few chances and miss most of the few we do create. None of this is news to any of us. All we can do is stay in touch with the teams above us and have a Jack Rossesque January window. No pressure Oran....
  12. Great attitude St.Ricky. Personally, I am still struggling to find anything positive to say about their brutal approach to football, time wasting, diving and feigning injury. OK their 3rd goal was great and if it had been scored by a Saint I would be in raptures. Imrie is an annoying wee ned. Their fans while small in number are pretty gruesome home and away. I would be happy never to watch us play them again. Horrible wee club.
  13. I would agree with this. Erahon was getting a really tough time yesterday.
  14. Difficult one to take positives from. We had chances but have no composure in front of goal. Midfield looks slow. Defence was very shaky. Big Jack looked unable to turn with the ball at his feet and kept passing back to the goalie. Erahan was getting skinned second half and our goalie was poor at cross balls. As Ok says - back to the drawing board.
  15. Yep. He would be good for us. Bit of talent and a hard man.
  16. Big centre forward showed up our young backs. Totally dominated us. Hope Anton returns soon.
  17. Poor man's Scott Brown. I agree he would be good for us. Good shout.
  18. Hodson was ok . The rest were very poor today. Cooke looked ok when he came on but seemed to pick up an injury. Good crowd given nothing to cheer about. The last 20 minutes had that haunting relegation feeling about it.
  19. Hamilton. The shite that just won't flush.
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