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  1. Beat us? They could all have humped us pre January and you have elected to not mention Derby, Brighton and Dynamo Bucharest. I like the business we have done.
  2. I am more hopeful. The majority of these guys come from some pretty impressive clubs. I'm hoping this counts for something.
  3. Nope. Not this season. Weirder and weirder.
  4. Totally agree bud. Like going through a wringer every week but looks like the guy loves it. Danny soaking up the atmosphere at the Cup Final is an image that will stay with me forever. That's why these guys do it. COYS.
  5. When you are a right good sort your old job is often left open but few go back and I doubt OK will. He is a young highly rated coach living the dream albeit in a bloody tough job.
  6. I think we have to be fair to OK. We can't afford any of those Hibs players. All are on way more money than we can pay. Hibs have a bigger budget and have better players. Thats the real difference not the coach.
  7. It's very balanced and fair so no place for it here. Sin Bin.
  8. Absolutely and we could afford to pay Championship wages to very, very good Championship players.
  9. Great movie though and it sounded like a great idea.
  10. Aye. But born out of frustration as we miss target after target in a window we have all had clenched buttocks waiting for.
  11. High praise indeed from a jobby connoisseur. Quite made my day.
  12. Two things I would change. Firstly, we have to pay the going rate for players so maybe find out what that is. It seems we are way off the pace. Secondly, don't wait for players to drive up through the Cumbria Bermuda triangle. Fly down with a contract, a pen, a strip, a camera and wee pop up Saints badge as background for the publicity pic. Giving players time to think on that drive up seems to work against us.
  13. Think I would rather punch myself in the face.
  14. I'm with you HSS. Outside the OF I can't stand Dundee United or their mini me pals St Johnstone.
  15. Oops heavy thumb on the backspace.
  16. Going to be a very happy dressing room and just possible that the manner of the win might be the kick start for this team to come together as a group.
  17. Clean cut and wearing spectacles as opposed to the tattooed stereotype. All the best Brad.
  18. Hopefully a repeat on the cards.
  19. Ross McCormack back with Motherwell and in one swoop that's them safe I would say.
  20. It's maybe a mini GIRUY but as you say he is young and bound to be disappointed at the way things have turned out.
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