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  1. Same. Looks like another non goal scoring forward.
  2. Tait ripping Dhurmus a new arse for not tracking back.
  3. As is Erwin who looks fatter and slower every week.
  4. Dreadful stuff from St Mirren. Can't pass, no pace and no ideas.
  5. Go back to the qos home page and click on the game and it starts up.
  6. Another great chance for Spittal. Terrible marking.
  7. Thistle starting to remind me of Athletico Madrid.
  8. Deserved goal from Thistle. We are even worse this half.
  9. Better play be Erwin. Didnt realise he was so slow though.
  10. The guy Graham looks very decent. Ex Morton and manager of the Jags women's team according to Google.
  11. Jim saying Flynn has had a setback. Hamstring. Back training next week. Really need him back.
  12. Give the goalie a cup of tea at half time Jim and then rip 10 new arses because this is unacceptable.
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