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  1. Simeon currently on trial with Kilmarnock. Bring him back.
  2. I think it has been helped enormously since the polis started searching W3 & W4 and taking away all the pokes of peppermints and fig newtons.
  3. I think the big Hearts centre forward will be enjoying an enforced week off when that tackle gets shown on tv. Brutal stuff.
  4. Normally the Dandy or Beano. All great until you picked up too much speed and it all started to wobble from side to side - ending with the skate flying out. Happy days indeed - and mostly sunny 😎
  5. Definately a geeg 😉
  6. Came across an old picture of my brother dragging a set of wheels from a pram - treasure back in the day. The plan obviously was to find a plank of wood some nails and get building. But was it called a geeg or a bogie?
  7. Totally agree on Brian Rice. He is either behind this or has sat on his hands when some non footballing numpty decided to try and get a bit of an advantage by having a competing team's player suspended. Accies really are a disgraceful little Club.
  8. Looked to me like he doesn't want to lose rather than push for a win. Seemed to lack confidence in the players even against a 10 man Hamilton.
  9. Morais and Obika look stunned every time they get a chance.
  10. If this stuff works in training we must be practicing against the U 12's.
  11. We didn't change anything when Hanilton went down to 10 men. No courage to take a chance and no-one who can make a forward pass. Please also stop the shite short corners. If we are too short arsed to compete in the air find a way to get a centre back up and whip it in. Frustrating day.
  12. It's what Hamilton do. Horrible to watch. But we are very poor.
  13. Hamilton have looked more dangerous than us this half. Worrying.
  14. I would have been tempted to take Waters off for Obika Go 3 at the back. Waters is getting tons of space but his passing is so poor.
  15. Just playing in front of them. Not trying to get behind them enough and whip balls in.
  16. So did I. Sir Danny Lennon for the Jags anyone? Might put a wee punt on this. Can't see Miller getting the gig permanently.
  17. Everything our current national team lacks.
  18. The games in this league are all going to be tight. We are competitive. We just need a wee bit of luck and less shite refereeing and the results will come.
  19. I thought he was terrible in his last season. Confidence gone. I was never convinced that it was Cheesey who had poor positional sense. Jason N and Sean K were known to stoat aboot. I thought Cheesey could pick a great pass when he was on his game. Overall in my good guy book and as you say a Cup Winner = legend.
  20. Used to follow this guy. Stopped after he interviewed this cruel evil hard hearted woman. Not for me.
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