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  1. This guy Scott is a player. Helps that we have no decent centre half.
  2. Poor goal. Waters backed off too much, player falls on arse and looks like the goalie got his angle wrong. All in all - pish.
  3. Always thought he was a diehard Saint. Slightly disappointing.
  4. McCoist probably got it right when he said Danny was a scorer of great goals but not a great goal scorer.
  5. Danny should have buried that. Shocker. Obika did great.
  6. Good old fashioned game. Evenly matched sides.
  7. Foley has been excellent. Durmus getting loads of space. Would like to see a bit more of Ryan and Kyle on the ball.
  8. Mullen great first touch then horrible shot at goal.
  9. The baw is going to need treatment at half time #blootered
  10. Is Kyle unhappy? He is a Saints supporter. He can do way better than Hibs. Paper talk.
  11. Agreed. Hasn't been on top form since coming back from injury. Plays better in his own position though and when a good wide player is in the team. Wouldn't sell him until he returns to form and would hold out for a better offer.
  12. That strip must have reached deep into Shull's heart 🔥
  13. Only when compared to McGarvie, Macavennie, McDougall and Messi 😉
  14. What would Jimmy Bone be worth now? No harm to Lawrence Shankland but he couldn't lace Jimmy Bone's boots. The standard has dropped. All tactics nae fitba.
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