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  1. Obika has to hold the ball better. Looking for fouls and poor first touch.
  2. Shaugnessy superb tonight. Winning everything in the air.
  3. Going well for me so far. The Dons commentators getting a bit greeting faced but picture good.
  4. MacPherson and Erahon playing well together.
  5. Cammy showing a bit of get intae them. NICE
  6. Had he been fit he would have played every minute and the assumption is he would have made us less shit. Plus he is our Captain and been with us since a boy. Plus going to that 🐍 Ross probably for washers because the player has undermined the Club by saying he wants to go and overall its a blow.
  7. Good play again. Shot over the bar. Half time and well done Saints.
  8. Fraser playing well. Kept busy but doing well so far.
  9. Can't fill the bench and can't find shorts big enough for our emergency loan goalie.
  10. Get out of jail card for Jim. 4 on the bench. We are a pub side.
  11. Likely £150,000 with sell ons.
  12. Another £12.50 spent. Probably end up watching Poirot after 30 mind numbing minutes and a few defensive errors.
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