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  1. That's a bit worrying. My wife queued for 3 hours for me and my sons tickets yesterday, and got told they were added to the smart card.
  2. Would agree. A decent shot stopper is the minimum requirement for a keeper. He wasn't even that.
  3. Arthurlie v Neilston would be 6 quid. And someone expects us v D.Utd to be 8 ?? Can't believe I'm even replying to this pish.
  4. Totally agree. Aside from season ticket costs, money spent at the ground on matchdays,monthly SMISA costs, you are also expected to subscribe to buddie f**king vision to hear interviews from the players and manager ? It's a total piss take.
  5. I wish I could share your optimism. Unfortunately I'm starting to fear the worst, as we couldn't possibly be as lucky as we were in that transfer window.
  6. We've certainly cleared the decks as promised. I'm hoping the 'months of hard work' will result in more, than the attempted loan signing of an old firm reserve full back.
  7. Here's hoping, as we keep getting told it's going to be a busy January!
  8. I thought that also, although there were a couple of morons near me, who had a go almost every time he touched the ball. I think they were expecting him to inspire us to a 4 -3 win. Really do despair about some of the total arseholes in our support.
  9. The pies aren't the best either.
  10. Why does every interview on the official website require you to pay for buddievision ? I pay for season tickets, monthly smisa , so not paying an extra charge to hear player interviews.
  11. I know he is attention seeking, but not everyone thought Samson was the best keeper we ever had. Not too many 'legends' suddenly retire when they have over a year and a half of their contract left.
  12. Or, Kearney wasn't overly impressed with him, and saw this as a good opportunity to get rid of one of our higher earners ?
  13. A lot of times this season. I don't think it will be as big a blow as some on here will make out.
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