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  1. Got doubts myself, why do we need them, and is someone wanting their cash quicker ? What exactly will we get, as there are some fairly vague statements at the moment. "In return St Mirren get the highly beneficial access of resources that Kibble have, including a helping hand in areas of the business through employment options"
  2. Would you rather Scottish football had no sponsors ?
  3. Thought Durmus has been decent. Had a very good game against Killie. Would rather we didn't touch an overweight, overrated winger who has hardly kicked a ball this season.
  4. You really think? Was never coming back in January, despite your 'ITK' bullshit.
  5. He certainly didn't look his usual composed self yesterday, although conditions were horrendous. Question is though, do you take the alleged 300k in Jan, or nothing in the summer?
  6. Sturgeon's reaction to that result summed her up also.
  7. Great result. Flynn and foley superb. And as for those who banged on about Sean Kelly, he was f**kin rubbish again.
  8. I know you're a wind up merchant, and while I do actually agree the product is sub standard, as someone who goes to junior football regularly, your last point is utter pish.
  9. Thought Durmuz started the second half well, then he gets subbed and Andreu stays on?
  10. Aye the need for new homes in this area ! 600 in Hawkhead road, and about 400 at the top of the road about half a mile from Dykebar. Traffics a nightmare as it is, and now they are closing the road w/c 23rd Sep.
  11. Cut nose spite face ? Or alternatively maybe some fans won't take their children anyway, as they don't them exposed to the type of pish that comes from these mutants ?
  12. Me neither, but if you comment on anything you are accused of being negative. Think we've to just pay up and shut up.
  13. I think it's likely you've just made that up.
  14. What makes anyone think that all members will even bother to register on the new system, given that a large percentage don't even vote on the 3 monthly spend ?
  15. Would totally agree with that. Pay enough over the season, without having to pay for the privilege of reading items on the official site.
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