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  1. Thought Durmuz started the second half well, then he gets subbed and Andreu stays on?
  2. Aye the need for new homes in this area ! 600 in Hawkhead road, and about 400 at the top of the road about half a mile from Dykebar. Traffics a nightmare as it is, and now they are closing the road w/c 23rd Sep.
  3. Cut nose spite face ? Or alternatively maybe some fans won't take their children anyway, as they don't them exposed to the type of pish that comes from these mutants ?
  4. Me neither, but if you comment on anything you are accused of being negative. Think we've to just pay up and shut up.
  5. I think it's likely you've just made that up.
  6. What makes anyone think that all members will even bother to register on the new system, given that a large percentage don't even vote on the 3 monthly spend ?
  7. Would totally agree with that. Pay enough over the season, without having to pay for the privilege of reading items on the official site.
  8. HOF that f**ked off when we were struggling. Anyway, welcome Sam Foley.
  9. No doubt about the second though. I'm still convinced the next time I watch it, he'll save it. I don't get the whole club legend thing. Club legends don't f**k off when you are bottom of the league fighting relegation. Thank f**k he did though!
  10. A bit scary that we even took Longridge to Spain in the first place.
  11. You're not allowed to say that ! Doesn't interest me either. I voted no as it should be up to the club to donate a grand to the team which they started.
  12. Yes, but we're ok because the window doesn't shut for ages. You know how this will pan out, 2 or 3 desperate signings towards the end of the window, then we'll be told by the clubs mouthpiece not to worry, there's still free agents available. Or am I being a bit pessimistic ?
  13. He was at the ground on Monday, so must have been put off by Fitzy's patter.
  14. Our ceo showing a player and his agent around the stadium earlier.
  15. Great to see Goodwin back. Didn't know Sharp was his assistant. Once saw him score direct from a corner against our ex goalie, Kris Robertson.
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