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  1. Would totally agree with that. We have 2 ST's but not bothered at all about being included in the first 200/300 allowed back in. Would rather wait until everyone allowed in.
  2. And to think some people wrote off today's matchwinner and mom after 1 game .
  3. That would have been a better statement, but unfortunately they jumped in last week with their big show of telling everyone they rejected 2 offers and he wasnt for sale. Then released their latest, slightly bitter statement. I think getting money for a player (decent but too many injuries) out of contract soon, makes sense. It's just the usual car crash way they go about it.
  4. The way we play leaves our strikers feeding on scraps. 15 goals for a player this season, on the way we are set up, would be a miracle. Hope I'm wrong though.
  5. Some people have very short memories. Just because he didn't get a 'big' move, doesn't mean he wasn't that good after all.
  6. You never took the 100/1 on offer for a debut hat trick for Dennis?
  7. Would be a great signing if we managed to get him back.
  8. You could do the club a favour and e mail Gus the names of some more bang average Czech keepers, seeing as we are about to lose ours.
  9. If you are judging Hladky as bang average over his career, then he would still be head and shoulders above Samson, judged on his.
  10. Don't speak too soon re hearts. Budge re submitting plans for re construction, and if they don't go through, threatening legal action.
  11. Yes, fair play to mcgrath, much better tonite in a more central role. Hope the injuries aren't too bad as waters is out for sat.
  12. Mcgrath will need to be better than last wed. Was a waste of a jersey.
  13. That's my big fear for tonight, He's a cheating bastard who will con the ref, and our players will fall into the trap.
  14. Exactly. Would our relegation rivals have failed to get the win against a side playing as poorly as they did last night ?
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