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  1. Was decent, although not very accurate.
  2. Yes, fair play to mcgrath, much better tonite in a more central role. Hope the injuries aren't too bad as waters is out for sat.
  3. Mcgrath will need to be better than last wed. Was a waste of a jersey.
  4. That's my big fear for tonight, He's a cheating bastard who will con the ref, and our players will fall into the trap.
  5. Exactly. Would our relegation rivals have failed to get the win against a side playing as poorly as they did last night ?
  6. Seen him warming up last night and thought, why is he even bothering ?
  7. He rarely put a bad ball in tnite, although according to some, he was poor. f**k knows what they were watching.
  8. I thought Wallace had a decent game and looks like he will be a good addition. And for all the Waters haters, he ran him close for mom. Hate singling out players but can't fathom why mcgrath survived the full 90 mins. Offered absolutely nothing.
  9. What were you expecting, a man with a golf club ?
  10. Good shout, we've had f**k all so far, still having to pay for buddievision !
  11. Rain constant since late last night, can't see this being on.
  12. A cynic might say they just couldn't be arsed going to livi on a Baltic Wednesday night.
  13. Asked this a while back, what 'expertise' are we actually getting from Kibble ? And do we need it ?
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