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  1. FFS can you all just no agree with me [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Just wanted to sincerely thank you for your refereeing display today. It is not every week that we get to see such an absolutely abismal shocking and quite unbelivable display of incompetence. None the less the Saints showed great commitment and determination to costruct a fine win today well done Jack and the lads. [emoji41] [emoji41]
  3. Here here very true bottom line like McGimn should never have been allowed to leave for pish money. Makes you wonder if there were other payments made directly to individuals bank accounts.....
  4. Free transfer from us to Western Sydney Wanderers just went from Man City to Huddersfield for 8 million.. [emoji22]
  5. I remember at the time we lost Lambert to Motherwell I read a story we'd been offered cash plus Davie Cooper but went for Jim Gardner instead. Cooper went to the Bankies and played out his career and we all know how it went with Gardner. Surely this would never have happened after the incident with Tony Fitzpatrick...
  6. I am proud to say I was there with Danny McGarry who played for us during WW2 fantastic day [emoji3]
  7. Toledo Junction .....hell yeah [emoji3]
  8. Why does this thread exist ?
  9. An annual dinner held every year......really [emoji41]
  10. Alex Rae is no Alex Ferguson please .......
  11. You are all talking absoute [email protected]×sh trust me we are a mile away
  12. Yes me Im in Bathgate
  13. Any buddy in the West Lothian area ? ps see what I did there [emoji3]
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