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  1. Thought the guys who braved the elements yesterday in the WDE were fantastic, I was in the covered stand, the guy in the white jacket just at the back of the goals really made it for me, he was choreographing a large section of the WDE and had a fantastic rapport with our drummer. Just brilliant!!
  2. Agreed, he couldn’t lace Cammy’s boots, who again by the way was outstanding yesterday!!
  3. Is that covered stand open for buds (the one looking right from the Wee Dublin End)? I am taking my young daughter and would much prefer being in there as opposed to the elements, I recall from the August game that it was sparsely populated. I’ve just checked my tickets and they don’t specify an end as such!!
  4. These are exciting times indeed, this is a great league we are in, all of the teams (and I include Brechin) have something to offer, I hope we beat Utd on Friday night, they need to know we are gonna fight all the way for this title, still hoping they implode at some point in the season!!
  5. I’ve never met him but a colleague of mine is a good mate of his and Stephen kindly got the whole team to sign a shirt for me at the start of the season. Great guy and let’s not forget back to the turning point last season against TNS with that scorcher of a goal, for me he’s been a 7 or 8 out of 10 most weeks ever since!!
  6. Good point IOBS, that would maintain the stability, however do they come as a ‘package’?
  7. McInnes will go to Sevco, this will be his only chance with them and I don’t think he’ll pass up on it, the question is do Aberdeen go for a more experienced manager right away or sadly for us go for our manager who is probably just as experienced and talented as McInnes was when Aberdeen signed him?
  8. Has anyone considered or queried why such an amount of time has passed until the clubs decision was made. The game was weeks ago??
  9. Really glad Harry is back now and ready to play but wonder perhaps if it’s worth just keeping him away from at least starting in the cup tie, I’m not sure what condition the pitch will be in and this is basically Lothians ‘Cup Final’, I’m just freaked out he gets injured again in this particular game!!
  10. I am not doubting your support for one moment and appreciate you have been supporting the team longer than me. I just don’t think Sammy’s that bad, yeah a bad flap at the Dundee friendly but who cares. Yes there was the Falkirk moment but that was a funny ball to deal with and we still won the game. I’m currently a bit more concerned about us overplaying in the final third and not getting the ball in the net.
  11. I honestly don’t believe we have a dodgy keeper and I’m sincere in querying who you would have instead. Looking at the bigger picture, we are fighting for a league title, we need to stick together and support these guys, if he’s failing the manager will manage and change him out - that’s for sure.
  12. Who would you recommend, goalkeepers appear to be your speciality?
  13. Shull, I do not have a problem with you or the vast majority of your posts but I remember you had issues with Billy last season and were quite tough on him also. Can I respectfully ask what you think the solution is with regards to Sammy or in other words who would you have between the sticks instead? FWIW I believe he probably could command his area a bit better and should probably come for more crosses but one on one and as a shot stopper I think he’s great and perfect for us at the minute. Looking for debate not conflict.
  14. Agreed, I personally don’t think we’ve played well since we gubbed Utd 3 nil at home, I honestly thought we were lucky Against ICT, QOS & Brechin. At times I feel we are just trying to be a wee bit too clever with our play and teams are getting fly for it now. This break could be a real blessing.
  15. I’m very optimistic today, I suspect (and hope) our midfield and forward line may run riot today. COYS!!!
  16. Agreed, thought we struggled and laboured a bit apart from the first 15 minutes and flashes of the second half, Falkirk created at least 3 chances down our left hand side in the first half and for better finishing would have been a couple up. Not sure if it was the pitch or whatever, but for long spells it just never clicked yesterday. If there was a league table for cheating Falkirk would be right at the top. For me, had we scored at the end it would have been an outstanding 3 points, however it has to be seen as a good point in the end, as they will take points off other teams at their place that’s for sure!! Now bring in the Mong!!
  17. I think Shull's point is valid enough here to an extent, I didn't make it yesterday but felt we've been riding our luck a wee bit in parts of last 3 home games, yesterday's match would have been a good opportunity to get a good team performance prior to a tricky away game at Dumbarton next week. Opportunity missed perhaps?
  18. Really good post, we are trying to win a league here, all of us as supporters and fans need to be giving these guys every bit of encouragement, particularly the young boys. If we are to win this league all these boys will play their part.
  19. I don't know the guy personally, but I think he's doing a good job, it can't be easy at times. It should be noted that the sun would have been impacting his view at the time of the goal. I myself and the guys around me have got Smith & Reilly mixed up when one or other scores on a few occasions. Very harsh to suggest bagging the guy, he's probably not even doing the job for the money!!
  20. I agree to an extent, these guys are not primary players, they are back ups, I'm not suggesting that you are criticising them but many others are. We need to back the guys that are on the park, agreed once Davis & Mackenzie are back we will be stronger, special mention should go to Baird who had another decent game today.
  21. Great post, what value is attained by abusing our young players? Some people need to look at the big picture, we are trying to win a league here!! We fought and fought to win this game today against a very stuffy Brechin team!!
  22. Not the best today but delighted and relieved we won, thought McGinn's ball through to Smith for the goal was fantastic. Take the 3 points and move on, if we are to be in the mix at the end of the season these are the types of games we must win and not draw.
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