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  1. Killie also have Brad Lyons Steven McGinn and Callum Waters And is Lee Hodson still at Accies?
  2. FFS Ian Never had you down as a tiny brained hillbilly This is about public health Your comment aligns with the Tory and to a lesser extent SNP view that we should put the economy I.E. profit before people Let the bodies pile up rather than reduce share dividends Every ground is different Every workplace needs a unique safety assesment There will be different conclusions We are unlucky our ground Ius deemed less safe than others You carry on advocating the Tory line of who cares who dies , even if you cant see who your'e actually and I suspect inadvertently siding with (Unless of course you're being ironic and I missed it
  3. Jeez what a bunch of moaners Bought my ticket and got an email with a virtual bar code almost immediately Emailed the club today to check about a new card Got a reply in minutes confirming I'll get a new card but until then I can print off virtual bar code or use my phone No hassle nor worries no problem My old man used to say the problem with St Mirren fans is they're not happy unless they have something to moan about Too true
  4. Worked with Ian Hilley at the National Savings Bank in the late 70s and early 80s Nice fella Some place for fitba players Willie Pettigrew Brian Ahearn Tommy Yuille John Gahagan St Mirren youngsters Davy West and Ronnie Pattison East Fife player manager Pat Quinn Rated junior players David Murphy and Eddie McKim both of whom won numerous medals There wasn't much point in the rest of us entering the annual 5s competition [emoji41]
  5. First outing tonight Stripes back and front black shorts and socks. Looks cool
  6. PS I know what a barrel is Never heard of a barrell Although I suspect you may have resided at the Bar L
  7. Can't be St Mirren related as whiskEy comes from Ireland or the USA Now if it was a WHISKY barrell.....
  8. Thus isn't Saints related and why do we care? Should be moved to Other Football
  9. We've been there and done that The SPFL was only recently formed whenthe SPL returned to the league He's talking uninformed pish
  10. More pish from the failing blob Perhaps we should crowdfund some incontinence pants to relieve the forum of the stink of his urine infused garbage
  11. Buds should stop encouraging this unfunny self seeking no mark arsehole
  12. Cant see him ever Shulling out for one
  13. Clearly not a buddie Half day was Tuesday and Friarshall was open Sundays
  14. Fair enough an old man s memory I was sure he was at Airdrie when he was younger Next time I'll check Wiki -:))
  15. Think you've got that wrong He played for Airdrie then Aberdeen than Saints
  16. Check the autograph on the home programme
  17. Dont think Ally did He went to Dundee United I think
  18. Jim Blair Iain Munro Ally McLeod...
  19. Yes he was on the balcony with Frank MacAvennie and I was with them!! Attended the council town hall reception as a guest of a Councillor and sneaked out to see the crowd on the Abbey grounds when the team presented the cup. We were standing to the side to the right of the team from their point of view. One of the best moments of my life!!!
  20. I'm talking crap too Steve Clarke was transferred Feb 1987
  21. Neale Cooper of Aberdeen played midfield Our Neil Cooper was a central defender most games Wasn't Stevie Clarke away to Chelsea at the end of 85/86?
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