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  1. A few Saints in this line up. 2 looking at a different camera [emoji23]
  2. I hope so but OK said he wasn’t bringing players here to get fit. He wanted players here who would make an immediate impact [emoji53]
  3. I wonder if he did our legs by getting that signing from St Johnstone [emoji848]
  4. Everyone stop panicking, Gus is all over it [emoji19]
  5. Gus couldn’t have fancied him much [emoji19]
  6. I can see MacIntyre knocking it back if he doesn’t get Dodds as his assistant. We’ve already paid to bring Rice in as assistant and might not be willing to pay someone else off.
  7. Is this it? I’m on holiday and been away from my phone all day? Some midfielder on loan from hearts? Fkin shambles !!!
  8. Yeh, I know. That’s what I said. They make more off the old firm by filling their ground with them.
  9. I thought he’d end up as player manager at Falkirk.
  10. That’s got to be the answer [emoji53] Someone needs to get a grip of this guy and and get him told to do his job properly or tell him to do one!
  11. Killie cram as many into both stands behind the goals when they play the old firm 🤭
  12. Must be the wrong type of Northern Irish [emoji848][emoji849]
  13. Completely torn apart by an average Aberdeen team. They don’t look anything special but we are too easy to open up at he back. Midfield can’t get near them and the front players are trying but been unlucky. Big problems in the team [emoji53]
  14. https://stv.tv/news/north/1423338-paul-mcgowan-sentenced-for-spitting-at-bouncer/https://stv.tv/news/north/1423338-paul-mcgowan-sentenced-for-spitting-at-bouncer/
  15. Good energy and organisation in the side. With a bit of quality added up front I’ll be a lot more hopeful for the season [emoji1360]
  16. Couple of fantastic clearances [emoji1360]
  17. Another decent looking signing on that first half performance [emoji1360]
  18. Had a great first half. Very direct and can pick out a pass [emoji1360]
  19. Does any Cnut actually want this job [emoji53]
  20. No to McCoist from me too. Too much carry on in his head and not the right mentality or a manager. Wanted to be the players pal and have a carry on in training whilst at Sevco 5088.
  21. If we thought last night was physical from Utd, then wait until Saturday against this next mob. Disappointing night in a terrible ground. I hope utd suffer many years in the championship. Shower of hammer throwers.
  22. Paint your wagon, Saints are on their way. [emoji835]️[emoji836]️[emoji835]️
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