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  1. A few experienced players coming in and its a decent team. The budget is there, so why are we leaving it so late to recruit?
  2. I think we need some new signings. You cant do that in the SPL!
  3. Team gets a free holiday in spain and this is how they repay us? MAKE THEM WALK BACK TO PAISLEY!
  4. Its a disgrace Hibs get in to europe for getting pumped 3-0 by celtic while we are sat home having wom a major trophy!
  5. Im refering to the crap jokes and the sexist and homophobic garbage above, not the standard of football. That said Ive seen some great womens football but I do agree, the goalkeeping is often comical.
  6. This thread is like some time warp back to the 1970s. Grow up ya bunch of gobshites.
  7. We are buggered if thats the defence for the season ahead.
  8. Why would he only be used in cups, which are our most important games of the season? The best keeper will play the cups!
  9. It was simply the greatest TV show ever made. A real work of art. Gandolfini seemingly was a stand up guy. 51. Ach, life is a bugger sometimes.
  10. Why the hell are they playing some 2nd division pish and haven't fixed anything up with us yet? Can't be arsed carrying the 2nd strip?
  11. Baird. Smith and McGinn were not released though, they were offered a deal and have turned it down to go part time in the First Division. Also, as pointed out above this is no apprenticeship, the chances of getting a full time job at the end of it are not great!
  12. St Mirren could easily afford to double that budget, and should! Twenty young guys with something to prove would be worth a lot more than one or two old journeymen pros in the first team. Smith was deemed good enough to get a game against Kilmarnock, he should have been pushing for the first team this season. 18 isn't really a kid any more in football either. Hope the boy knows what he is doing anyway!
  13. Is it not a bit of a waste of time to bringing these young guys through and then them buggering off to Dumbarton because we offer absurdly low wages?
  14. Well, delighted to see Grant Adam is out the door! Should never have been in it in the first place!
  15. Carey is the type of player who can do damage to other teams and win games. He'll walk in to another SPL team and be back to score against us next season. Not happy.
  16. Arran. Then Majorca. Wallow in nostalgia all you want but a couple of weeks in the Spanish sunshine beats any seaside dump in Scotland!
  17. So Celtic now show up, take over our own ground in our town, set up camp in half the place and behave how they hell they want, bring their own security forces with them and have anyone who does anything they don't like disappear not be seen again??? Aye, does sound a bit like Palestine now you mention it. Free the West Bank One!!
  18. What a party it was in the bars round Paisley last night. Totally packed and it was non stop singing and dancing all the way.
  19. Agree with the above. The Hearts fans on that Jambos Kickback forum or whatever its called are a bunch of utter tubes but the guys we met around the stadium were first class and gracious in defeat.
  20. Just sat down this morning and thought about yesterday and I've started greetin like a big f**king baby! Cannae believe it. f**k sake, pull yourself together man!
  21. The dug has as much right to be on this planet as any of you moaning faced bastards.
  22. Man up, ffs! It's just a wee dug.
  23. Odd that people who hate rugby so much click on a thread entitled "The Rugby Thread". I was expecting some analysis of the team scoring more tries in the last two games than the English coach managed in umpteen years of getting horsed off everyone in the Six Nations...
  24. Having seen Morton and Dundee this season, I feel quite safe in predicting a decent victory for our manky Greenock cousins. And a bye in the to Semi Final for us if we draw them.
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