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  1. Maybe Thuram's youngest. Midfielder at Nice.
  2. I admit to feeling gutted when this story first broke, but don't think things are as bad as I first thought. Concerns that the board were being unreasonable have been allayed, we're in a better place than when OK first came in, and we seem to be making signings, which didn't happen after Jack left. Get the right man in (Goody), and the positivity will return quickly I reckon.
  3. Flat in Gordon Street, or explain lack of loyalty to your leader.
  4. Greuther Fürth 4 Frankfurt 5
  5. Don't know the answer to why he's not had another manager's job in that time, but is a comparison with Tommy Craig perhaps a bit unfair? Two decent seasons as manager at Dundee versus an awful six months as manager of Charleroi.
  6. Was sacked in October the following season, but had lost Kevin McDonald, Paul Dixon, Scott Robertson, Gavin Swankie and Derek Lyle, amongst others, that summer. They eventually finished 5th under Jocky Scott, but it could be argued that Rae had simply suffered from having to rebuild his team. (Really trying to look for the positives here!)
  7. Did you mean "Lets put this in a completely different context"?
  8. My wee girl's first game today as well. Had her fingers in her ears any time there was crowd noise, got a sausage roll at half time and got it everywhere, and missed the goals 'cause she was watching the seagulls. Says she wants to go back. Delighted :-D
  9. I take it we are his preferred choice then?
  10. Ludo's top corner save v Livi at Almondvale springs to mind.
  11. FFS, if you want to hear Chic's update you've got to sit through the first half of a youth match. The BBC will have been trailing this for about an hour and a half, and all it will be is Chic telling us what we already know.
  12. Or relocate the family section. Always thought the view from behind the goal isn't great if you're trying to hold a child's attention on the game. In saying that, I sometimes struggle to hold my own attention on the game from the West Bank...
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