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  1. Decent quality coming in now, good experience, hopefully do a job for a few years
  2. If that was the plan why did we offer Gordon a deal? Goodwin obviously isn’t comfortable with peter or lyness being number 1, issue is with the lower leagues starting later then we can’t send either of them out on loan if we bring in a number 1
  3. Mark Howard’s a free agent, should have kept him all those years ago
  4. How can we be playing a “defensive “ set up without the ball yet their players turn on the ball with no pressure at all between the half way line and our box? Also that free kick we had at 0-0 sent up the big lads, yet passed it Square to foley who could only chip it in from the middle of the park!!
  5. Good to see an increase in the home attendances, from what I tried to work out our average away attendance has been around 800, wonder how that compares to the others?
  6. Not enough pressure on the ball in our back 3rd, got to start pressing in our half more, letting all them turn and have way too much time
  7. Crazy, I remember him saying in an interview on bt early on in the season saying he’d learnt a lot at Rotherham and asked and inquired about budget, recruitment etc at his interview at saints to learn about what happens behind the scenes and how the club runs, now saying it needed more work than he thought!
  8. buying tickets online is shocking, trying to check out and just keeps saying page cannot be displayed, will have to buy them tomorrow, anyone know which block they will sell you west stand tickets for if you buy em from the window?
  9. Coming up for my first game in a while, bringing my mate as well for his first game, Leicester season ticket holder so I said I will show him some proper footy!! As we will still have a few players out I'm thinking 1-1, that's the problem with the first few games of the season you never see the strongest 11, COYS!!!
  10. I see that David Clarkson Is no longer on the websites first team list, thought he was still contracted?
  11. 2-1 saints, Sutton x2 he has to start
  12. Just back from the game, disappointing performance after coming out the traps and taking the lead early on. Tbh I'm not sure what the tactics are when we get the ball? I have attended 2 games and seen 2 on TV, what's the plan, We have the making of a good team, some good pace in a number of positions now but we never seem to use it, goody was great as was Webster.
  13. coming up again tomorrow, hope to see a better peformance than vs dumbarton, must win, let goody sit and unleash everyone else to distroy them, coys!!!!
  14. Yes Jim had flaws in his game but I f**king love him, just look at the way he wins freekicks, always talking to teamates, all the other supporters and players hate his guts, which he just brushes off and it distracts them from their game, most teams in Scotland would love him in their team.
  15. I booked train tickets for this when it was on sat, cant make it up tomorrow night, TV it is then, 3-1 saints
  16. Been looking at these for some time, can get to raith, hibs, QOS, Rungers, Morten and back in a day from here depending on when they are during the season. Would like an early trip to raith really.
  17. Great 45mins, loved his passion as well, had a right go at the ref and linesman after they cocked up a throwing decision.
  18. Just back from the game, forget the first home win of the season thats my first win at St Mirren park in 10 visits, thought we deserved to win, they had no cutting edge, defence looked good both halfs even with the changes, looks like we have a good squad now, subs looked very good. MOM Dayton, COYS!!!
  19. Just completed a panic buy of train tickets to get up for this one, ( like Gus's purchase of Malone and O'Donnell) ,need to see for myself whats going on, hope to see a decent performance from some of the signings since i was last up, desperate too see a win, COYS!!!!
  20. F**kin hell we looked good going forward in that first 20mins spell!!!! Country defence looked shite with Mclean, Mallan etc running at them, the red, was it two footed, no was it out of control, no have both players gone for the ball, yes has he bust his ankle, no must be overturned. COYS!!!
  21. To choose not to answer at the end of that interview is a fukin joke, the criticism is deserved because we have given away so many points, look at the way that Brendan Rogers has handled it, at least give a fukin answer, its like he's hiding away from the fact that we will go down if things stay the same, sadly now I don't see him leaving us anytime soon.
  22. Any points from a team without Thommo, Teale , Osbourne even Wylde would be a good return. Wherever the game is, as long as we don't loose. 1-1 Tomorrow.
  23. To the tune of whole world in his hands. "We got Marain Kello in our goal, We got Marain Kello in our goal, We got Marain Kello in our goal, We got the big Slovak in our goal." To the tune of shall we sing a song for you? Stevie Thompson, Stevie Thompson, He was born to play for saints!!! He was born to play for saints!!!
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