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  1. Correction pressed steel was building railway wagons before cars...
  2. ..in Northern Ireland u have to show proof.... cos both side took your vote off you before you entered polling station and voted accordingly. It should come into our election that you have to show ID.
  3. There are scrutineers looking at all tables for on this occassions both side, if it was a general election and you had 10 candidates all 10 would be entitled to have someone verify what was going on. Yes voters scrapping the barrels and not able to accept they have lost the vote. When a ballot box is opened the scrutineers are invited to check seals are in tacked, box is then opened and contents are checked. Before counting begins both would have to agree to continue. From someone that has done their fair share of electrol counting
  4. Seen it all now.....a neighbour that has had his yes poster in his window since April has now took it down...... wow what does that say...... yes the NO has won ?
  5. Can the scoreboard operating experts within the club please be a little more constrant. The guy that operated it 1st match is in the Golden Jubilee Hospital after suffering a heart attack only yerterday morning going through an operation. Before last Saturday game he taught his wife from his hospital bed on how to operate scoreboard. To some that might seem commendable to others from this forum obivously not. We (the club) got no instructions on how to use screen and have had to play about with it to get it to work.
  6. well take that up with his dad.......
  7. Not allowed to have sponsors for red and yellow cards.
  8. Legia appealing on the grounds of same offence where player played match for longer was only fined. Saying so on Sky sports it happened in 2010
  9. Holland 2 scotland 3 if im not mistaken
  10. No one will get answer to that one
  11. Cant wait for re run of wee archies goal. Wanna watch BBC 2 red button. Shite passbacks allowed players all wearing black boots.... shite im an auld git
  12. Got to agree with all your points here, far more developed and settled player than Stephen at this age. Let the bidding war commence if this is true. Like u if he has a better season than last he will go to an EPL team
  13. Opps u should always read all of the question
  14. Prove that this is the "new strip" has this been announced official by club....Aye well we will just need to wait and see
  15. It took 120 days to produce that would have took 120 mins to anyone else
  16. So are they....The The Rankers or the financial unstable rankers or are we just screwed again football club
  17. Club doctor cant remember his name
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